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Bermudian biomedical engineering senior Kameron Young will be an interviewer for Queen Mary University of London’s [QMUL] ‘Breakthroughs in AI’ webinar series.

A spokesperson said, “A Bermudian biomedical engineering senior at Queen Mary University of London, Kameron Young, will be featured as an interviewer for three of the six sessions of the ‘Break Through in AI’ webinars hosted by the prestigious university.

“Queen Mary’s ‘Breakthroughs in AI: A Webinar Series on Innovation and Exploration’ will explore the forefront of artificial intelligence research, unveiling its transformative power across various projects. Following a panel discussion featuring Queen Mary’s experts, the audience is invited to dive into mini webinars on AI topics such as AI and healthcare, AI ethics, human-led AI and the future, AI skills and digital business transformation, machine learning, and finance. The webinar will run from March 5 through to March 14, 2024.

Kameron Young Bermuda February 2024

“Three of the follow-up mini webinars will be in interview format, led by Kameron, which include AI and healthcare, AI and ethics, and human-led AI and the future. These webinars will be conducted via Zoom on the following days:

Thursday, March 7 from 12 pm to 1 pm UK / 8 am to 9 am Bermuda time

Title: QMUL’s Breakthroughs in AI: AI and Healthcare Zoom registration link.

“Panelists include Dr. Caroline Rooney and Dr. Mohammed Elbadawi featuring cutting-edge healthcare innovations powered by AI. Dr Caroline Roney is a Reader in Computational Medicine and a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow in the School of Engineering and Materials Science, QMUL. Dr Mohamed Elbadawi is the module lead for ‘AI and Data Analytics in Physiology and Biomedicine’.

Tuesday, March 12 from 1pm to 2 pm UK time / 9 am to 10 am Bermuda time

Title: QMUL’s Breakthroughs in AI: AI and Ethics Zoom registration link.

“Panel features Dr. Michaela MacDonald, an expert in AI’s legal and societal impacts, and Fernando Barrio, a specialist in global regulation of information technologies. Dr. MacDonald’s research spans virtual property, cloud computing, and computational creativity, while Dr Fernando focuses on AI ethics and sustainability, particularly in climate change projects across diverse regions.

Thursday, March 14 from 1 pm to 2 pm UK time / 9 am to 10 am Bermuda time

Title: QMUL’s Breakthroughs in AI: Human-centric Innovation Registration link.

“Explore how Queen Mary University of London prioritizes human-centric design, collaborative decision-making, and human-AI partnership. Featuring esteemed panelists, Dr. Lorenzo Jamone, and Prof. Pat Healey, discover groundbreaking work in multi-objective optimization, robotics, computational linguistics, and human-computer interaction. Gain valuable insights from experts shaping the future of AI.”

Holly Barrett, Student Recruitment and Marketing Manager for Engineering at Queen Mary University of London, said, “We’re extremely excited to work with Kameron on what we think will be a fascinating series of events. It is great to use the knowledge and talents of students like Kameron to inform and inspire future students.”

Ms. Young said, “It is an honour to be invited to interview such an esteemed panel of academics for the webinars. I am also honoured to know that my podcast, Kameron’s Lab Dive-In , is paving the way for students, like me, to get involved in the conversation.”

The spokesperson said, “Kameron is the daughter of Angela Young and the granddaughter of the late Kenyetta Young, one of the island’s most well-respected trade unionists of the Bermuda Industrial Union. Bilingual in Spanish and English, Kameron credits her grandfather for sparking her interests in technology and engineering as he gave her a screwdriver at the age of three to assist with home projects.

“Today, the 22-year-old is in her final year of her undergraduate degree where she is studying Biomedical Engineering at Queen Mary University of London.

“This aspiring surgeon, with a focus on robots, also launched a STEM podcast last October called, Kameron’s Lab Dive-In . With over 1,100 downloads, her podcast targets STEM students and enthusiasts which features an impressive array of guest speakers such as Marco Landi, President of QuestIT and Institut EuropIA and former COO and President of Apple. Kameron’s Lab Dive-In podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple and Google podcast directories; including a YouTube channel of the same name.

Click here to learn more about Ms. Young’s social media and podcast.

“The public is invited to register for Queen Mary University’s exciting webinar via the Zoom links provided to learn more about the cutting-edge healthcare innovations powered by AI. Replays of the webinars, led by Kameron, will also be available on Kameron’s podcast and YouTube channel, Kameron’s Lab Dive-In.”

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