Video: Michael Douglas On Throat Cancer

September 3, 2010

Actor Michael Douglas appeared on the David Letterman show and discussed his recent throat cancer diagnosis. Mr Douglas is presently undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments in the US, and said his family is presently in Bermuda. David Letterman jokingly responded to by pointing out Mr Douglas sent his family right into a hurricane’s path. Watch a 5-minute clip of his appearance on Letterman below:

Mr Douglas’s wife actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is angry over how long it took for doctors to detect the stage-four cancer that has developed in her husband’s throat telling People magazine “It makes me furious they didn’t detect it earlier, he sought every option and nothing was found.”

Mr Douglas, the son of Bermudian actress Diana Dill, is a partner in the Ariel Sands Development in Devonshire. He maintained a home on the island for many years along with his wife and their children.

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  1. John Simons says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery !!

  2. living with cancer can be very difercult.I suport a Cancer charity here in the U.K.and Bermuda that offers for people living with cancer.I offer my prayers to you and your family during your recovery.

    Valentino S. Tear