3 Deaths, 344 Positive, 409 Active, 7 In Hospital

May 4, 2022 | 45 Comments

The Ministry received 8859 test results — spanning 7 days — and 344 were positive, so there are now 409 active cases, of which 7 people are in hospital, and the Ministry confirmed that the island has recorded three more coronavirus related deaths, bringing the total to 134 since the pandemic began.

“I am sad to report that we had three coronavirus-related deaths since our last update on April 27th,” said Minister of Health, Kim Wilson. “I am sorry for these losses and extend my condolences to the family and loved ones of the deceased.”

A Government spokesperson said, “Since the last update, the Ministry of Health received 8859 test results, and 344 were positive for the coronavirus, giving a test positivity rate of 4.0%.

“These results are from testing done on:

  • Tuesday: 71 positive out of 1466 results [4.8% positivity]
  • Wednesday: 53 positive out of 1335 results [4.0% positivity]
  • Thursday: 43 positive out of 1675 results [2.5% positivity]
  • Friday: 51 positive out of 979 results [5.2% positivity]
  • Saturday: 30 positive out of 788 results [3.8% positivity]
  • Sunday: 33 positive out of 937 results [3.5% positivity]
  • Monday: 63 positive out of 1679 results [3.8% positivity]

“45 of the new cases are classified as imported with a history of travel in the previous 14 days.

“The additional 299 new cases are classified as either local transmission [105] or under investigation [194].

“Additionally, there were 308 recoveries.

“There are 409 active cases, of which:

  • 402 are under public health monitoring; and
  • 7 are in hospital, with 0 in intensive care.

“Since March 2020, Bermuda has recorded 13832 coronavirus cases, out of which 13289 have recovered, and sadly there have been 134 coronavirus-related deaths.

May 4 2022 Covid Calendar Day

“The source of all active cases is as follows:

  • 48 are Imported
  • 131 are classified as local transmission
  • 230 are Under Investigation

“The source of all confirmed cases is as follows:

  • 2623 are Imported
  • 10568 are classified as local transmission of which:
    • 4886 are Local transmission with known contact/source and
    • 5795 are Local transmission with an unknown contact/source
  • 528 are Under Investigation

“As investigations proceed, transmission categories may change. For age distributions and overall transmission categories, please refer to https://www.gov.bm/coronavirus-covid19-update. The seven-day average of our real-time reproduction number is 0.94.

“For information regarding other conditions being reported to the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit, please refer to https://www.gov.bm/health-information.

“Since January 11, 2021, Bermuda residents have received 132,453 vaccinations.

“Of the 132,453 vaccinations given as of April 29, 2022:

  • 52% are women and,
  • 48% are men

“87.0% of all residents over 65 years have had at least one vaccination, and 85.8% are fully immunised.

“To date, 75.6% of the population has been vaccinated [1 dose], and 74.3% of the population has been immunised [2 doses].

“71.2% of those eligible for a booster have received their booster, and 10.8% of those with a booster have received a second booster dose.

“As we continue to see an increase in positive coronavirus cases, I strongly recommend that people wear a mask when out in public,” said Minister Wilson. “Masks have been proven to reduce coronavirus transmission, but only when worn correctly. Some businesses do not require masks. However, wearing a mask is our responsibility to minimise getting infected.

“I also want to remind the public that Bermuda’s testing strategy is largely antigen testing. Access to PCR tests in Government testing facilities is limited. If you test positive on a Covid-19 test [whether self-administered or supervised antigen or a PCR test], by law, you must isolate immediately. You can contact your doctor for further guidance.”

“The vaccination clinic at the site of the former art gallery in Crisson’s at 71 Front Street, is now closed. Vaccinations and boosters are available through the Hamilton Health Centre, 67 Victoria Street. These vaccinations are by appointment only, with no walk-ins. You can get your 1st, 2nd or 3rd dose. Call 332-8906 for assistance in scheduling an appointment, or you can book online at www.gov.bm/vaccines.

“Pediatric doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine for children will end at the end of May. Parents who wish to have their child vaccinated should register their child on gov.bm/vaccines and then contact their paediatrician to register an interest in getting the vaccine. If your child does not have a paediatrician contact the Hamilton Health Centre on 332-8906 for assistance in scheduling an appointment. If you have questions, please contact vaccine@gov.bm or call 444-2498 and select Option #2.

“The Ministry of Health is also advising that 4th dose vaccinations are now showing on the vaccine certificates, and the appearance of the vaccine certificate will soon be changing to be more standardised with other jurisdictions. Changes to the vaccine certificate in the coming weeks include a readable QR code that Canada and the US airports can scan.

Minister Wilson concluded, “The pandemic is not over, and the Omicron variant is still circulating in our community. Everyone must be responsible and take action to stay safe. Avoid closed spaces, crowded places and close contact settings. Continue to follow Public Health guidance, wear a mask, practice good hand hygiene, ensure that you have proper ventilation indoors and maintain physical distance.”

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You can find more information on the links below from our dedicated website BermudaCovid.com, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

  • All Charts: Vaccine, testing & more here
  • Timelines: Dates of major developments here
  • Test results: Chart of testing stats here
  • Vaccine: Data covering vaccinations here
  • Dedicated website: BermudaCovid.com

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  1. Observer says:

    So much for the Premier’s nonsensical assertion that the Travel Approval form is to save Bermuda from the ravages of Covid. Testing on arrival and isolation until the result is negative is what will (barely) help in controlling the spread.

    The form stops nothing. It is, as he has stated, a money making annoyance to anyone travelling to Bermuda, whether local returning home or someone who wants to visit.

    A few months ago the Minister was insisting that the numbers were dropping when, in fact they were increasing. Back then we had about 20 cases per day. We are back to averaging just a smidgen under 50 cases a day.

    Go figure.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    “409 active cases, of which 7 people are in hospital, and … three more coronavirus related deaths”

    It doesn’t sound like its over … or “only Omicron”.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Internet doctors keep telling me it’s just the flu. meh. Don’t care anymore.

      The TA is an arrival tax, the PLP and their complicit civil service have all but admitted that.

      • aceboy says:

        Yea, you don’t care any more because all of the arguments you came up with and the vilification of people who didn’t want to get vaccinated has all turned out to be completely and utterly unjustified. You became what you claim PLP supporters are…a sheep.

        • sandgrownan says:

          If people choose not to get vaccinated, then that’s up to them.

          But be clear they are putting themselves, and those around them, at greater risk by not doing so. COVID remains highly contagious and for some, unfortunately, deadly. Vaccination reduces viral load, reduces chance of contraction, transmission and serious complications from COVID.

          So you are wrong and dare I say it, just a little dim witted.

          • Question says:

            There’s pretty compelling evidence that if you’re vaccinated you’re more likely to catch it. And the idea you’re somehow putting those around you at any risk one way or another is nonsense.

            • saud says:

              “There’s pretty compelling evidence that if you’re vaccinated you’re more likely to catch it.”

              This is right up there with the overwhelming evidence of the existence of a god.

              • Question says:

                UK HSA weekly stats. Week after week showed the same thing.

                • Sandgrownan says:

                  No. it. doesn’t.

                • Sandgrownan says:

                  The UKHSA’s March 3 COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report shows that the rates of death concerning COVID-19, adjusted to represent cases per 100,000 people, are consistently lower for the triple-vaccinated in all age groups in comparison to the unvaccinated

                  Dr Muge Cevik, a clinical lecturer in infectious diseases and medical virology at the University of St Andrews, previously told Reuters that when much TV in of a population has been vaccinated, “most infections and deaths are expected to be among those vaccinated”

                  The UKHSA also says the prioritisation of individuals who are more at risk of severe COVID-19 in vaccine rollouts means those vaccinated may be more at risk of death from COVID-19 and contributing factors, regardless of vaccination.

                  Further detail on the effectiveness of two COVID-19 vaccine doses on preventing death is also available within the “vaccine effectiveness” section of the surveillance report. It says that after 25 weeks following the second dose, “vaccine effectiveness was around 60% while at 2 or more weeks following a booster vaccine effectiveness was 95% against mortality”.

                  You cannot draw any conclusion from the data provided that indicates that infection is more likely amongst the vaccinated as a result of vaccination. It simply does not say that.

                  • question says:

                    The UK HSA does seem to show that the vaccine is protective against death with covid. Much of what you quote about prioritisation of individuals is completely irrelevant, but I don’t contest the point you’re driving at.
                    Looking at Table 13, the numbers indicate higher likelihood of dying of covid among the unvaccinated. Albeit that the absolute risk of dying for many age groups is extremely small either way. But that’s another discussion.
                    You did not address the assertion I made. So I draw your attention to the unadjusted rates of infection among the unvaccinated vs the fully vaccinated. The rates of cases reported in the unvaccinated are lower per 100,000 than in the vaccinated.
                    Those are the UK HSA numbers, week after week after week. Lower case numbers in the unvaccinated than in the vaccinated.
                    Given that clear evidence, it is obviously not true to say that the unvaccinated are somehow putting those around them at risk. They are getting the disease less frequently, and therefore are less likely to spread it.

                  • question says:

                    Table 134 of that week’s report does indicate that rate of death of per 100,000 among people with covid is lower among the vaccinated. No dispute. I never said anything different. (Though it is also true that in much of the population the risk of death with covid is extremely small either way).
                    The idea that vaccine prioritisation has anything to do with it at this point is frankly wrong. But that’s also beside the point.
                    In the same table you can see clearly that cases per 100,000 are much lower among ‘persons not vaccinated’ than they are among the vaccinated. That is exactly what I said in pervious posts. And since that is the case, it follows that the unvaccinated are not presenting some sort of disproportionate risk to others in the population, since they are less likely to get covid in the first place.
                    Thank you for your assistance in proving my point.

                    • Sandgrownan says:

                      Well done.

                      Bu that’s not what you said … you said the vaccinated are more likely to catch COVID.

            • Joe Bloggs says:

              “There’s pretty compelling evidence that if you’re vaccinated you’re more likely to catch it.”

              Please provide hyper-links to that evidence. I have not seen it.

              I trust you are referring to peer-reviewed articles by recognised experts.

            • sandgrownan says:

              Citation. Because, no there isn’t.

              We know, for example, that as an airborne virus air filtration can remove almost all traces – this is from research done in Cambridge. We know, that despite those screaming about “freedumb”, that wearing PPE can help protect against viral spread.

              We also know that those vaccinated carry a lower viral load.

              You might be falling into the trap of focussing on a single published paper that supports your hypothesis. It’s statistically anecdotal at best.

              We all know COVID measures were all about not overloading the hospital, and by and large, they were successful. But now is the time to stop.

              • Question says:

                The clear evidence is in the UK HSA stats.
                It’s not a ‘single published paper’…it’s months of stats showing a consistent picture.
                Similar stats came out of Israel and New Zealand.

                • sandgrownan says:

                  So no citation or link to a study? Nope.


                  • Question says:

                    I told you where to look.

                    • Sandgrownan says:

                      The data presented by the HSS does not support your assertion.

                    • saud says:

                      LOL…..why do ‘born Bermudians’ act so childishly?

                    • question says:

                      The HSA data do support exactly what I said. See my post above.

                    • Sandgrownan says:

                      Nope. It doesn’t. Not explicitly nor can you draw the conclusion that being vaccinated increases your chance of infection from the data.

                      You been reading obscure blogs from internet physicians again?

                    • Question says:

                      The numbers are what they are. Cases are consistently significantly higher among vaccinated than unvaccinated. You were quite happy to draw conclusions from the death numbers in the same table, yet you want to ignore the case numbers. The dissonance is almost amusing.

                    • Sandgrownan says:

                      Nope. Wrong.

                      Copied fro the report itself:

                      “ Although individuals may not develop symptoms of COVID-19 after vaccination, it is possible that they could still be infected with the virus and could transmit to others. Understanding how effective vaccines are at preventing infection is therefore important to predict the likely impact of the vaccination programme on the wider population. In order to estimate vaccine effectiveness against infection, repeat asymptomatic testing of a defined cohort of individuals is required. Studies have now reported on vaccine effectiveness against infection in healthcare workers, care home residents and the general population with the Alpha and Delta variants (155 to 18). Generally estimates are similar to or slightly lower than vaccine effectiveness estimates against symptomatic disease and there is evidence of significant waning in protection against infection over time. Estimates for vaccine effectiveness against infection with the Omicron variant are not yet available”

                    • Question says:

                      You’re ignoring the fact that the vaccine does not stop a person from being infected. In fact, the stats show that you are significantly more likely to test positive if you are vaccinated.
                      I know why you ignore the numbers – they disprove your case. But they are what they are.

                    • sandgrownan says:

                      The stats do not suggest, as you originally pointed out, that being vaccinated increases your chance of infection. It does not.

                      Chance of infection is only increased among the vaccinated because more people are vaccinated, and in fact, the pro vax lobby (if there is such a thing) has never made such a wild claim that vaccination makes you immune to infection.

                    • Question says:

                      “Chance of of infection is only increased among the vaccinated because more people are vaccinated”.
                      The figures are shown per 100,000. They already account for that. Per capita, the vaccinated have significantly more cases.

                      “ the pro vax lobby (if there is such a thing) has never made such a wild claim that vaccination makes you immune to infection.”
                      Well, they actually pretty much did make that claim until recently, that the vaccine is highly protective against infection, etc. But that ship has obviously sailed. The vaccine at best makes no difference to whether someone tests positive. And the UK HSA numbers suggest the vaccine makes it significantly more likely.

                    • sandgrownan says:

                      No. They. Don’t.

                      The vaccine makes risk of transmission lower, chance of catching it lower, and if you do catch it, less impact and reduced chance of death.

                      That has always been the argument. To say taking the vaccine increases your chance of catching COVID is frankly stupid. The stats do not support that.

                    • sandgrownan says:

                      HSA on March 31st:

                      “Vaccination continues to prevent a high number of cases resulting in severe disease, hospitalisation and death and remains the best way to protect us all.”

                      Dr Mary Ramsay, Director of Clinical Programmes at the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), said:

                      “The continued fall of COVID-19 hospital admissions and acute respiratory infections remains encouraging and demonstrates that vaccines are providing strong protection against severe illness.”

                      Give it up.

                    • Question says:

                      Your quotes are irrelevant.
                      The numbers are what they are.
                      More vaccinated people per capita with positive tests. Significantly more.
                      Fewer unvacvinated people per capita with positive tests.
                      These are UK HSA stats. Government reports, showing the same thing, repeatedly.

                    • Question says:

                      It’s like you have a religious belief in something, and even though reliable government statistics show the opposite is true you insist on your religious belief.

                      If you refuse to believe the evidence you’re being shown, we aren’t going to agree.
                      I showed you UK HSA stats. They clearly show that vaccinated people are testing positive at far greater per capita rates than non-vaccinated people.
                      There are certainly medical reasons why this might be the case, but you can’t get past your closed-minded beliefs.

                    • sandgrownan says:

                      The HSA table even has “notes on interpretation” and even explicitly states that “Comparing case rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated populations should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 infection.”

                      Go read that…as a sample…the notes under Table 13 explains why your analysis may be flawed.

                • Joe Bloggs says:

                  Provide a hyper-link please so we are not simply relying on what you say

    • aceboy says:

      By design…to ensure justification for the TA which is putting money into certain pockets.

      Have you seen the numbers being reported in the UK? And I mean the numbers that suggest about 17,000 people died from COVID ONLY. The rest of the reported 175,000 deaths were all co morbidity with many cases contracted AFTER going into hospital.

      It has been over for a long time, you just keep believing what you are told by those with agendas.

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        “… you just keep believing what you are told by those with agendas.”

        Right back at you.

        Covid: World’s true pandemic death toll nearly 15 million, says WHO


        • Question says:

          That 15 million is excess mortality. It includes people killed by lockdowns, for example.

          • saud says:

            LOL…you have no credibility, why waste your time posting. LMFAO

            • Question says:

              The WHO report is a count of excess deaths. All excess deaths. It’s not my fault if you are incapable of understanding what you read.

              • saud says:

                I understand completely, it’s you who have a severe comprehension problem….Clearly, you’re the product of a pathetic educational system .LOL

                • question says:

                  Why don’t you have a look at the WHO report and then come back and tell us what you think it means. The report is an estimate of total excess deaths over the period of the pandemic, from all causes. But if you think it means something else, come back and enlighten us. Because all you have done so far is a bunch of name calling, which frankly makes you look like an I di ot.

                  • Sandgrownan says:

                    On this point you are factually correct.

                    Understanding the excess mortality:

                    Excess mortality includes deaths attributable directly to COVID-19 that were counted and reported to WHO by countries.
                    It also includes deaths attributable directly to COVID-19 that were not counted or reported by countries.
                    It also includes deaths indirectly associated with COVID-19, due to other causes and diseases, resulting from the wider impact of the pandemic on health systems and society.
                    It is minus any deaths that would have occurred under normal circumstances but were averted due to pandemic-related changes in social conditions and personal behaviors e.g. less traffic deaths or influenza deaths due to local lockdowns and less travel.

                    That said, not sure of the point you are trying to make.

                  • saud says:

                    This is a comment forum, where no one uses their real names.
                    We all look like i di ot s. :)

  3. Unbelievable says:

    Why is anyone even still arguing about ANY of this? Those that believe in the science believe what they believe and those that don’t (or those that want their precious freedoms “back”) believe what they believe. The BDA Govt is also going to do what it wants or thinks it needs to do. No one is going to change anyone’s minds on anything so why even bother with all of this back and forth? It’s been over two years now.

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