Aina Raises Capital From Investor Community

December 19, 2022

Aina Curated — an Architecture and Creative Interiors Boutique — has successfully raised capital through the Bermuda Investor Community.

A spokesperson said, “The Community hosts Bermuda’s first fully digital angel investment platform bringing local investment opportunities to qualified individual investors.

“Aina Curated is an Architecture and Creative Interiors Boutique founded with over 17 years of experience in the architecture and construction industry. Whether working on a renovation project or new build, Aina Curated’s focus is on providing a curated experience for each client resulting in a highly personalized end product.”

Akilah Swan, Chief Executive of Aina Curated, said: “I am thrilled to have been able to complete my first ever capital raise with the support of the Bermuda Investor Community. Their network of angel investors is a crucial addition to the Bermuda finance market, especially for growth businesses like my own.

“The team at the Bermuda Investor Community has been so supportive of me through the capital raising process, providing guidance on which financing options are available, what information to prepare and ultimately bringing my business to the attention of my new investors. I definitely plan on bringing future funding rounds to market through the Bermuda Investor Community platform.”

Caroline McGill, Executive Chair of the Bermuda Investor Community, said: “We are so excited for Akilah and very proud of to have played a part in helping her to reach this milestone in the growth of her business. We look forward to supporting her through future raises, and watching her achieve her business ambitions.

“We are confident that she will be the first of many entrepreneurs to find local investors as awareness of our platform grows. We already have a strong pipeline of opportunities in development across a range of deal sizes and sectors. We hope to see many more investors contact us for more information at or register on our platform to make the most of the opportunities which we are bringing forward.”

The spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Investor Community is itself a social enterprise, which charges nothing to investors and recycles all of its profits into the Ignite entrepreneurial accelerator programme [which is operated under a common charitable trust parent entity], with the aim of creating a self-sustaining eco-system for all entrepreneurial businesses in Bermuda. The platform is open to qualified investors and all businesses which are contributing to the growth of the Bermuda economy, and not just those which are graduates of Ignite.”

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