UK Parliament: Improving Links With OTs

February 25, 2024 | 3 Comments

Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell asked the Minister of State [Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office] David Rutley about plans to bolster ties and collaboration with British Overseas Territories.

During a recent session in the British Parliament, Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell asked, “what steps he is taking to [a] improve links and [b] increase cooperation with the British Overseas Territories.”

In response, Minister of State [Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office] David Rutley said, “Following the UK-OT Joint Declaration agreed at the November 2023 Joint Ministerial Council, the FCDO is leading a refresh of the UK’s strategy on the Overseas Territories, for publication in 2024. This work is underway in collaboration with other UK Government Departments and in consultation with the Overseas Territories. Following the publication of the revised strategy, and as set out in the Joint Declaration, the UK will develop partnership compacts with each Overseas Territory. These will outline joint priorities and will allow for transparent and formal agreement on specific actions.

“Recent examples of cooperation and collaboration on areas of mutual interest include the visit of Lord Sharpe, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Home Office, to the Cayman Islands and the Foreign Secretary’s visit to the Falklands Islands. The Foreign Secretary met with Falkland Islanders to see their work to build a thriving community and protect their natural environment. The Foreign Secretary reiterated the UK’s commitment to uphold the Islanders’ right of self-determination. We look forward to further engagement with the Territories.”

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  1. Pa says:

    I bet that the first thing David Bert is going to do i rush over there and give them a 3 billion dollar + interest bill for the 100 year or time spent to pay the people of this island .

    For ” land lend lease’ for Kindley Operating Refuling air base on St Davids island to the USA and for NOB Naval Operating Base in Southampton. during WW11 which served air refueling, liberty ships, and submarines .
    that catered for the Carabean fleet and Boaz island sea plane air base used for spotting “U” boats of the German navy we also had a POW camp for them here in Southampton.

    The Canadians had Daniels head for comunications and also there were a bunch of British Army instalations all over the island .

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    No, no, NO! The PLP Government hates everything British!

  3. Real Deal says:

    those event connections are due to when you look at the Earth from the perspective of it being a fractal design of the body bermy is an important location that the other body parts try to unitize. we are the pineal gland of the Earth the Earth’s 3rd eye aka seed of Atlantis

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