Zenji Ryu Shiai Event To Be Held On March 17

March 11, 2024 | 0 Comments

Shotocup announced the upcoming 29th Annual Zenji Ryu Shiai will be held on March 17th at Whitney Institute.

A spokesperson said, “Shotocup is proud to announce the highly anticipated 29th Annual Zenji Ryu Shiai, scheduled to take place on March 17, 2024, at the prestigious Whitney Institute. This year marks a significant milestone in the history of martial arts in Bermuda, as we celebrate nearly three decades of excellence and community unity.

Shotocup Zenji Ryu Shiai Bermuda March 17 2024

“The Zenji Ryu Shiai has long been regarded as a cornerstone event in the Bermudian martial arts community, bringing together athletes, instructors, and spectators from across the island to celebrate the spirit of karate. Beyond the competition, the Shiai serves as a powerful symbol of unity, bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together in pursuit of a common goal.”

“Martial arts have a unique ability to bring people together and promote harmony within our community,” said Gladwin Roots Phillips, 8th Dan Goju Ryu Black Belt and Tournament Director.

“Through the practice of karate, individuals learn valuable life skills such as discipline, respect, and perseverance, which transcend the boundaries of the dojo and extend into everyday life.”

The spokesperson said, “The Zenji Ryu Shiai offers young athletes a platform to showcase their talents, build confidence, and forge lifelong friendships. By participating in the Shiai, athletes not only hone their physical skills but also develop important character traits that will serve them well in all aspects of life.

“As we come together to celebrate the 29th Annual Zenji Ryu Shiai, let us reflect on the power of martial arts to unite us as a community and inspire us to reach our full potential both on and off the mat.”

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