Regiment’s Doors Are Open To Former Soldiers

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Former troops are encouraged to rejoin the Royal Bermuda Regiment as “the battalion notes an increase in applications for re-enlistment.”

A spokesperson said, “While the newest soldiers get their first tastes of military life in the latest recruit camp, the RBR also recognises the valuable experience that past personnel can bring to its modernised and dynamic environment.

“The Regiment has evolved in recent years into a leading force that respects traditions and maintains standards while moving forward with the community.

Lieutenant Colonel Ben Beasley, the Regiment’s Commanding Officer, said: “The RBR today is not just a reflection of our proud history but a beacon of modern military ethos.

Regiment Bermuda Feb 19 2024

“We are at the forefront of championing inclusivity and diversity in a way few other organisations can compare, not only because it is the morally right thing to do, but because it is integral to our strength.

“Re-enlisting as a reserve soldier is not just about serving, it’s about growing in an environment that values, respects and nurtures every individual.”

A spokesperson said, “Former soldiers who re-enlist will typically return at the same level of seniority they achieved prior to departure. This respect for previous service is a cornerstone of the RBR’s approach to welcoming back seasoned individuals.

“Rejoining troops are provided with comprehensive re-entry training, which is designed to bridge any gaps and refresh skills, ensuring a smooth transition back into service.

“Significant transformations at the Regiment mean it has become a modern environment where experiences differ markedly from the past. Members can expect to be challenged, rewarded and fulfilled as skills are honed, leadership is cultivated and personal growth is held paramount.

“An improvement in pay scales makes re-enlistment even more attractive as the Regiment aims to make sure that dedication and talent are rewarded accordingly.:

Lt Col Beasley said: “Rejoining the RBR means becoming part of a family that respects your past contributions and eagerly anticipates your future achievements.

“We are looking for individuals ready to embrace the challenges and rewards of serving in a modern, progressive force.

“Your experience is invaluable, and your return will be a testament to the enduring spirit and resilience of the RBR.”

“Private Curtis Alban, from Pembroke, was conscripted in 1996 and left after three years but returned to the Regiment in 2023 with a desire to develop new skills that could also be used in civilian life.

“He noted changes in the uniforms – the boots are more comfortable; the weapon system – he used a Ruger Mini-14 in the 1990s and learned how to handle an SA80 on his return; and the way people conduct themselves.

“There’s not too much shouting when the non-commissioned officers are addressing the privates,” the 47-year-old said. “Also, there is more enthusiasm among the privates to learn.”

“Corporal Jokiya Trott left the RBR in 2020 after about 13 years but returned last month and resumed his former role with the regimental police.

“It has been welcoming,” he said. “I’ve gone back to something that’s familiar and it’s helped me to get back into the groove of military life.”

The 34-year-old added: “Walking around camp I’m seeing a lot of younger faces – it makes me start to feel older. I’m looking forward to working with people and helping to teach the new generation.”

Cpl Trott, a delivery driver, from Smith’s, reflected: “It’s nice to be back around people that I truly consider my family.”

“For more information about re-enlistment and its benefits, contact the Regimental Sergeant Major at 444-2305.”

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