PLP Start Canvassing In Smith’s South

August 22, 2023 | 1 Comment

[Updated] The PLP said they “commenced canvassing last week in Smith’s South for the upcoming bye-election” with teams traveling to “different neighborhoods throughout Smith’s Parish in order to meet and engage with residents.”

The bye-election has been prompted by the resignation of veteran MP Cole Simons, who recently stood down as Opposition Leader and as an MP.

PLP Senator Lindsay Simmons said, “Over the last few months the Progressive Labour Party has continued connecting with residents throughout the island.

“We commenced canvassing last week in Smith’s South for the upcoming Bye Election. Various teams traveled to different neighborhoods throughout Smith’s Parish in order to meet and engage with residents.

“We were invited into their homes to listen to a diverse range of topics and issues. The teams were also able to share our platform and the promises delivered such as; annual pension increase for seniors, increased scholarships and awards for our people and a first ever minimum hourly wage for workers.

“My fellow PLP representatives are looking forward to meeting with the residents of Smith’s South over the next few weeks. If by chance we miss you, literature and contact details will be left at your doorstep.

“Once again, thank you for inviting us into your homes and allowing us to continue to connect with the people of Bermuda.”

The date of the bye-election has not yet been announced and the political parties have not yet announced their candidates. The seat, as the chart below shows, has been held by Cole Simons for two decades, since the single seat system was introduced.

Update: PLP Public Relations Officer said, “The Progressive Labour Party is excited to contest the upcoming bye-election in Smith’s South. This area has been underserved by their former MP Simons as he and the UBP, now OBA were cushioned by the idea that it was a safe seat.

“Over the next few weeks, the PLP will continue to build on the solid connections with voters made by Minister Owen Darrell with the residents of Smith’s South. We look forward to continuing to listen to them on the doorsteps and inside their homes. We will also share with them achievements such as increases in pensions for seniors, increased scholarships and awards for our young people, and the elimination of customs duty for staple goods.

“The Progressive Labour Party has a record of strong leadership and led Bermuda through the COVID-19 Pandemic and is now spearheading our successful economic recovery with the fastest expansion of international business in 15 years and unemployment falling below pre-pandemic levels. Our members will remind voters how the PLP Government responded to assist Bermudians facing 40-year-high global inflation by cutting taxes for 86% of workers and all local businesses in Bermuda, reducing vehicle licensing fees, and sealing an agreement with grocers to reduce prices of staple goods.

“We know that historically C-8 Smith’s South represents an uphill battle for the PLP, and the voters in that area have only been represented by UBP or OBA MPs since 1964. Nevertheless, we are excited to announce our candidate, who we know will connect with the voters of C-8 and continue to represent the future of the PLP. The people of Smith’s South deserve better representation than they have had for the last 25 years by Cole Simons – and our candidate & canvassing teams will make that case on the doorstep.”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Add these to the list of PLP achievements.

    Millions still spending on Gaming Commission. No gaming.
    Millions still spending on BTA. Few tourists.
    Millions still spending on Bermudiana Beach. No tourists.
    Millions spent on new buses. Hardly any running.

    Southampton Princess still closed.
    No new bridges into the airport or St George’s.

    Future Care premiums about to be increased above the increase in Pensions.

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