Swan Calls on Churches To “Galvanize” On Gangs

May 28, 2010

kim swan ubp bermudaIn an impassioned speech on the House of Assembly this morning [May 28] Leader of the Opposition Kim Swan called upon the Churches to “galvanize” on the issues Bermuda faces with gangs.

He prefaced his comments by saying that yet again, we have woken up to news of another shooting murder, and saying that politics alone can’t solve the issue, we all need to do our part. Mr Swan said we don’t want Bermuda’s violence to escalate to the level that Jamaica faces.

Mr Swan referenced the United Churches combined effort to work against gaming, and said he hoped they would keep the momentum going to work against gang violence on the island. He called for the church community to “galvanize on this issue” and asked for them to “take ownership of this issue”, as they did with the gaming issue.

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  1. ROCKFISH says:

    Bermuda’s churches have a terrible record when it comes down to solving our social problems. The church leaders are more interested in photo ops then tackling problems head on. Recently a pastor was appointed by the Premier to assist our youth with a view to preventing problems from escalating. After the press conference,what happened? Our most prominent church leaders tend to discourage their members from associating with the same types of persons that they should be assisting! Furthermore there is a heavy emphasis placed on spending too much time in the church building rather than assisting people who dont attend church. ( Go ye into the world etc) On another note, these leaders and gangstas both seem to like the finer things in life. No one expects a sudden surge to get converted, but since our political leaders cannot provide many examples of good citizenship, the church must go at it alone.

    The churches must remember what their mission is.