Celebrities To Take Part In Bermuda Golf Event

March 2, 2023

Anthony Anderson, Damar Hamlin, Sugar Ray Leonard, Bosan, Metta Worldpeace, Bo Jackson, Warren Sapp, Lawrence Taylor, Terrell Owens, Santonio Holmes and Gary Payton are among the celebrities scheduled to take part in the inaugural Bermuda Celebrity Golf Invitational.

“Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] announces the inaugural Bermuda Celebrity Golf Invitational from April 26th to May 1st at Port Royal Golf Course, the first event of its kind ever to take place on the island,” the BTA said in a statement sent to us this morning.

“Pro golfers, athletes, celebrities, and golfing enthusiasts will travel to the island to partake in a weekend of competition, camaraderie, and fellowship to help drive change on a global scale for the local golf community in Bermuda.

“A portion of the event proceeds will benefit the Bermuda Sports Pathway program, designed to help emerging athletes remove barriers to entry and advancement in sports through sports tourism initiatives that meet the objectives of Teams and Groups defined in the National Tourism Plan.

“An impressive list of International athletes, celebrities, and notable guests have committed to donating their time and confirmed to attend, including Anthony Anderson [Actor], Damar Hamlin [Buffalo Bills], Sugar Ray Leonard [Boxing Champion], Bosan [R&B Singer] Metta Worldpeace [LA Lakers], Bo Jackson, [NFL and MLB legend], Warren Sapp, [Tampa Bay Buccaneers] Lawrence Taylor, [NY Giants] Terrell Owens [Philadelphia Eagles], Santonio Holmes [Pittsburgh Steelers] and Gary Payton [Seattle Supersonics], and more.

“The Bermuda Celebrity Golf Invitational kicks off a jam-packed week of golfing activities on the island, including Black Golfers Week, kicking off Thursday, April 27th. For a full schedule, available packages, and more information on Black Golfers Week, please visit GoToBermuda.com,” the BTA added.

You can visit the BTA website for the full press release on the Bermuda Celebrity Golf Invitational.

Update 5pm: Bernews has sent a question to the BTA seeking to clarify one of the attendees announced, and we hope to update as able.

Update March 3, 11.30am: Bernews has followed up with the BTA and continues to seek a response.

Update March 7: As of now, the attendee we sent questions about is no longer included on the official BTA release on their website.

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  1. question says:

    Another $300,000 champagne weekend for Burt and his celebs, models and youtube “influencers”.

  2. George says:

    Do NOT politicize this even and invite politicians. Make them pay and spectate like us regular citizens

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “Make them pay and spectate like us regular citizens”