Ashton Bell Wins Muay Thai Title In Iowa

June 30, 2022 | 1 Comment

[Written by Stephen Wright]

Ashton Bell claimed his second championship title after winning the B Class super-welterweight division at the TBA World Muay Thai Classic in Des Moines, Iowa, last weekend.

Bell won all four bouts at the tournament and secured the championship belt after defeating Nebraskan Thien Truong by unanimous decision.

The 27-year-old adds to the title he won in the Novice Class in the super-middleweight division at the TBA Tournament of Champions in Des Moines last October.

“I had a fight every day [at the TBA Classic], winning my first by technical knockout to start on a high note,” Bell told Bernews. “I won my second by split decision and third by unanimous decision.

“[Truong] wasn’t the most technical of the bunch, he had a switch stance and was more like a mixed martial arts fighter, but he put up a good showing and wasn’t afraid to fight me.

“It’s been a lot of hard work to get here, and I couldn’t have done it without my coaches, who have pushed me beyond where I thought I could go. I can’t thank them and my teammates enough.

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“Honestly, I’ve had tougher sparring with my teammates than some of the fights at this tournament. They push me to the brink every day.”

Bell admits he arrived in Des Moines with a “chip on his shoulder” after losing his opening contest by a split decision at the same tournament 12 months ago.

“I went to last year’s TBA Classic, which was my first tournament, hoping to win,” Bell added. “However, I lost my first fight, and that lit a fire under my backside to come back out here and pursue this title seriously.”

Also representing Fight City Muay Thai and Fitness in Des Moines were Jay Astwood, Donna Munoz-Pitcher, Shaun Lavis, Na’Twuan Fisher, Antwan Edwards, Emma Edwards, Tyler Kerr, Yolanda Yuan and Keron Lee.

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Bell said heading to Des Moines as part of a ten-strong team was “like night and day” compared with travelling as a sole competitor, which he did last summer.

“It’s great being around your teammates, guys and girls you train with every day,” said Bell, who improves his record to eight wins from amateur 12 bouts. “It makes you feel more at home and part of a family.

“I was definitely motivated by watching Na’Twuan Fisher win an absolute three-round war [against Elan Stephens], which included seven knockdowns. His performance really stood out for me.”

Chuck Morgan, the Fight City head coach, has backed Bell to build on his success and hailed his meteoric rise in the Art of the Eight Limbs since taking up the sport two years ago.

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“Ashton went in and won this fight [the final] without taking much damage at all,” Morgan said.

“His opponent was strong and game, but Ashton put the work in to drop two weight classes since his last tournament.

“Ashton has fought for three titles at 153, 165 and 172 pounds in 12 months. What a year this young man has had after training for less than two years in this sport.

“He has one hell of a future and definitely made a name for himself at this tournament.”

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