Nine Electric Buses Had ‘Interrupted Service’

May 25, 2023

“Nine electric buses had interrupted service on Tuesday as a result of excessive wet weather,” the Department of Public Transportation has confirmed.

A spokesperson said, “Seven were quickly back in operation after review, and two buses are currently being assessed to be placed back in operation.

“DPT ran the regular bus service this morning and passengers can expect the public bus service to run as normal today. The Department is in contact with the manufacturer to rectify the fault and both parties are working closely to address the matter.

“This issue was identified earlier in the year and it has been resolved for the next order of buses anticipated to land this summer. A technician will be arriving on island in the next few weeks to assist the DPT team with the existing fleet and to provide support in commissioning the new electric buses.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Nine electric buses had interrupted service on Tuesday as a result of excessive wet weather”

    Right, so no electric busses running next winter then!

  2. Question says:

    So they bought expensive new buses that don’t work in the rain.
    Just great isn’t it. We actually pay the salaries of the du mb a$$ es that did this.

    • iyiyi says:

      Expensive buses ?
      Actually they boasted how cheap they were ! Although maybe expensive for being made in China .

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “So they bought expensive new buses that don’t work in the rain”

      That is not what they said. PLP Minister Lawrence Scott said “At a cost of $132,000 per bus landed in Bermuda, the Xiamen bus is approximately 60% less expensive than the current $334,000 MAN bus, a savings of BMD$202,000 per bus.”


      Of course, for every hour they are on the road (when it is dry) they need 2 hours to charge, so each bus is only available 1/3 of the time (unlike the workhorse MAN diesel buses).

  3. Great…buses not running and you lot are both having parties…please…get your ship together…please.

  4. So…how much do these buses weigh?
    Has a structual engineer assessed causeway for capacity? For that matter has planning even got a structual engineer…must not my neighbour just put a two story build onna one story footing (house is 7 inches lower at one end hee hee hee…truth…he had to put a tarp for the cracks innit now…also who signed off on the shark hole escavation? Do not drive a bus over that…

  5. Mr. Wolfy says:

    Can’t fix stupid…the adverage electric bus is two tons more than its’ deisel counterpart…our roads aren’t paved as it is and causwat has a weight limit …a capacity of a wood bridge .

  6. Mr. Wolfy says:

    These buses are too heavy and they will cost road upkeep higher than acceptable .please feel free to understand that on adverage these buses weigh two tons more than a deisel counter part….yes or no?
    Let us expound on this tid bit …

  7. Mumbojumbo says:

    You need toyota buses….

  8. So you see… can get a toyota coaster for much much much less…..splain it to my pet rock why you have to spend so much….your not putting any doze tax dollars in your pocket awwwwyou?