BPSU On Cyber Attack On Government Systems

September 30, 2023 | 7 Comments

The Bermuda Public Services Union [BPSU] expressed its “deep concern” about the cyberattack on the Government’s IT system, noting what “what often gets overlooked is the impact this has on the workers charged with maintaining public services.”

The Government was subjected to what was described as a “sophisticated and deliberate cyberattack” on September 21st, resulting in widespread disruptions and online outages.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Public Services Union [BPSU] expresses its deep concern regarding the recent cyberattack that targeted the Government’s IT system which has resulted in the disruption of critical services. While the full extent of the ramifications of this attack remains uncertain, what often gets overlooked is the impact this has on the workers charged with maintaining public services.

“In today’s increasingly technology-dependent world, modern technology plays an indispensable role in our daily lives. Within the public service sector, where many rely on IT systems to fulfill their duties, any disruption can lead to frustration and pose challenges for both Public Officers and members of the public.

“Public Officers already grapple with a multitude of challenges within their respective sections and departments, including resource constraints, staff reductions, and sub-optimal working conditions. The recent cyberattack has introduced an additional layer of complexity to an already demanding environment.

“Nevertheless, despite the substantial obstacles posed by the IT system breakdown, Public Officers continue to display unwavering dedication and commitment.

“The many delays and disruptions being reported are worrisome. The BPSU wants to assure our members that their Union is resolute in our commitment to disseminate updates and information promptly as they become available. Our primary objective is to offer the necessary support and information to those affected by this unforeseen circumstance.

“The resilience displayed by facing these challenges head-on exemplifies the determination required by our Public Officers to ensure that members of the public can continue to rely on the delivery of essential public services. For their unwavering dedication and commitment to serve the public, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all public sector workers.

“The BPSU remains steadfast in its commitment to working collaboratively with the Government and relevant authorities to address cybersecurity issues and to ensure the swift and effective resolution of this situation. We hold confidence that, together, we can overcome these challenges and maintain the provision of vital services that our community depends on.”

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  1. Sandgrownan says:

    Well, if the BPSU are concerned, then it’s a big deal.

    Listen, no one gives a f what the BPSU think or what they are concerned about.

  2. 365 says:

    Sorry what? I admit I am no fan of the Premiere and some of his ministers. However, you have the nerve to say, “what often gets overlooked is the impact this has on the workers charged with maintaining public services”? Sorry, but the workers in charge of maintaining public services haven’t actually impressed the public. How many times have the public and tourists been left stranded because the unions have decided to down tools, not show up for work, or decided to stop service so they could have a meeting during work hours. Sorry, forgive us, the public, if we do not sympathize with and support the workers that have not supported us.

  3. Hilarious! says:

    Surely the BPSU has known for years that the Government’s IT systems were vulnerable to attack, and the systems have been hacked in the past. It is not a big secret. The Big Kahuna, Mr. IT himself, has Government IT in his portfolio.

    Question: What did the BPSU do over say the last 5 years to push those responsible for IT security to put security in place? Plugging the holes is not rocket science. Did anyone even raise their hand or send an email to the Big Kahuna?

    An analogy would be the crew on a ship sees cracks in the hull and leaks but does nothing to fix those and says nothing to the Captain and First Officer.

    Perhaps it is time to use a third party to run, manage, and protect Government IT systems. Absolutely!!!

  4. Bill says:

    Just who are you talking to ..
    An 4 year old ? I find some of this condescending but to say your full sysgem has to be online is downright contemptuous…just keep the islands buisiness concerning all inner runnings offline on a seperate system…and for goodness sake (literally), stop using govt computers to browse personal data.

  5. Clarity says:

    Stop makin scuses…

  6. Truthtopower says:

    The President and General Secretary of bpsu are jokers…

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