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November 30, 2022 | 2 Comments

[Updated] The Concerned Citizens Group is holding a press conference this morning [Nov 30] in St David’s, and we will have additional coverage later on and in the meantime the live video is below.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the replay is below

Update 6.34pm: Terlena Murphy, spokeswoman for the Concerned Citizens said, “The Concerned Citizens Group Is a Collective, bi-partisan group of individuals, concerned about the safety and health of the local community as a result of the approved build of the new medical waste facility in St. David’s and storage of bio-hazardous waste.

“We are concerned that the collection, storage and disposal of bio-waste was outsourced to a private contractor without any proper regulation in place or oversight from the Government.

“We are concerned that although an environmental impact assessment is required under the Bermuda Plan for waste disposal systems and major industrial and commercial developments, no impact assessment was done. This means that the cumulative impact of airborne toxins from various pollutants in the area is unknown.

“As a result, residents, businesses and children playing sport and people who frequently use the area to exercise, may be exposed to dangerous toxins and pollutants, potentially causing a risk to their health.

“We are concerned that the consultation with local communities for constructions such as this – particularly where there is a potential impact on the environment and public health – is inadequate. Public consultation must be far more extensive – an ad in the paper is not enough.

“Lastly, we are concerned that the business model proposed by MediWaste is inefficient. We believe it will significantly increase the cost for medical, dental and vet practices which, in turn will pass the cost back to the consumer with higher charges and higher insurance premiums.

“We are angry, that it has been left to our community to point out these issues and the gaps in legislation governing toxic waste after members of the public discovered illegally parked containers of unfrigerated biowaste on a public road. Thanks to our efforts, we have successfully lobbied for its removal to a safer location.

“We are also angry that responses to our concerns have not been forthcoming:

  • “We have sent questions to the Minister of Health and the Minister of Home Affairs since last Tuesday, November 22, which have not yet been answered.
  • “We have invited the Minister of Home Affairs, the Minister of Health, and representatives from BLDC and Department of Environment and Natural Resources to meet with members of the public at recent town halls, but none have so far accepted.

“As a result, of this complete failure to listen to the concerns of the community:

  • “The Concerned Citizens Group demands that the Government steps in to immediately stop the construction of the incinerator so that an independent third-party environmental impact assessment can take place.
  • “We demand that the Premier, David Burt, intercede and insist that both Ministers and the CEO of the BLDC meet with and address the concerns of the community.
  • “We request that another site is considered for the MediWaste incinerator such as the Tyne’s Bay Waste Incinerator site or the King Edward Memorial Hospital.
  • “We request that Minister Roban and Minister Wilson make it their highest priority to ensure that policy and legislation is put in place to govern the collection, transportation, and disposal of bio-hazardous and pharmaceutical waste.

“This is not a done deal – we will continue to strongly voice our objections.

  • “We are holding a third Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, December 1, at 6:30 pm at Clearwater Middle School, and,
  • “We will be presenting a Petition to the Premier on Friday at 12:30 pm at the House of Assembly, Verita’s Place, Court Street.

“We invite the entire community, environmental groups and organizations to support these events as the construction of the MediWaste incinerator affects us all.

“We appeal to all Bermudians – if you care about the environment, if you care about your health and that of your children – then support our cause.

“The complete disregard for the health of our people and for the concerns of community is not just a St. David’s problem – it is a problem for the whole of Bermuda.”

Update: In a separate statement, OBA candidate for St. George’s South Elizabeth Deacon said, “The OBA is closely following the efforts of the Concerned Citizens group and the community of St. David’s.

“It is shameful that the task of holding the authorities accountable for the storage of biohazardous waste has fallen on the shoulders of the people of St. David’s and we applaud the tenacity of the Concerned Citizens in standing up for their community.

“It is our view that allowing a private contractor to transport and store biohazardous waste without adequate regulation or oversight by the Government, is questionable at best and negligent at worst.

“We call for more in-depth community consultation in the Planning process where there is a potential impact on the local environment and human health. While an ad in the paper is appropriate for a living room extension, it is completely inadequate for the construction of an incinerator dealing with toxic materials.”

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    So the very MP’s who’s Government allowed this to happen and did not step in to do the right thing are now there pandering to their constituents and just talking in circles. This is a complete joke. Poor governance at its finest. Who’s on first?

  2. Unknown800k says:

    Do you blame govt. Or the people that keep thinking this govt knows what there doing and keeps supporting the ignorance.
    Mean while at marthas

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