Moongate Tour Golf Tournament Round 5 Results

July 2, 2022 | 0 Comments

Will Haddrell shot a 1-over par 72 at the Port Royal Golf Course to win the 5th round of the Moongate Tour Golf Tournament.

Amateur Haddrell finished one stroke ahead of three Professional Golfers and another Amateur, Professionals, Chris Smith, Nick Jones, and Camiko Smith, along with Amateur Adam Perry all finished at 2-over 73.

Damian Palanyandi shot a 5-over par 76 to finish 6th, with Chaka DeSilva another stroke back.

Moongate Tour Round 5 Leaderboard

72 Will Haddrell [a]
73 Chris Smith [p]
73 Nick Jones [p]
73 Camiko Smith [p]
73 Adam Perry [a]
75 Damian Palanyandi [a]
76 Chaka DeSilva [p]
77 Roger Brangman [a]
77 Matthew Smith [a]
77 Scott Roy [p]
78 Scott Barnett [a]
78 Andrew Trott-Francis [p]
79 Makie De Souza [a]
80 Gordon Cox [a]
81 George Obrien [a]
81 Jamie MacMillan [a]
81 Michael McCrimmon
82 Cory Desilva [p]
84 Joshua Cabrera [a]
87 Steven Lambert [p]
88 Marcelos Thomas [a]
89 Delyone Borden [p]
90 Alexander Capitillo [p]
90 Brent Giannone [a]
91 Justin Watts [a]
91 Junior Robinson [a]
93 Mackih McGowan [a]
96 Jason Lowe [a]
WD Julian Brassington [a]

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