Four To Run Antarctica Marathon To Raise Funds

January 7, 2022

Anna Laura Hocking, Philip Martin, Andy McComb and Mark Harris will run the Antarctica Marathon to raise funds for Raleigh Bermuda.

A spokesperson said, “Raleigh Bermuda is excited to announce its 2022 epic adventure and fundraiser where we will see four Bermudians run the Antarctica Marathon to raise funds for Raleigh Bermuda [#710].

“The Racers are Anna Laura Hocking, Philip Martin, Andy McComb and Mark Harris. The Bermudian team is called ‘Bermuda Penguins’ and will be making their way down to South America this month and will then board an expedition ship to continue their journey south to the continent of Antarctica.

“All proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards Raleigh Bermuda’s youth programmes which serves over 200+ young people between the ages of 14 – 35 years old.”

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Raleigh Executive Director Ms. Dany Pen says, “Adventure is one of the pillars of Raleigh Bermuda and trekking is the very heart of our organization. We are thankful to the Team Bermuda Penguins for choosing us as their charity for this epic adventure.”

Raleigh Bermuda Chair, Ms. Tasha Jones says, “We are extremely grateful that the Bermuda Penguins chose our Raleigh Bermuda family to receive the funds they raise for their expedition. We are also super excited for them and wish them all the best as they embark on this amazing adventure. Go Bermuda Penguins!”

A spokesperson added, “At Raleigh Bermuda, we are working towards reaching more young Bermudians and increasing our outreach to those who are at risk of not reaching their full potential to effectively help them manage and overcome the ‘day-to-day’ risks they face especially during this pandemic such as gang membership, depression, suicide, drugs, abuse, and crimes.

Raleigh Bermuda also offers their “Brave: Anti-Violence” programme, working with high school students ages 14–17 by providing introductory positive life skills. To further help our young people, Raleigh has also opened a “safe space” called Malcolm’s Room to help young people have a space to escape abuse, harm, and toxic environments.

“Help pledge our racers today by donating via online banking:

  • Raleigh International Bermuda
  • HSBC Limited: 010 120756 001
  • Please note on the reference: [Racer’s Name]

“To donate on P-Tix: here For more details on how to donate, please contact Raleigh Bermuda at or call 333-5678 or visit:”

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  1. Ohh says:

    Maybe next time pick a location that is less environmentally sensitive.

    • question says:

      They’re running. What impact does that have on the environment, exactly?

      • Former Union Member says:

        Possibly the ship they are taking down there might have some impact on things….