Google Search Interest For ‘Bermuda’ Up 56%

September 25, 2022

According to the latest Google Trends data, search interest for the word “Bermuda” has been up 56% in the past week, while while not implicitly stated, it is likely due to Hurricane Fiona, as some of the related search term inquiries showing for “Bermuda” include “Fiona Bermuda damage, “Hurricane Fiona Bermuda update, “did Hurricane Fiona hit Bermuda, and “did Fiona hit Bermuda.”

Major hurricanes often attract international interest, and this time was no different, with multiple international media reporting on the storm, with some of the major networks sending film crews to the island.

Screenshot from Google Trends:

Bermuda Google Trends Hurricane Fiona September 2022

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  1. wing nut says:

    Fiona ya sure, maybe looking to see if the emperor has got rid of the TA form yet.