‘Meaningful Collaboration Involving All Sectors’

July 1, 2022

[Open letter]

The murder this morning in Flatts is the latest in a recent series of violent incidents which has been adversely impacting our small community.

We, the undersigned, note that there is no question that we will only be able to meaningful address this challenge through meaningful collaboration, involving all sectors of our community.

We recognize that the cause of these symptoms will not be addressed overnight. However, with a commitment to a coordinated community approach, we will foster the needed transformation. The potential benefits of collaboration are being seen in limited ways, such as such as the ‘Peace Tree Campaign’ and the initiative ‘2gather Family Fun Fest’ which is taking place on Saturday 2/7/22 at City Hall through the collaboration of a wide variety of stakeholders.

Those of us who have signed off thus far, are well aware that the spirit of this sentiment is shared by many. This latest tragedy is a ‘call’ across the Island for all of us to renew our efforts.

The wisdom of the saying ‘It takes a Village….’ offers a wise ‘guidepost’, as we all commit to working together in collaboration towards a better Bermuda.

- Shervin Dill, Martha Dismont, Glenn Fubler, Kim Jackson, Mark Wade

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