PLP Thanks Smith’s South Voters & Candidate

October 16, 2023 | 0 Comments

Progressive Labour Party Deputy Chair Lauren Hayward-Bell extended thanks to all the people of Smith’s South saying the PLP “is proud of the lifelong connections made by Mischa, new candidates, and all of those who worked behind the scenes during this campaign.”

PLP Deputy Chair Lauren Hayward-Bell said, “Each bye-election or general election gives us a unique opportunity to connect with the people of Bermuda. Over the last two months, in the lead up to the recent bye-election, the Progressive Labour Party [PLP] spent a considerable amount of time in the constituency of Smith’s South and had the honour of meeting with hundreds of residents.

“Looking at the historical trends of this particular constituency, the United Bermuda Party [UBP] and then the One Bermuda Alliance [OBA] have always gained approximately 75 per cent of the vote. Given this, we had no illusions as to the probable outcome of this bye-election. Despite this, the PLP was committed to carrying out two fundamental objectives.

“Firstly, and most importantly, we have a mandate to reach out to as many Bermudians as possible. The PLP strongly believes that every voter deserves an opportunity to engage with political candidates who wish to represent them. Yes, at times, this means that we may be met with a less than friendly reception. Without a doubt, this happens to everyone who has ever ran for politics regardless of party affiliation.

Thank you Smith’s South Bermuda Oct 15 2023

“Nevertheless, this is part and parcel of political maturity and learning how to deal with viewpoints on all ends of the spectrum. The PLP’s strength emanates from its connections on the doorsteps and the relationships it has built.

“Secondly, as there is no formal class or course in political campaigning, parliamentarians have to learn from the ground up, hands on. Bye-elections serve as the perfect training ground for upcoming parliamentarians.

“It was with great pride that we saw the further development of our candidate for C8, Mischa Fubler as well as a few other newly-approved candidates. They all were able to learn some of the following rudiments of canvassing:

  • Learning Constituency Boundaries
  • Listening to diverse opinions
  • Patience, patience, patience

“Most importantly, they learned that our job is to represent all Bermudians in all constituencies.

“The PLP is proud of the lifelong connections made by Mischa, new candidates, and all of those who worked behind the scenes during this campaign. We were able to hear the concerns and suggestions of hundreds of Bermudians who welcomed us on their doorsteps and into their homes.

“As the Deputy Party Chair of the PLP, I extend the warmest thanks to all of the people of Smith’s South; we look forward to continuing to serve.”

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