9 Beaches To Receive $80 Million Upgrade

May 14, 2010

The Premier and Minister for Tourism said today that 9 Beaches Resort will close and re-open in May 2011 as a newly re-developed resort.

David Dodwell, President of IRC Sandys Ltd and Owners of 9 Beaches Resort, has teamed up with Nordica Development of Canada and promises to put $80 million into re-developing the 9 Beaches Resort, in a project that is expected to break ground in the Fall.

Mr Dodwell said that persons currently employed at 9 Beaches could expect to be offered some employment during the rebuilding phase and when the Resort re-opened. He said:

This expanded 9 Beaches development will provide additional jobs, both construction and on-going resort employment, continue to enhance Bermuda’s appeal as a world class tourism destination and, as the first new development to start in Bermuda in the past three years, will add a new dimension to tourism accommodations in the West End.

Pictured below from left are: Mr. Stephane Boivin, President Nordica Development, Minister Derrick Burgess, Mr. Ed Saunders, Chairman of BLDC, Premier Dr Ewart Brown, Mr. Ross Urban of IRC Sandys Limited, Mr. Andrew Swan CEO of BLDC, Mr. Buddy Rego of IRC Sandys Limited and Mr. David Dodwell of IRC Sandys Limited.
Mr Dodwell said that this was the right time to start a project of this kind because it would mean the new resort would be ready for the new customer. The Minister for Tourism Premier Dr Brown said that the target market would concentrate on the new market of younger moneyed persons and that the eastern seaboard of the USA contained millions of people who fit the profile. This group, the Premier said, was younger, richer, browner than the market of Bermuda’s past.

The Premier also said that there would be a new concentration on growing and delivering better entertainment to the kind of people who would be coming to 9 Beaches Resort.

9 Beaches will be a first class mixed use development in a modernized Bermudian-themed manner. The redevelopment will see a complete upgrade of the current over-the-water units, a complete upgrade of the restaurant and lounge, addition of public space and numerous further enchantments and developments.

David Dodwell said that this redevelopment effort was is a tremendous example of how well the Government and private enterprise can work together.

Photo courtesy of 9beaches.com

Photo by Graeme Outerbridge, courtesy of www.9beaches.com

Premier Dr Brown’s full statement:

Good afternoon and thank you for coming.

I’m pleased to be joined today by Minister Burgess, local hotel owner and operator David Dodwell, Nordica Development President Stephane Boivin, Ed Saunders, the Chairman of the Bermuda Land Development Company Board, and CEO Andrew Swan. We are also joined by Mr. Ross Urban and Mr. Buddy Rego from 9 Beaches, Director of Tourism Mr. Billy Griffiths and Permanent Secretary for Works and Engineering Mr. Robert Horton.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Mr. Dodwell has teamed up with Mr. Boivin of Nordica Development to carry out an $80 million dollar re-development, upgrade and expansion of the 9 Beaches resort in Bermuda’s west end.

This deal has come together thanks to the efforts of several participants in a true public/private partnership.

You may know that the 17 acre Daniel’s Head property is managed by the Bermuda Land Development Company which falls under the remit of the Ministry of Works and Engineering.

Working with the resort owners IRC Sandys Limited the BLDC have fully embraced the efforts of the current owners and new partners, Nordica, in the planning stages of the new development.

This development is yet another step on the path to revitalizing Bermuda’s tourism product to ensure we regain our reputation as a first class resort destination.

This new development is also going to provide jobs during the re-development as well as additional jobs once the resort re-opens in 2011.

All indications are that plans are being finalized, details worked out, and ground is expected to be broken later this year.

Before I let the principals of this deal enlighten you with a few more details I would like to thank all those involved – Mr. Dodwell, for persevering and making this effort to ensure Bermuda’s renewed success in tourism.

Thank you to Nordica Development and Mr. Boivin for bringing your expertise – and money – to Bermuda. I know you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you to Minister Burgess and the team at the BLDC – Mr. Saunders and Mr. Swan.

This is a good day for Bermuda.

In this challenging economic climate, that a company such as Nordica is willing to invest in our tourism product speaks to Bermuda’s bright future and our reputation as a first class island to visit – and do business.

Thank you.

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  1. J says:

    “Browner?”—Really??!! He is even racist to the point that he is discriminating as to what particular shade of tourist he hopes to attract. Dr. Brown the green knows no color mate. Please come October, please come…

  2. terry says:

    Gotta love Ewart….”Browner than the market of Bermuda’s past”.

    Detz hall eye gutta sae horn diz mattar…….

    Nah. One more thing. 400 years and from the 40′s too the 80′s we did pretty well. All of a sudden, it’s “browner” on the other side……………..I need a rum.

  3. terry says:

    Actually, you bring up a good point and Barry Manilow sings it quite well and is a favorite of mine but in another context……

    “And when October comes”……..pull it up. I don’t think it will be the same…

    Good point “J”.

    • terry says:

      “And when October Goes”…….My mistake.

      Just listen and adjust the words accordingly…………

      A great day too all and remember it does go but what waits in November…..

  4. terry says:

    $80 million. Closed for a year.

    St. George is dying. Everything is at the west end. No cruise ships in Hamilton.

    Club Med property stands idle.

    You guys do the math.

    Come October?

    Persons are gonna walk away with millions and millions and still others will receive grats for years.

    The people?

    How much is in your wallet. Natrual disasters come and go. This natrual disaster has been condoned.


  5. Nina says:

    Does anyone have an update on the renovations?? I want to get married there and have been waiting for some news on when it will reopen
    Nina from Boston MA