Official Govt & Legal Notices For June 8 2023

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[Updated] The official Government and Legal notices for today [June 8] include acting appointments & public notification.

Update: In November 2023, the Court granted a ruling quashing the decision of the Registrar to publish in the Official Gazette a Register of Pharmacies, including one company inferring that the Applicant does not have a valid Certificate and an an order requiring the Registrar, to amend the Second List to remove the reference to a Certificate and any other suggestion that the Applicant is not in compliance with its regulatory obligations as required by sections 16 and 17 of the Act.


Acting Appointment :- Governor

  • Notice Type: Government Notice
  • Notice Sub Type: Acting Appointments
  • Notice ID: GN0498/2023
  • Public Authorities / Department: Government House
  • Publication date: 08 June 2023

Government Notice No.

Constitution Of Bermuda

In accordance with section 19[1] of the Constitution, Her Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint Mr. Tom Oppenheim MBE, Deputy Governor, to act as Governor from Sunday, 11 June, 2023 – Friday, 16 June, 2023, or until the Governor’s return.


Rena Lalgie

Governor and Commander-in-Chief


Register of Pharmacies

  • Notice Type: Government Notice
  • Notice Sub Type: Public Notification
  • Notice ID: GN0499/2023
  • Amended Notice ID: GN0467/2023
  • Public Authorities / Department: Health Headquarters
  • Publication date: 08 June 2023

Register Of Pharmacies

The Register of Pharmacies as at May 1st 2023, is published in compliance with the provisions of Part IV Section 16 of the Pharmacy and Poisons Act 1979: -

DECEMBER 31, 2023
[see note 2]
Avant Care Services YES
Bermuda Diabetes Association Resource Centre YES
Bermuda Hospitals Board [King Edward VII Memorial Hospital – Inpatient Pharmacy] YES
Caesar’s Pharmacy YES
Cavendish Pharmacy YES
CG Pharmacy YES
City Pharmacy YES
Clarendon Pharmacy YES
Collector’s Hill Apothecary YES
Dockyard Pharmacy YES
Hamilton Pharmacy Ltd YES
Island Health Pharmacy Ltd YES
King Edward VII Memorial Hospital – Outpatient Hospital [see note 1] NO
King Street Pharmacy YES
Lindo’s Pharmacy Ltd [Devonshire] YES
Lindo’s Pharmacy Ltd [Warwick] YES
North Shore Pharmacy YES
Paget Pharmacy YES
Par-La-Ville Pharmacy YES
People’s [Acute Care Wing] Pharmacy YES
People’s Pharmacy [Victoria Street, Hamilton] YES
Phoenix Centre [Phoenix Drug Store] YES
Point Finger Road Pharmacy YES
Robertson’s Drug Store YES
Somerset Pharmacy YES

This list has recently been updated to ensure that it complies with Pharmacy and Poisons Act 1979 s [17][4], detailing the particulars of changes from the published Register of Pharmacies 2022.

Note 1: Indicates Registered Pharmacies that were previously removed from the gazetted list without explanation in previous years. These pharmacies have ceased operations but remain registered until such time that they are formally de-registered.

Note 2: For clarity, a new column has been included to show the Registered Pharmacies who have satisfactorily completed the 2022 inspection process and have a valid Certificate of Inspection for the year 2023.

For further information contact the Office of the Chief Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health, by mail at P.O. Box HM 1195, Hamilton HM EX, Bermuda, or via telephone at [441] 278-4900 or [441] 278-4961 or via email

Document Upload: Register of Pharmacies 2023 Gazette [PDF]


The official notices above have been republished from the relevant section on the official Government website. If you wish to view ‘hard copies’, the Department of Libraries & Archives prints them and you can visit the main library on Queen Street or the Government Archives in the Government Administration Building on Parliament Street to view them.

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