Hundreds Attend Cybersecurity Webinar Series

June 27, 2022

Close to 400 Bermudian businesses attended the Cybersecurity Webinar Series and learned from subject-matter experts and members of the Cybersecurity Governance Board how to keep their businesses, their computer systems, and their client information safe.

A Government spokesperson said, “The 9-part series, composed of monthly Lunch & Learn webinars, was hosted by the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation [BEDC] in partnership with the Economic Development Department [EDD] and the Cybersecurity Governance Board [CGB].

Dr. Marisa Stones – Head of the Government’s PIPA/ PATI Unit, Cabinet Office; Ray Jones – Director, Economic Development Department; Ronnie Viera – Chairman, Cybersecurity Governance Board; Sheridan Smith – Director, Management Services/ Information Technology, Bermuda Monetary Authority; Alex White – Bermuda’s first Privacy Commissioner; Noel Pearman – SVP, Cyber Product Line Leader, AXA XL

Cybersecurity Webinar Series Bermuda June 2022

“It has long been evident that businesses need to protect client information and computer systems from online threats. However, since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, that truth has become glaring. It is now widely known that it is vital for businesses to understand the potential cyber threats that they are facing, how to mitigate them, and what the consequences are for those who commit such cybercrimes.

“In the monthly webinar series, members of the CGB informed participants about all aspects of cybersecurity that could affect their small and medium-sized businesses. Attendees gained critical information and skills on how to take the steps necessary to safeguard their systems.

“The topics for this series, although varied, were of equal importance to the Bermuda-based business owners. Ronnie Viera, Chief Operating Officer at First Atlantic Commerce, spoke on ensuring that businesses had the proper security measures in place.

“At the same time, Alex White, Bermuda’s first Privacy Commissioner and Dr. Marisa Stones, Head of the Government’s PIPA/ PATI Unit, talked about the business owner’s responsibility regarding privacy and client information. Brett Henshilwood, Partner at Deloitte Bermuda, discussed supply chain attacks, and Sheridan Smith, Director, Management Services/ Information Technology at the Bermuda Monetary Authority, explained how cybersecurity is not just for online businesses. Noel Pearman, SVP, Cyber Product Line Leader at AXA XL, showed business owners how to assess business privacy and security risks.

“The laws of the land also had their place in the series: Steve Cosham, National Disaster Coordinator and Ronnie Viera, Chief Operating Officer at First Atlantic Commerce, showed the interdependence of cybersecurity and Bermuda’s critical infrastructure. In addition, Mark Tomlinson, Police Sergeant in Technology Services and Digital Forensics, along with Acting Detective Chief Inspector Paul Ridley, discussed Bermuda law as it relates to cybersecurity.

“To close the series, Ronnie Viera asked business owners whether they were confident that their online payment platform was secure. He then provided tips, advice, and guidance to assist them in the investigation.”

After the event, Ronnie Viera, CGB Chairman, said, “I speak on behalf of the members of the Cybersecurity Governance Board in saying that we are pleased to have participated in the webinar series over the past several months. Goal 3 of the national strategy addresses awareness and capacity building. Collaborating with the EDD and the BEDC was therefore fully in line with what the Board is working to achieve in terms of a generally heightened degree of awareness of cyber risks.”

Erica Smith, Executive Director of the BEDC, said, “We were thrilled to join this collaboration and deliver this series of 9 webinars over nine months. The webinar series provided our stakeholders with valuable information about the importance of cybersecurity, its associated benefits and potential threats. During and after the pandemic, many entrepreneurs had to rely on the Internet to maintain a connection with their customers. Therefore, having industry experts provide advice, tips, and guidance on what to do to protect business and customer information was timely and necessary.”

Ray Jones, Director of the EDD said, “The EDD aims to advance the sustainable growth, development and diversification of Bermuda’s economy. As increasing numbers of businesses make the transition to becoming more technology-focused, cybersecurity becomes all the more vital to the fulfilment of our mission.”

He added: “We were satisfied with the large turnout and the success of this webinar series. We believe that developments such as this are key to ensuring the overall attractiveness of the Island as a jurisdiction. We are focused on Bermuda being a world leader in technology, and proper cybersecurity practices are fundamental to ensure that sustainable developments can be made in our economy.”

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