Ten New Electric Buses Delivered This Week

August 23, 2023 | 7 Comments

Ten new electric buses have been delivered to the Department of Public Transportation [DPT] Headquarters this week and fifteen more are expected later this month, the Ministry announced today.

“I am delighted to share that ten new electric buses have been delivered to the Department of Public Transportation [DPT] Headquarters this week. Additionally, we’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of 15 more buses next Monday, 28 August, followed by the remaining 15 on 3 September,” Minister of Transport Wayne Furbert said.

“We’ve encountered difficulties in meeting the transportation needs of our residents and visitors. These challenges have stemmed from the age of our diesel bus fleet and delays in receiving our new electric buses. The buses will be on the road next week following a thorough inspection, testing of systems, employee orientation on new features, installation of fare vaults, and the application of internal and external decals or signage.”

“Passengers can expect to see a significant improvement in service quality, with fewer cancellations, by mid-September when all the 2023 series buses are scheduled to be in operation.”

Minister Furbert also highlighted the enhanced capabilities of the new buses, noting, “The 2023 series buses feature larger batteries, with a capacity increase from 180kWh in the 2022 series buses to 255kWh in the 2023 series. This translates to a significantly extended range of approximately 210km, an additional 60km.”

In closing, Minister Furbert said, “We remain thankful for the public’s support as we navigate this challenging summer period”.

Electric Bus Arrives Bermuda August 2023 (1)

Electric Bus Arrives Bermuda August 2023 (2)

Electric Bus Arrives Bermuda August 2023 (3)

Electric Bus Arrives Bermuda August 2023 (4)

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  1. LOL - the real one says:

    YEAH! Electric buses are here to save the day.
    How many electric buses are on HUNDREDS of canceled routes?
    The more the merrier.

  2. Steve says:

    Oh flip flop more bs from you. Done nothing re bus cancellations. Always
    peak times. Yep morning & afternoon runs. Time to go Furbert

  3. I'm just saying says:

    The amount of child labor used to mine the cobalt for the batteries is staggering. We have an ignorant government running this country.

  4. Did you know says:

    The batteries in an electric car weigh about 500 kg. To make a car battery of this type, you need to process 10 tonnes of salt for the required lithium, 15 tonnes of ore for the required cobalt, two tonnes of ore to get enough nickel and 12 tonnes of copper ore. In total, you have to process 200 tonnes of soil to make a single battery.
    As if that wasn’t enough, this pollutes more than a petrol/diesel car does in 20 years of normal consumption. We have an ignorant government running this country.

  5. I'm just saying says:

    There’s no such thing, of course, is a zero emissions vehicle. The real question is where are the emissions associated with the electric car because what you do with an electric vehicle, if you don’t eliminate emissions, you export them somewhere else, you have to dig up about 500,000 pounds of materials to make a single 1000 pound battery. It takes what 100 To 300 barrels of oil to manufacture a battery that can hold one barrel of oil equivalent on energy, just manufacturing the battery can have a carbon death rate ranging from 10 tons to 40 tons of co2 and the plans that are in place to increase the use of batteries will require an increase in production of minerals like lithium, cobalt, zinc demand for those minerals will increase between 400% and 4,000%. There isn’t enough mining in the world to make enough batteries for that many people for their car.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Don’t forget the fact that our electricity is generated by the burning of fossil fuel. Whilst no fossil fuel emissions come directly from an electric bus, plenty of fossil fuel emissions come from the place where the vast majority of electricity in Bermuda is generated

  6. LOL - the real one says:

    All the poor underage black African children are so proud that the fruits of their slave-like labor mining rare earths for these bus batteries paid off.

    The Bermuda Government salutes you! Keep up the good work!

    PS. Is anyone aware that the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service is unprepared to put out an electric bus battery fire that requires enormous amounts of water to extinguish? How about the groundwater contamination from the runoff?

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