OBA’s Ben Smith To Run In By-Election

August 27, 2023 | 3 Comments

Ben Smith Bermuda Feb 2020 Thumb[Updated] The OBA announced that Ben Smith — a former MP who currently serves in the Senate — will be their candidate for the by-election in Smith’s South on October 5th.

A spokesperson said, “The One Bermuda Alliance is pleased to announce that Ben Smith, JP, has been confirmed as its candidate to run in the October 5 by-election.

“Currently Mr Smith is the Opposition Senate Leader and Shadow Minister of Education and Youth, Culture and Sport. He is also the Opposition Spokesperson in the Senate for National Security.

“Mr. Smith is a son of the soil, and is passionate about a better Bermuda for all, regardless of race, social status or gender. He is currently the national swimming coach for Bermuda and the co-owner of Nonna’s, a popular local eatery.”

“A former MP representing Southampton West Central [Constituency 31], Mr Smith says he plans to win the by-election: ‘I have huge shoes to fill as this seat has been held by our former leader, Cole Simons for the last quarter century. Cole is a man of integrity and has been trusted by the residents in constituency 8 to advocate for them. I intend to do the same.”

“Mr Smith says he will show not only the residents in constituency 8, but the people of Bermuda, that the island can no longer settle for words in pretty packages: ‘There is no time for lip service; the people of Bermuda do not deserve empty promises; they need for their voices to be heard—and actions to be taken where everyone can benefit.’

The by-election was called due to the resignation of Cole Simons who has held the seat for over two decades, winning twice under the UBP and three times under the OBA, with winning percentages ranging from 63.24% to 73.84%. The PLP have not yet announced their candidate, but is expected to do so in the coming days.

Update 7pm:  A PLP spokesperson said, “The PLP notes the announcement of former MP and Senator Ben Smith as the OBA candidate for Smith’s South.

“It is quite concerning that Jarion Richardson, the new Leader of the OBA, would choose to run a candidate in the upcoming bye-election who does not represent all of Bermuda. Voters will recall in the 2020 General Election; Ben Smith was featured in a video with his then deputy leader, making xenophobic and erroneous comments about the PLP Leader, his family and persons of Caribbean heritage.

“It is a shame that the OBA leadership and the latest Opposition Leader, Jarion Richardson, have selected someone who participated in xenophobic attacks. This move from the OBA is an admission that Ben Smith cannot win C-31 and is being moved to a potentially winnable OBA seat. On the doorstep in Southampton, voters told us that Ben Smith was an invisible MP who rarely spoke up for their issues – and it looks like the OBA wants to subject the voters of C-8 to the same fate.

“The Progressive Labour Party Government’s record speaks for itself. We have a record of strong leadership and have led Bermuda through the COVID-19 Pandemic and are now spearheading our successful economic recovery with the fastest expansion of international business in 15 years and unemployment falling below pre-pandemic levels. We will continue to remind voters how the PLP Government responded to assist Bermudians facing 40-year-high global inflation by cutting taxes for 86% of workers and all local businesses in Bermuda, reducing vehicle licensing fees, and sealing an agreement with grocers to lower prices of staple goods.

“The PLP will be announcing our candidate in due course. Rest assured, our candidate will not be a recycled and disrespectful former MP, but rather an inspiring, new face who represents the best of Bermuda.”

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  1. Watching says:

    Ya boy just left his Southampton peeps!! Where’s the loyalty? Why not try and win in Southampton next time ??

  2. X oba voter says:

    “Mr Smith says he plans to win the by-election”

    The seat is a safe seat for the OBA. As pathetic and weak as this party is they will always win this seat.

  3. Barbara Cooper says:

    Thanks for your service, Ben – GO OBA !

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