Premier: $2.2B In Hotel Development Planned

October 26, 2010

Premier and Minister of Tourism Dr Ewart Brown held a press conference today [Oct 26] to address the Tourism third quarter. One of the things he addressed was hotel development saying there is “approximately $2.2 billion earmarked for hotel development on the island for the next 10 years”.

The Premier continued on to say that “despite the worldwide economic downturn, it hasn’t deterred investors from demonstrating continued confidence in the Bermuda product,” and that as he prepares to finish his term as Premier he is “pleased to leave a number of hotel development projects in the pipeline.”

Hotel Developments the Premier listed include:

Tucker’s Point Hotel & Spa, the first luxury hotel to be built in Bermuda in more than 35 years, has entered into a Letter of Intent for Rosewood Hotels & Resorts to become the property’s operator.

Last week I announced that the Park Hyatt Hotel in St George’s is set to break ground in 2011 and we are elated.

The 9 Beaches resort is also scheduled to reopen in 2011, with the first phase of its development complete. This will include upgrades to 49 existing cabanas, development of 12 studio units and 8 two-bedroom villas. There will also be a new restaurant, swimming pool, offices, access road and staff accommodations. Phases two to four of this project are expected to span a two-year period and will include 120 leaseback units.

The Par-la-ville Hotel and Residences will be developed under the Starwood flag in Hamilton. It will include 140 guest rooms and suites, and 80 residences. There will also be two restaurants, a spa, wine bar and library. The developers are presently working to extend their exclusivity agreement with the Corporation of Hamilton. The project is expected to provide numerous benefits to the city of Hamilton, and Bermuda in general.

The redevelopment plans on the Coral Beach and Horizons site continue as the new Four Seasons Resort. Construction is expected to commence also in the fall 2011. This property is expected to have 150 hotel rooms as well as 80 fractional units. The existing clubhouse and tennis facilities will also be upgraded.

We are now in the final stages of the legal exchange of land between government and the developers of Morgan’s Point and Southlands. The site will be developed in phases, which includes an 80 room Boutique Hotel and 262 adjacent condominiums. There will also be a further 325 room Luxury Hotel and additional fractional units. An 18-hole Trophy Golf Course and Clubhouse will also be built.

In an effort to add to the amenities available for our visitors and locals alike, a proposal has been made by a Bermudian company to construct a themed water park on a portion of the land remaining at Morgan’s Point. These are early days but the preliminary designs are exciting.

Lantana is being redeveloped as a cottage colony with one, two, three and four bedroom suites. There will be between 80 and 100 units. Construction begins in February 2011 and will be managed by Moongate Resorts.

The Coco Reef Villas, a 66 unit lease back facility has been approved for construction.

The groundbreaking ceremony of the Grand Atlantic Resort was held July 2010. The resort will consist of 84 guest suites, restaurant, bar, pool, spa, conference facilities and beach club. Also 125 new affordable homes will also be constructed on the site.

Development plans are also in progress for Munro Cottages, slated to be 26 two-bedroom hotel suites. The facility also includes a pool, restaurant, beach and sunbathing decks.

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  1. Person of Interest says:

    Yawn! You are hyping the mudane Dr Brown. You have zero credibility, and only the truly retarded still believe in you. Why don’t you get in the pipeline – then you can stay there too!!

  2. terry says:

    Another GOLF COURSE……….Hell…there is one across the road.

    Build it…’they will come’…………….bwahahaaaaaaaaaa

    Government can’t even manage education. Children are not getting the education they need.

    We need to build another Testing Centre and exhaust/emmissions control facility……………………………….

    Talk about Global Warming………The Hot Air is so intense you could put a condom above Bermuda and it will rise and drift away because were being screwed……………..

    • CanadianLuv says:

      “The Hot Air is so intense you could put a condom above Bermuda and it will rise and drift away because were being screwed”
      LOLLL i just fell off my chair ! u made my day thank you lolll

  3. Really? says:

    That’s great but have you mentioned any of this to BELCo? They are on the verge of plant expansion and if the public wishes to see so many of these hotels be built, it should also expect to see a few more smoke stacks in Pembroke. There is no requirement for these hotels to be energy efficient or produce its own elecricity so all of it will be put on the electical grid.

    The Government is notorious for its inability to assist BELCo and this is the icing on the cake. Shame on Cabinet.

  4. terry says:

    It will be all cool runnings. Gitmo/China/Squid Pro Go/…were gonna rock………

    “Birch Airlyons”….Come travel with us. We’ll wip your ass and you don’t even have to fly first class’…..We beat any deal ( grats not included)……..Come follow the sun, drink some rum an ping ping ping yah gonna run……….

  5. Janine says:

    When will this nasty man who has brought nothing but disrepute to our island just go away…and his trashy Yank pals who are the real power behind this present …the only real hope for saving this country is Terry Lister as clearly the evil one and his lot have struck a deal with the present cabinet…

  6. CanadianLuv says:

    Based on the number of Tourist coming to the island more than half of these hotel rooms are going to be unoccupied!

  7. Tim says:

    Yes,yes, yes!!! Great news for the tourism industry!!! Rosewood managing ‘Tucker’s Point Hotel’, would be an asset for Bermuda, as Rosewood’s name in the industry is worth ‘gold’.