Khalid Pitcher To Race For Raleigh Bermuda

October 11, 2023 | 0 Comments

Khalid Pitcher will join the global Spartan Beast ½ Marathon, with the aim of generating funds for the Raleigh Bermuda charity.

A spokesperson said, “The ultimate Spartan test is a challenging 13.1-mile course teeming with 30 obstacles that require strength, skill, and grit. The Beast is notorious around the world for its degree of difficulty.

“All proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards Raleigh Bermuda’s youth programmes which serves over 300 young people. One of Raleigh Bermuda’s most impactful programme is the “Brave: Anti -Violence Programme” which engages high school students ages 14 – 17 years old in anti-violence education, anti-gang initiatives, learning about healthy versus toxic relationships and how to develop advocacy.

Khalid Pitcher Bermuda October 2023

“Raleigh Bermuda has been a strong advocate against gang violence in the community since 2004 when it was founded by Michael Spurling, MBE.

“In 2010, it was reported that there were at least 19 gangs in Bermuda with over 350 members ranging from 12 – 40 years of age. Between 2009-2017, Bermuda recorded 48 murders with another 90 people shot and injured. There have also been stabbings, drug raids, thefts, and a myriad of other offences that are associated with gangs and the crimes that they commit.”

Raleigh Bermuda Executive Director Dany Rodriguez says, “Our community is in a crisis, and we must examine the root causes of society breakdowns and tackle them. Young people are searching to belong, and in the absence of a structured, positive community, they will gravitate towards a negative one. Raleigh provides that needed safe positive space.

“Raleigh Bermuda specifically targets young people who are ‘at a crossroads’ or ‘underserved’ and may face the ‘day to day’ risks of gang violence, drugs, alcohol, crime, and abuse in our community.”

Spartan Beast Marathon Bermuda October 2023

Khalid Pitchers adds, “Together, we can empower young people, help them realize their worth, discover their strengths, and transcend the challenges that once held them back.”

The spokesperson said, “Over the years the charity has evolved to provide increased and individualized support, but the underlying mission is still the same – create a safe positive space for youth to be challenged and reach for higher heights.

“Raleigh also works closely with the Bermuda police service, court services, probation services, the department of child and family services, school counselors and families to support those most vulnerable and underserved.”

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