Photos/Video: Man O Wars Washed Up On Beach

May 18, 2022

The Government recently advised the public to take “care and caution while in or near the ocean given the increased presence of the Portuguese Man o War,” and one beach in Devonshire is a prime example of this, with dozens of them washed up on the shoreline.

While tip toeing carefully around the beach area, wearing shoes and long pants, to take photos, Bernews saw dozens of them in an approximately 25 foot long stretch of Devonshire Bay Beach, located by the Mary Prince Emancipation Park.


A Government spokesperson previously said, “We wish to advise the public to take extreme care and caution while in or near the ocean given the increased presence of the Portuguese Man of War.

“Portuguese Man of War can be identified with their bluish gas-filled float on top of the water, however, their in-water tentacles are often not seen making it a deadly predator for small fish and extremely painful for humans after contact with the skin.

“Please keep your distance and do not touch the Portuguese Man of War even if they are on land or a beach as the tentacles can still be very venomous.”

On a few occasions in the past, Government has had to actually close down a beach due to high numbers of Portuguese Man of Wars in the area,

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  1. Thalia Bromby says:

    I’ve seen many on Horseshoe Bay over the past few weeks and, now that the cruise ships are back in, tourists are being bussed to HB. I’m just wondering if tourists are being warned. One morning last week when I was down there, the Portuguese Men of War were still all down the beach and a bus load of tourists had arrived. I suggested to a few of them that they stay out of the water.