Murder: 24 Yr Old Man Fatally Shot Today

May 28, 2010

Bermuda has recorded the second murder for the month. Earlier today [May 28] at approximately 1am a man was shot in the Peacock Crescent, Sandy’s Parish area. The victim, a 24 year old Sandys Parish man, was rushed to King Edward Memorial Hospital where he died later this morning from his injuries.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the victim had recently been released from prison. We hope to update with further information later today.


Update #1: Rumours are swirling around the island that the shooting may have been connected with the Kellon Hill murder case, and that the victim may have been one of the defendants. None of the defendants are aged 24 [all are younger], however the address of the lone defendant to be convicted, Kellan Lewis, is also Peacock Crescent. Mr Lewis is presently incarcerated.

Update #2: Terry Lister [a Sandys MP] says in the House of Assembly, that he knew the young man personally, and he expressed interest in being a chef but didn’t follow through. Says the victim is a cousin of Darieko Simons, who died recently in a traffic accident at age 23.

Update #3: A Police press conference on this matter is scheduled this afternoon, we expect to be able to bring you full official info at about 3pm today.

Update #4: Victim named as Dekimo Martin, see here for details.

This is the fifth murder of the year following the murders of Perry Puckerin, James Lawes, Kimwandae Walker and George Lynch. Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone with any information to contact Police on 295-0011, or call the confidential crimestoppers number 1-800-8477. You can also use the Crimestoppers website to send a tip anonymously.

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  1. Depressed says:

    Welcome Tourists to the new Jamaica
    Mr Premier, forget gambling and focus on the REAL issues.
    You may be going this year but we have to stay with your mess

    • AF says:

      Bermuda needs to WAKE up and smell the rose’s!! dosent smell too pretty..

  2. Face The Facts says:

    Welcome Tourist to the new Jamaica, England, Trinidad, NYC, Boston, Spain, Ireland and every where else in the world. Stop targeting only the Premier and help out your self. This is going on all around the globe regardless of where your from and who you are.

    • Tourist says:

      I am sorry to say for Bermuda that your crime rate is way way higher than any of the above. New York has become a much safer city than Bermuda. Even Newark, NJ had not one murder last month. You Bermudians seem to accept the new Bermuda as a given, and are not doing enough to fight…all that you all do is talk talk talk and dream of new airport terminals and increaded expenditures for tourist advertising. Take to the streets, Bermudians, as crime on your island will cause this special paradise to be destroyed forever.

      • AF says:

        VERY well said!
        Based on the small population in Bermuda It’s properly worse than everywhere else!
        Bermudians are living with blind folds on!!