NMAC TeleHealth Kits At Airport & Via Delivery

February 1, 2022

Northshore Medical Center’s [NMAC] Covid-19 test TeleHealth Kits are now sold at the airport and via the Sargasso Sea delivery service.

A spokesperson said, “The mission at Northshore Medical Center [NMAC] is to ensure that Bermuda and her guests always have convenient, affordable healthcare solutions. Pre-pandemic, this was their mission and their management team is striving even harder to uphold this mantra due to the pandemic causing so much stress and strain on their clients and patients in their everyday lives, just as it is for the rest of the world.”

Dr. Kyjuan H. Brown said, “At NMAC we like to think outside the box always and think ahead, plus meet the current demands of our clientele with providing healthcare solutions that can move Bermuda forward and keep us safe. When Covid-19 first hit in 2020, we were prepared in many ways for what was to come and were quickly able to maneuver with online virtual doctor’s visits, VIP concierge services, testing, and our protocols.”

NMAC Sells at Airport Gift Shops

The spokesperson said, “Last month, NMAC launched their TeleHealth Covid-19 Testing Service where you can get your verified antigen testing from the convenience of your homes, offices, hotel rooms and as you travel to return back to Bermuda. NMAC’s Travel TeleHealth Testing solution was well received and initially ideal for residents who travel overseas and either have a hard time finding a testing center, want faster and guaranteed results so they can get the travel authorizations, or who wanted to save money.

“However, recently they have expanded this service with the recent Government regulations changes to allow verified antigen testing to also include TeleHealth Testing for pre-departure testing, Day 4, and release from quarantine testing. Clients would simply purchase the kits, follow the steps and have your results in only 15 minutes.”

Dr Brown said, “We wanted to make it convenient for our clients to access our efficient verified antigen testing. You can simply purchase the test kits from us at Northshore Medical and follow the steps from the TeleHealth kits.”

The spokesperson said, “If you thought that it stopped there, NMAC took healthcare a step further by being the first to offer TeleHealth Covid Testing by way of Sargasso. You can now purchase the test kits from Sargasso island-wide seven days a week and get delivery to your location or arrange pick-up. This option is great for those who are quarantined at home, for pre-departure travel testing, release from quarantine, day 4 travel testing or if you just want to remain home and test for your convenience.


“For those who are traveling, you can now also purchase the test kits directly from the LF Wade International Airport’s LOVE Bermuda Gift Shops as you leave Bermuda to prepare for your pre-arrival testing back to Bermuda using our TeleHealth service. Northshore is leading the way by being the first to offer this service using these mediums.”

Dr. Brown said, “We are excited to provide innovative testing solutions for our clients for their convenience. Partnering with Sargasso and the airport shops to offer this TeleHealth Testing service we hoped residents and visitors would value and from day 1 our sales have confirmed that they enjoy our convenient testing options and customer service.

“Thank you for trusting our certified lab to provide your fast, reliable and affordable Covid-19 testing solutions. We are loving all the many customer reviews pouring in.”

The spokesperson said, “NMAC’s on-site Covid-19 testing center also is available for those who need all testing options including PCR testing, Safekey, and any rush testing for work, school, events and travel. For those who are symptomatic or just want to remain in the convenience of your car, they can also utilize these services. Don’t forget about their antibody testing ideal for the investigation of any post-viral Covid/long haulers symptoms you maybe experiencing.

“NMAC is encouraging business managers/owners, hotels, and organizations who need affordable group and routine testing to call them at 293-5476 or email Covid@nmac.bm to confirm your rates. Their certified lab teams will even visit your location for your private VIP testing.

“Northshore Medical Center is conveniently located at 7 North Shore Road, Devonshire next to Empire Grocery. Walk-ins are available for most services but we recommend you booking online with nmaclab.com.

“There are only four easy steps to this convenient and affordable testing option and these steps are listed conveniently on our TeleHealth test kits.

“Step  1: Purchase your FDA approved antigen test kits. Step  2: Book online with www.nmaclab.com. Step  3: Log into NMACs TeleHealth system at the time of your appointment, at which time they would supervise the collection and processing of your sample. Step  4: Official results will be emailed to you within 15 minutes. ”

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  1. John Snow says:

    Not to be skeptical, but why are they charging $85 for a 15 minute test where the test itself costs $5??? That sounds like someone is getting over on yall.

    • arnoldp says:

      $65… and still cheaper than the tests that we would have to go our of way to do while away. I’d rather pay $65 than the 50 to 60 pounds I have been paying in England or $125 I paid for a PCR in the US

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      Greed otherwise it would be cheaper/free for the people

    • Erm says:

      Cheaper at Helix

  2. It would be interesting to know the cost of these kit’s, hoping it’s not as ridiculous as paying $46 for a pizza in Shelly Bay.

  3. arnoldp says:

    yeahhhh.. there’s more to that story