Gavin Manders Appointed PAB National Director

January 24, 2024 | 0 Comments

The Pickleball Association Bermuda [PAB] has appointed Gavin Manders as the National Director of Pickleball.

A spokesperson said, “The Pickleball Association Bermuda [PAB] is delighted to announce the appointment of Gavin Manders as the National Director of Pickleball. This significant appointment heralds a new chapter in the advancement of pickleball in Bermuda, with Manders set to lead and support the sport’s development alongside the PAB team.

“As one of Bermuda’s most celebrated international tennis players and the island’s only certified clinician in both tennis and pickleball, Gavin Manders brings an extensive background in racquet sports to this new role. His appointment as National Director is a testament to his commitment to working collaboratively with the PAB team to promote and develop racquet sports in Bermuda.

pickleball Gavin Manders Bermuda Jan 24 2024

“In his role, Manders will play a crucial part in helping build a robust pickleball community, guiding the formation of national teams across various age divisions, and preparing them for regional and international competitions. His strategic vision includes nurturing talent from the grassroots to elite levels, ensuring a flourishing future for pickleball in Bermuda.

“Key Initiatives and Goals:

  • “Development of National Teams: Collaboratively working to establish competitive teams to represent Bermuda in regional and international pickleball competitions.
  • “Community Engagement: Leading initiatives to engage with diverse pickleball groups across the island, fostering a spirit of inclusivity and community within the sport.
  • “Pickleball in Schools: Spearheading efforts to introduce pickleball into school curriculums, providing young students with early exposure to the sport.
  • “Bridging the Gap with Tennis: Gavin Manders is set to use his prominent role in tennis as a catalyst for synergizing tennis and pickleball. His passion for racquet sports and innovative thinking will be instrumental in fostering collaborative growth, driving exponential advancements in both sports impact on the community.”

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