Lost at Sea Memorial: Full List of Names

March 28, 2010

The Figurehead Memorial at Great Head Park in St David’s is dedicated to Bermudians over the centuries who were lost at sea.

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to find a full list of persons the statue honors in existence, so we went “old school” and made our way to the East armed with a pen and paper and transcribed the names.

Bermuda Sunrise, June 23 2013-1-7

The sculpture is the work of Bermudian artist Bill Ming, and was unveiled by HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York on November 5, 2005. St David’s was selected as the location due to the community’s long tradition of seafaring.

The decision to create the memorial was spurred on by the tragic events of January 5, 2003, when Micah Battersbee and Allen Edness were lost at sea after rough weather conditions caused distress to their fishing boat ‘New Nuts’.

The memorial is designed to honor those lost at sea, provide a place of mourning/comfort for families, and also mark the island’s long standing tradition of ocean traveling and fishing.

The plaque is inscribed with a bible quote from Psalm 107:23-24:

They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters. They see the works of the Lord, and the wonders of the deep.

As of this writing, the names inscribed include:

  1. Al Wilmot
  2. Alan W Edness
  3. Albert “Cheesy” Hughes
  4. Alex Pearman
  5. Alfred Tucker
  6. Arthur Moniz
  7. Augustus “Gussie” Philpott
  8. Benjamin Joseph Simmons
  9. Benjamin Tucker
  10. Bruce Skinner
  11. Captain John F Leseur
  12. Captain Joseph Nelmes Frith
  13. Captain Samuel Tucker
  14. Captain William Tucker
  15. Cedric Burgess
  16. Charles David Stuart
  17. Charles O’Brian Trott
  18. Charles Raynor
  19. Claudius A Philpott
  20. Crew of Brigante Gazelle
  21. Crew of Schooner Digby
  22. David A Desilva
  23. David Bascome
  24. Dennis Bagnell
  25. Dexter Tucker
  26. Edgar Smith
  27. Elma Paynter Joynes
  28. Ella Dunsombe
  29. Gene Stoneham
  30. Geoffrey Outerbridge
  31. George Forbes Hinson
  32. George Minks
  33. Gladys Saunders
  34. Harry Darrell
  35. Harry L Arorash
  36. Henry Deshield
  37. Henry Ravens
  38. Henry Taylor
  39. Herbert M Richardson
  40. Hilton Bean
  41. Hiram Guest
  42. Israel Todd
  43. Jack Bassett
  44. Joe Fubler
  45. John Ingham
  46. John Newbold
  47. John W.E. Riley
  48. John William Higgs
  49. Joseph Burch
  50. Joseph F Leseur
  51. Joseph Knights
  52. Joseph Trimingham
  53. Kenneth “Mickey” Thompson
  54. Kenneth A Butterfield
  55. Kenneth Wilson
  56. Leonard “Sam” Outerbridge
  57. Lomley Lough
  58. M.S. Dalzell
  59. Macdonald “Bull” Swan
  60. Manuel Pacheco
  61. Marcus Gilbert
  62. Micah Battersbee
  63. Miller T Powell
  64. Nicole O’Connor
  65. Noel Smith
  66. Peter James
  67. Randolph Outerbridge
  68. Reginald D.C Lowe
  69. Richard Cox
  70. Richard Robinson
  71. Robert Gibbons
  72. Sinclair E Samuels
  73. Thomas Swan
  74. Thomas Whittington
  75. Victor “Blair” Lindo
  76. Walter N.D. Smith
  77. William Bean
  78. William S Leseur
  79. William Simmons

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  1. marina says:

    Thanks so much for your efforts on this!!!My family really appreciated the memorial names and photos.
    You keep out-doing yourself bernews!