List Of Vehicles In Police Impound At Prospect

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The Bermuda Police Service has listed the vehicles it has impounded and said that “any vehicle not claimed within 21 days will be disposed of in accordance with the Police Property Act, 1921.”

The relevant part from the official notices is below:

  • Notice Type: Government Notice
  • Notice Sub Type: Public Notification
  • Notice ID: GN0030/2022
  • Public Authorities / Department: Bermuda Police Service
  • Publication date: 05 January 2022

The vehicles listed below are presently in the Police Impound at Prospect, Devonshire.

The owners of these vehicles may claim them by contacting the Police Impound Office, Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Telephone number 247-1751

Any vehicle not claimed within twenty-one [21] days will be disposed of in accordance with the Police Property Act, 1921.

By Order Of The Commissioner Of Police

Submitted for your attention,

Signed: Pc 2189 Lewis

Auxiliary Cycle Reg # Frame Engine Make Model

L600 P5 H38627 TGB ERGON

S611 RFRSMNAFYDM207427 7157937-7157967 Navigator Powerline

065AR VTPSC500DOOCOO602 Reiju RS 50

481AS P5 H12320 PGO Ligero

510AK VGAS1CADA00354857 013231754 Peugeot Vivacity

724AQ 5020000013915 2056892 Aprilia SR Motard

795AQ 00002721 2002787 Vespa Sprint 50

952AQ A133-112234 Suzuki 50cc

Motor Cycle Reg # Frame Engine Make Model

CQ075 RFGN150A03524 GH705584 SYM Husky

BF120 6028524 Honda Scoopy

CA129 RFGLCAJDS001936 ME001984 SYM HD 125

CA164 ESES72111713636 E3J3E-713636 Yamaha Mio 125

BZ168 XS1P57QMJ-2A*13000028* SYM Symphony

CH175 KTF11E 1658595 Honda Vario

CT178 JF46E-5149343 Honda Airblade

BS220 JF23B09F006206 JF14E 1012344 Honda SH 125i

CF239 JF42E 10093484 Honda SH 125

CN246 RFGLCA303JS711320 ME701925 SYM HD 125

CP253 ZDCJF68B0KF111082 JF68E-2149898 Honda SH 125

CQ288 RFGLCA303G5710242 ME700832 SYM HD 125

BC296 H01726 PGO Trex

BS297 Yamaha Nouvo

BS298 1492MG 081 Yamaha Jog

BO340 MB713640 Sym HD

CM398 RFGLH12WX9S502149 ME701690 SYM HD

CK408 LXMXBA301HX039443 XS1P52QM1-3B*17015672* SYM Symphony

CP409 Dispose ME702162 Sym HD2 125

CQ448 E3R2E-2515873 Yamaha Mio 125

CE450 BKE-0179536 0179536 Honda Click

CG450 RLHJF5807EY836403 JF58E-0836434 Honda Vision

CE460 *ZDCJF14A08F230352* JF14E*0115067* Honda Scoopy

BH491 SR100451 HA07E-Y410060 Honda Biz C100

CR504 F68AOHF021363 JF68E-2002701 Honda SH 125

CO509 MLHJF3502k5561462 JF35E-0161452 Honda Click

CU537 E3R4E-0683473 Yamaha GT 125

CU550 161194 0061934 Honda Scoopy

BX553 5D2-009313 Yamaha Sniper

CD586 15W2FX053446 QMJ 2A 15000572 Sym 150

BS594 0075594 Honda Click

CF598 MH1KE1111FK430583 KF11E-1434704 Honda Click

CG598 MH1KF1118GK537261 KF11E-1534830 Honda Vario

BM600 JF14E*0080289* Honda SH 125

CQ625 MLHKF306K5039759 Honda Click

CT641 JYM154FM*13016570* LBPKE1302E0092008 Yamaha YBR 125

CK665 RFGLCA303HS ME701449 Sym HD 125

CD660 JF350E-0188530 Honda Click

CM699 Honda Click

BU708 2WX8S501855 Dispose Sym HD 125

BY708 *RLCSE62111002275* *E3K1E-003321* Yamaha SX 125

CP708 *E3R4E-0601515* Yamaha GT 125

CJ735 LXEMB34063A000506 XSJ162FM5J03910596 U-Leader UL 150-8AS

BW759 MH4LX150DAKP00589 LX1500FP19553 Kawasaki D-Tracker

CG772 RFGHU10WYFS304653 KK734296 SYM Mio

BK801 PGO T-Rex

BQ849 2PO-725717 725717 Yamaha Spark

BQ850 5PO-008256 Yamaha Nouvo

CN865 NC110APE-0026626 Honda Airblade

CQ870 LZBTX6K08K1000760 1P57QMJ*190051911 Honda Click

CM877 SE621111017125 E3K1E-023438 Yamaha SX 125

CQ881 LZBTX6K08K1000493 1P57QMJ*190022415 Sanyou Click

BZ886 8E201650 JF368E-201650 Honda SH 125

CK892 RLHJF7315GY009692 Honda SH 125

BM902 ZDCJF14A08F2000136 JF14E*0085113* Honda SH 125

BZ928 Honda Vision

CJ936 LXMAZ15W2H*018165* SIP57QMJ-2A*17000445* SYM Symphony

CN961 LXMAZ15W2JX054356 18009635 SYM Symphony

CE972 Honda Air Blade

CO977 LZBTX6K07J1000371 1P57QMJ*180091293* Sanyo Click

CK978 DH0306795000000000011848 SYM Jet

BR979 RFGLH12WX9S502353 MB711163 SYM HD 125

CT987 RLHJF71A9KY002952 JF7E-2105224 Honda SH Mode

CD991 CA304FS000372 ME002622 Sym HD 125

Recovered Stolen

JF66E-0675803 Honda Vision

CM071 Z15W2JX005195 QMJ-2A-7015805 Sym Symphony

CP071 MH1JM5115JK052477 JM51E1052472 Honda Vario

BX080 165111709227 E8G6E-709227 Yamaha Mio

BQ115 RFGLH12WX9S501987 MB709576 SYM HD125

CM137 LXMAZ15W2HX059511 XS1P57QMJ-30044521 Sym Symphony

CN148 RFGLCA303JS711187 ME701744 Sym HD 125

CL158 902111052522 E3R4E-0364060 Yamaha GT 125

CJ199 902111039228 E3R4E-0276830 Yamaha GT 125

BX213 51C-011976 Yamaha Nouvo

CJ270 ZDCJF41COGF117850 JF41E-0052797 Honda SH 125

CH321 OGF113452[only] Dispose

CV386 E3R2E-2792875 Yamaha Mio 125

BE368 Honda SH 125

CF416 COGF101188 JF41E 0048610 Honda SH125

CQ436 E3R4E-0648083 Yamaha GT 125

CT484 41COGF105 JF41E0052796 Honda SH 125

CL488 5W2HX055331 QMJ 2A 17014280 Sym Symphony

CQ524 E3R4E-0626762 Yamaha GT 125

CG561 9010FJ137785 E3R4E-0154692 Yamaha GT 125

CL571 902111062828 E3R4E-0429073 Yamaha GT 125

CN581 MLHJF6502H542808 JF35-0028080 Honda Click

CD609 30000F2400 KL30 2400117 Kymco Agility

CQ626 VGALW4CJACS0006097 XSP1520M1-3c*19013941 Peugeot Tweet

CO656 905111015539 E3R4E-0599790 Yamaha GT 125

BD705 Yamaha Gignus

BP800 2D5-008905 Yamaha Nouvo

CF832 RFGLCA3043S000604 ME002835 Sym HD 125

CE878 76784 JF41E 0044959 Honda SH 125

CL889 MH3SE902111049915 E3R4E-0348452 Yamaha GT 125

BN901 8104043 104044 Yamaha Jog

CO915 7096 JF66E1017 Honda Vision

CD946 15W2FX051871 QMJ 2A 15000515 Sym 125

CK939 AE54-ID142513 Suzuki Address

BR979 12WX9S502353 MB711163 Sym HD 125

CO980 TX6K06J1000376 QMJ 18009290 Sanyou Click150

Motor Cars Reg # Frame Engine Make Model

L4093 Suzuki Hijet

10614 Volkswagen Polo

39368 Mazda Mazda 2

40962 Hyundai Getz

43865 Peugeot 306

Motor Cross Cycles Color Frame Engine Make

Pedal Cycles Color Make Model

Silver/Black Trek Multitrack 7200

Black/White Trek 8 Series

Black/Green DENALI GMC 6061

MARIN Bolinas Ridge

Marine Vehicles Reg# Make Model

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