Rian Michelsen Attends UX Design Course

March 15, 2023

The Department of Workforce Development, in partnership with Connectech, provided Rian Michelsen with the opportunity to participate in a UX design immersive course by General Assembly.

A Government spokesperson said, “Recently, the Minister of Economy and Labour, the Hon. Jason Hayward, JP. MP. attended a Technology Apprentice Presentation highlighting Mr Rian Michelsen’s User Experience Design [UX Design] coursework and Connectect Coding’s App Dev students’ applications in development.

“The Department of Workforce Development, in partnership with Connectech Coding [Connectech], Bermuda’s first technology training centre, provided Mr Rian Michelsen with the opportunity to participate in a UX design immersive course by General Assembly.

Back row: Zär’a Cardell – Connectech Instructor, Rian Michelsen – Connectech Trainee, Nicholas Weikl – Connectech Student; Front Row: Michael Wells – Connectech Board Member, Minister Hayward, Tyler Furtado – Connectech Student, Jacob King – Connectech Student

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“The full-time twelve-week course, split into five units, provided a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in all UX Design areas. It explored a full range of concepts in the design process, from research and testing to design thinking and rapid prototyping to create the foundation of an app.

“A mixture of lectures, workshops and hands-on learning, the curriculum centred on four main projects: an e-commerce website redesign, a digital product based on a design prompt, individual student portfolios, and finally, the capstone project.

“Using all the knowledge, skills and support GA had provided, Mr Michelson, working in a team of four, delved into the three-week capstone project, helping an actual business startup client. The client presented challenges and opportunities, allowing Mr Michelson to apply the nine weeks of training and knowledge obtained from the programme.

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“Upon graduating from the programme, Mr Michelsen obtained the theoretical training and skills to approach problems with the creative and technical understanding needed to design the next generation of successful apps, websites, and digital products.”

Following the presentation, Minister Hayward said, “I was impressed by Mr Rian Michelsen’s presentation, especially considering that before the course, he had minimal experience with UX Design. Also, the amount of skill and talent by the App Dev students is commendable.”

Coral Wells, CEO and founder of Connectech, said, “Rian Michelsen has volunteered at Connectech since last summer, helping students with our robotics programme. Having seen his commitment to the programme, and while Workforce Development Training Officers will continue to supervise, I am excited that Rian will officially join us as a trainee teaching the next generation of IT specialists in the field of User Experience Design. Rian brings a fresh, creative perspective and approach to the team, and we look forward to bringing his ideas to fruition.”

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Minister Hayward continued, “Examples such as this strengthen my resolve and commitment to the Youth Employment Strategy’s success. We must continue providing our youth with training, experiences, and opportunities that help them secure employment and succeed in life!”

“I thank Coral Wells and Connectech, a non-profit organization, for partnering with the Department of Workforce Development to offer these exciting opportunities and look forward to their future success.”

The spokesperson said, “Individuals seeking information on apprenticeships and businesses wanting to register an apprentice or trainee may email apprenticeship@gov.bm or call 297-7714 to speak with a Training & Assessment Officer.”

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