Cup Match Extravaganza Set For July 21

July 5, 2023

The Corporation of St. George’s announced the Cup Match Extravaganza will take place on Friday, July 21st.

A spokesperson said, “The Corporation of St. George’s is thrilled to announce the upcoming Cup Match Extravaganza, a spectacular event targeted at Cup Match fans of all ages. The event will take place on Friday, July 21st, 2023. This pre-Cup Match celebration aims to gather cricket enthusiasts from across Bermuda to participate in the festivities and build excitement leading up to the highly anticipated Cup Match, where St. George’s will take the cup!

“Cup Match is scheduled to be held on Thursday, August 3rd, and Friday, August 4th at the St. George’s Cricket Club. To kick off the excitement, the Cup Match Extravaganza has been strategically organized in advance to support the cricket community’s schedule that leads up to the big game, specifically the County games, Colts match and the Cup Match team selection.”

Cup Match Extravaganza Bermuda July 2023

Ms. Candy-Lee Foggo, Town Manager, advises, “In order to ensure a seamless experience for attendees, we would like to inform the public that there will be set-up activities on and around King Square in the days leading up to the event. These preparations may include sound checks and a temporary road closure. We anticipate increased foot traffic in the town and temporary occupancy of parking bays by event-goers and vendors. We kindly request the cooperation of the public during this time.”

Ms. Foggo adds, “To increase economic opportunities for businesses, we are seeking vendors to display inside the venue on the day of the event. Our request is that vendors display Cup Match-themed items that closely align with the spirit of the event, such as t-shirts, hats, flags, bandannas, etc., featuring the St. George’s and Somerset color combinations. We also welcome ‘made in Bermuda’ items, as well as Bermuda shorts, Bermuda shirts, beach towels, and blankets.” If you are interested, you can contact the Corporation’s offices at 297-1532.

The spokesperson said, “Officially designated parking for the event will be available at Tiger Bay, providing attendees with convenient access to the festivities. We encourage all participants to make use of this designated parking area to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

“The Corporation of St. George’s would like to express our gratitude to UNESCO Grants for the generous funding of this event. Cup Match celebrates a very important historical period in Bermuda’s history, which still has impacts today, and with St. George’s being an integral part, it is necessary that we support activities that genuinely uplift the community and pay respects to those that helped to make Bermuda a harmonious place to live.” divider line 2039852

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