Richardson Delivers Reply To Throne Speech

November 10, 2023 | 3 Comments

The “Government’s Economic Development Strategy and the Economic Recovery Plan are case studies in poor execution” and “we can no longer afford to focus on settling old scores, pouring scorn and contempt on those different from us, or trying to bring about ideological fantasies,” Leader of the Opposition Jarion Richardson said as he delivered the OBA’s Reply to the 2023 Throne Speech.

Mr Richardson said, “Let’s get the politics out of administration. Let’s avoid stocking the boards of every quango with politicians and their political peers. Not just those but our regulators as well, and introduce accountability so that if an audit is missed or qualified, then Board members get replaced.”

He also said, “Bermuda did not invent the laws of economics, but we do have to follow them. The cost of living in Bermuda is lowered by having more people in Bermuda. Period. Our economists have made it abundantly clear, for years, that more people equals less cost.

“We have been breaking ourselves up against this economic principle for some 25 years – we can call the experiment a failure and get back to populating the island. Yes, we will have to attend to the myriad of risks that come with this, but better that then our people fleeing the island. With clear eyes, a rational approach, public accountability, and a respect for all, we can manage a population increase that is to the benefit of Bermudians.”

“Let’s remove politics from education. I think the community has had enough of our political theories and motivations pushing and pulling at our students. An independent education authority means just that – no friends and family on the board, no favoured contractors and no politicians giving thinly veiled threats under the premise of legitimate direction.”

The full Reply to the Throne Speech follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. watching says:

    But what will your government do Jarion?

    • Hey says:

      What the PLP has done is destroy Bermuda, cause a mass exodus of Bermudians and make living here incredibly expensive, if the other party came in and did nothing while putting us all in billions of debt, I guarantee you Bermudians would be better off than letting the shambles that is the current PLP have another term,

  2. Voter says:

    This guy is another sheep wasting his time for the UBPoba.

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