‘Pause For Peace’ Good Friday Gathering

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The Good Friday gathering ‘Pause for Peace’ took place at the Devonshire Recreation Club.

A spokesperson said, “The Good Friday Gathering –‘Pause for Peace’ took place under clear morning skies, at the Devonshire Recreation Club’s double-doors – a venue that went viral on social media a few weeks ago for wrong reasons. After treated with drumming, the dozens gathered were invited to reflect silently in memory of our ancestors and with the intention of ‘clearing the air’.

“Bishop Nicholas Dill shared his family’s direct links with the club, since the property had housed their ancestral home in the 1600’s. He pointed out that the Day was a reminder of the death of a young man – Jesus – millennia ago and we currently have young men dying in unfortunate circumstances. He concluded: “We learn some lessons from Jesus, including that offering forgiveness and exemplifying humility can enhance community”.

“Martha Dismont built on that message, urging persons across the Island, to: “..reach out, where and when you can, to reinforce the links that will strengthen our community”.

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“Shervin Dill welcomed his ‘cousins’. The President of NVCC reminded us of the #ONETEAM campaign, initiated by the BFA and the island’s clubs. Dill concluded: “Let’s join together and Imagine an Island in which we care for each other; Imagine a Bermuda in which we deeply respect one another, on our roads and in engaging with each other”.

“Kim Jackson reported that the young people of MIRRORS have initiated a campaign; #ACommunityThatCaresBermuda. They are inviting Islanders to reach out to their neighbourhoods, over the next two months.

“Keimaya Smith, the 14 year-old S1 student of the Berkeley Institute, sang a wonderful rendition of a Celine Dion song. Significantly, Keimaya’s grandfather -Vandyke Allen- is the great nephew of Wilfred ‘Mose’ Allen, who was a transformational figure in Bermuda’s social history and a champion of DRC. Notably, Vandyke was a member of the NVCC team that won the first Friendship Cup in 1966.

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“Glenn Fubler reminded those Gathered that the Friendship Cup was a response to the 1965 Belco Crisis. Glenn recalled witnessing – as a 15 yr-old – in ‘the Rec’, when thousands gathered in anger, with make-shift weapons. However, through dialogue, a spirit of reconciliation emerged with the leadership of many; notably the young Rev Vernon Byrd of St Paul AME Church.

“During the presentation of a ‘Peace Tree’ which was donated to the Club by Donald Dane, in honour of Edward de Jean, the DRC President -Mark Steede- responded: “I was the son of a single mother who had various challenges, but I was supported by others in the community, such as Shervin Dill who took me into his home, when my mother was very sick. I became active in this club in order to give-back; aware that most of my friends are either dead or in prison.” He went on to thank the organizers of ‘Pause for Peace’ as well as those across the community for the support.

“Michael Weeks, the Minister of National Security wrapped up the morning thanking the work being done by the various sectors in addressing the challenges at hand. The Minister noted: “ It is an honour to be involved in this presentation which is highlighting the role of transformational figures such as Edward de Jean who demonstrated his care for the whole community with very limited resources”.

“The Minister concluded that addressing these challenges will require each and every sector of our small community to be involved.”

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