Video: UK BBC Interview Premier David Burt

September 20, 2022 | 5 Comments

Premier David Burt was interviewed by the BBC News in England, speaking about the Queen’s legacy, her life of service, her trips to Bermuda, the funeral service, Bermuda’s sovereignty, King Charles III and more.

The Premier and Governor Rena Lalgie both attended Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral in London, which saw thousands of people line the streets and billions of people around the world watch the broadcast, as the UK and world said good bye to Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

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  1. Unknown800k says:

    Just when you thought the Muppet couldn’t raise the bar on lowering his standards.
    Well done voters..
    What a national embarrassment along with his tail kissers that wonnt speak up.. guess the benefits override your self pride

  2. trufth says:

    What a DB! This guy is disgusting. Who raised him?
    This is embarrassing. No class whatsoever.

    Disgusting, dumb and no class. Thanks voters.

  3. Cheryl-Ann Griffin says:

    This was an very good interview and The Premier represented Bermuda extremely well with his responses.

  4. Lawnmower says:

    Why so much hate on this man he didn’t say anything inappropriate, disgusting, low slandered, muppet like, dumb, crass, accusatory, or disingenuous/ Low Brow.

    Unlike the high class establishment commentators here who could defiantly do a better job as premier. /s

  5. saud says:

    A page taken directly from the PLP playbook….what goes around comes around. You reap what you sew. LMFAO…and now you reveal what a snowflake you really are.

    “…disgusting, low slandered, muppet like, dumb, crass, accusatory, or disingenuous/ Low Brow.”

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