Bermuda Re-Elected To ICIC Committee

July 12, 2023 | 0 Comments

During the 14th edition of the International Conference of Information Commissioners [ICIC], the Bermuda Information Commissioner was re-elected to the ICIC’s Executive Committee, with the renewed term set to runs until 2026.

Information Commissioner Gitanjali Gutierrez was delighted with the announced result. She stated, “This re-election, and the participation of two individuals from our Office on panels at the ICIC conference, reflects the strength of our Office. The re-election also ensures that Bermuda’s next Information Commissioner will retain a leadership amongst the membership of the ICIC and help lead the implementation of the Conference’s strategic priorities.” Other current Executive Committee members are Albania, Argentina [Buenos Aires], Bangladesh, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, and the Philippines.

A spokesperson said, “Commissioner Gutierrez and Investigation Officer LaKai Dill attended this year’s ICIC conference on 19-21 June 2023 in Manila, Philippines. On the first day, Commissioner Gutierrez participated as a panelist on a panel called Policy framework for access to information [ATI] in the global arena.

“She emphasised that improving the implementation of existing legal and policy frameworks may be one of the most important challenges for strengthening ATI rights. She highlighted the subtle barriers that arise on a local level to dissuade people from using their rights, as well as government actions that weaken Information Commissioners’ oversight authority. Commissioner Gutierrez discussed the opportunities within the ICIC for Information Commissioners to strengthen international standards for good practice and ensure that the promise of public ATI is realised for citizens.

“Ms. Dill was a panelist for a conference session on Open contracting for public sector cost effectiveness. Drawing from her experience as an investigator, Ms. Dill’s address centered on factors that may hinder public authorities from disclosing information about public contracts, in response to the public exercising their right to make a PATI request. She spoke on the impact that the ‘people’ element can have on this dynamic between government and requesters, due to real [sometimes unspoken] perceptions that may drive a public authority’s decision making and result in an under-disclosure of public contract records.

“You may view videos of the panels on the ICIC’s YouTube channel [@icic-informationcommission7378], along with all other ‘open’ sessions held during the 2023 conference. Past ICIC conference information is on the ICIC’s website [].”

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