Photos & Plans: Proposed Theme Water Park

October 26, 2010

Premier and Minister of Tourism Dr Ewart Brown held a press conference today [Oct 26] to address the Tourism third quarter. During it he mentioned that there is a proposal to construct a themed water park on a portion of the land remaining at Morgan’s Point in Southampton.

The plans span approximately 30 acres, which would make it larger than the Arboretum [21 acres], but smaller than Botanical Gardens [36 acres].

They show a wave pool, various waterslides, kids and adult pools, Bermuda Triangle or Culture themed retail area, shipwreck pool, golf area, changing rooms, Pirate themed restaurant and much more.

The plans, which also included 24 “townhouse units with garage and golf views,” say the peak capacity would be around 4,500. A photo of the plans is below, however for best clarity we advise you download the PDF [3.44MB] and view it in full size.

Saying these are still “early days” and calling the preliminary designs “exciting,” Dr Brown said the developers of the project are Bermuda Family Entertainment Ltd., with company representatives Randy Drew and Sherman Brown present at the press conference.

The concept is said to hope to add to the amenities available for visitors and locals alike. Dr Brown said “We have much to do in the way of public consultation and studies to ensure that the project will be properly accommodated at the site. World class designers have been engaged by these entrepreneurs to provide an attractive, environmentally sensitive and complimentary facility for Bermuda.”

Photos of the proposed water park are below, they will enlarge slightly if clicked:

water park bermuda 3

water park bermuda

water park bermuda 2

water park bermuda  4

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  1. terry says:

    You know Pat and Bernews… I just read two lines, scrolled down saw disney and said forget it. Three days before he retires this stuff comes too light?

    We already have a ‘water park’…600 miles at sea that has been mismanaged.

    Koolaid anyoneone………

  2. Oh my. This is so tacky. Is Bermuda really this kind of destination? I don’t think wealthy New York and Boston residents seek out our island for water slides. They want peace and quiet, beautiful beaches and decent restaurants/shops.
    Also, Americans go to cheaper destinations like Florida for theme parks. They certainly don’t attract big spenders; they attract families looking for cheap package deals. This is all wrong for Bermuda.

  3. Wait a minute says:

    Can someone get an official statement from the Sustainable Development Unit? Do they even exist anymore and what role do they play in rubber stamping development proposals?

  4. Frequent Traveller says:

    To be honest with you as youth this makes alot of sense…1st off it gives tha YOUTH of bermuda something constructive to do…secondly i hear tourist in New England all tha time in airports saying how they chose other places because bermuda is to laid back n these tourist wouldve came had they’re kids had something to do…I for 1 would welcome a Water Park…A few other islands hav and hav proved successful with locals n tourist alike…

  5. beach bouy says:

    I can think of many things money can be spent on than a water park. Tourists can go to any number of water parks in the U.S. (and for cheaper) for a wet and wild experience. Also, it should be noted that many parks are closing due to the economy and with our hundreds of mile of beautiful coastline, who’s want to sit in a chlorinated pool that someone’s child just peed in?
    I know there are some shallow minded Bermudians who will think this is a good idea for Bermuda and say, “look what Dr. Brown did for us!”

  6. Interesting says:

    First thought was that this is a very seasonal entertainment so the people that work there would need to find other jobs in the off season.

    It also occurred to me that to make money at something like this you need a population in the millions just to keep it full. I doubt that 60,000 beermudians will keep it very busy. Remember kids are in school during the week so the weekends are going to be crazy busy.

    Great idea but I doubt that the developers will ever see a profit.

  7. terry says:

    Oh please ‘frequent traveller’…………..Water parks cost money. The place is falling apart as we speak. Things like this are not cheap and have to make a profit Payroll, maintenance et a)………..

    There are no freekin tourists comming. Justify that. People can’t even afford to play gold at Port Royal, yet Ewart and his cronies want to open a Course across the street. Get real.

    I feel sorry for evrryday Joe and Mary that keep “Quo Fata Furunt” going because it seems the ‘Wherever’ part is the irony.

  8. Sal says:

    only the designers, architects & consultants are making money from these pipe dreams. The failed water Park at Sonesta was dangerous & rotting from Bda’s rust & humidity, a water Park requires miles of electrical,plumbing and engineering detail work .

    casinos nor a theme water Park are going to revive Bermuda Tourism ,they would need to build 3 more Belco power plants to keep the lights on,and by then crime will be so rampant,we will need gated residences and armed guards just like the rest of the Caribbean

  9. terry says:

    Sal…..where you bean. We have always agreed to an extent but you always put the cutters too my throat/tonge.


  10. Way To Go says:

    Damn this site has sooooo many haters. I think it is a great proposal. It would definately add to the attractiveness of the island especially for familes.For years I’ve wondered why an island so beautiful hasn’t had a water park all this time. This opportunity would provide seasonal jobs for locals and it could be sustained through the use of the salt water that naturally surrounds the island. People need to stop being so damn negative of every proposal that comes to light. Ofcourse the financial and economic sustainability of the proposal would have to be investigated in detail but overall I think this idea is great! Thumbs up to whomever put it together and I wish them the best of luck if this idea comes to fruition.

    • 6 Flags says:

      Operating a water park using our salt ocean water is akin to draining the oil out of your car and substituting sulphuric acid.
      No wonder you think a water park is a wonderful idea. You’ve already given it a lot of deep thought.

      • Way to Go says:

        @ the 6 Flags FREAK – You are a real dummy … wacko jacko … you ever heard of desalination and osmosis as if the water cannot be cleansed. What type of brilliant tourist attraction ideas have you come up with ….. That’s what I thought just another typical close-minded jackA–!!! I’m sure your competent enough to fill in the blank. Instead of complain consider offering constructive criticism and stop sitting idley by the sidelines beating down someone else’s idea and try to think of other ways that either this or another tourism attraction could be built !!!

        • 6 Flags says:

          @ way to go .. If you’re both the same person , you did NOT imply in your 1st post that the salt water was to be converted to fresh through R/O or whatever means. And I was not the only person to pick up on/interpret it as so. So pick up on your literacy a bit eh , and do try to say what you mean the first time around.
          And keep you childish illiterate rants for other ignoramuses.
          I’ve been around a lot of people for a long time who think that a water park is a great idea and will do wonderful things for ‘de youff’ as if it will be free …Keep dreaming
          It’ll probably be trashed and vandalized beyond use within 2 years of opening if it’s aimed at the local market.

          • Way To Go says:

            poor f/in you, you fussy hole…… Who the hell are you to tell me bout watch my literacy on a freakin blog. This is not english class and noone actually has to read, proofread, pick through or muthaf/in read or reply to my posts, you dumb crack head. Its not as if I am posting an addendum to the damn proposal, I’m merely stating my opinon and suggestions. So how bout you narrow minded Bermudians open ya minds and stop being so quick at bashing another person’s ideas, opinions and comments. It’s amazing and a shame that you have to break things down into their simplest form for fools and ignorants.

          • 6 Flags says:

            Sorry Einstein , did I step on your corns or are you always so cranky ? Unlike other blogs , this one doesn’t have little ‘emoticons’ that help a poster make sure their point insn’t being misinterpreted. All we are here is black characters on a white screen, so getting ones’ point across intelligently the first time is a prerequisite.
            Anyway ,as a great uncle taught me a lomg time ago …It’s better to be thought a fool than open ones mouth and prove it.

            Maybe you should stick to ‘call in radio’ where all the acadamia hang out … LOL

    • Weldon says:

      Salt water in a water park? Oh for real?

    • Skeptical says:

      Salt water for a water park?????? One visit and that would be it for most people!!

    • D aka insiDe man says:

      @way to go

      Seasonal jobs? These only help when you have another job waiting for you when the season ends. Sure, a job is a job… We need to keep people employed year round.

      • Way to Go says:

        and what a seasonal job would be adequate for a lot of bermudians especially the teenage population!!!

  11. terry says:

    “Way To Go”….is that soodinum for Ewart………5 days and counting..

    • Way To Go says:

      NO soodimum whateva the hell u tryna spell is for ya mama ! Suck out !

  12. Ray says:

    Actually a water park is not a bad idea if the business case shows that it will be profitable. However, the plans shown do look very tacky and I don’t believe are suited to Bermuda.

    Lessons may be learned by looking at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park where there is themeing but it is not as prevalent as a wet and wild. The tropical foliage is beautiful and the slides are mostly concealed into the faux rock/hill features.

    We could have a “Garden of Eden” type park that has minimal tacky iconic structures but concentrates more on a lush garden type setting with the slides blended in to the landscape.

  13. Totally Disgusted says:

    Well I am a Bermudian and I think its about time they got something like this, it will attract tourists as well as be appreciated by Bermudians. These days it seems like everything is for tourists but this is Bermuda and somewhere down the line we lost sight of that. More and more town is becoming a mini New York.

  14. Thasi says:

    I am not in favour of a water park esp wen there are other things in Bda that need to be fixed/addressed (the Causeway, the dump, the park that was supsd to be across from TCD from years ago, etc.), however, I think if it were to hapn it should have a Bda theme ie something to do with the “Bda Triangle” or the Gombeys or such.

  15. CanadianLuv says:

    Bad Idea, I think there are different ways to spend this money isn’t Bermuda in a recession??? I would rather spend where money is needed such as social programs and other such social reforms to assist with unemployment rates and crime.

    This is NOT a tourist attraction, Tourists do NOT come to Bermuda to go to a theme park they come for the beautiful pink beaches. Know your audience & market!
    These tourists are either North American or European and have way better theme parks and other such facilities (6 Flags, Wonderland, Disney etc).this theme park looks like a JOKE!

  16. Flush it down with Brown says:

    A pathetic attempt to gain last minute popularity from young, uneducated high school dropouts who are perhaps the only people retarded enough to still believe in his constant lies and B******t.

  17. Sara says:

    Aren’t we already experiencing abnormal water shortages? Where will this water come from? Mark my words, Bermuda being a 22 square mile island with NO resources can not sustain its current growth. Large developments like this will surely put a greater strain on Bermuda’s infrastructure. It’s a dangerous game the politicians and capitalists are playing on the tiny tiny speck of land. Very very dangerous. I am so glad I am able to leave this island when things really get bad.

  18. Niko says:

    While this does SOUND like a good idea, and Bermuda DESPERATELY needs something new to attract tourist under the age of 50, the first question that comes to mind is what water source do they plan on using for this? Will more locals be employed or are they going to bring in more foreigners to work? I think a theme park is a good idea, with a variety of rides would be a better idea then a strictly water park.

    SN: I see all these ppl on here blasting the idea of the park but not presenting any ideas to generate new tourism. I’ve worked in the hospitality industry and have spoken to many guest on how they find Bermuda BORING! Ppl would come to the park just because its in Bermuda. Point blank period! Everyone knows that Bermuda is not a cheap destination, there are thousands of places to vacation in the US without ever having to get on a flight, but ppl fly or cruise to Bermuda because they want to come to Bermuda. But as of late, Bermuda has become an attraction for old ppl! If we want to generate continuous tourism, we need to start marketing to a younger crowd that will come to Bermuda for the next 30 years, instead of just catering to those that MIGHT make it to another 10.

  19. resabda says:

    GREAT IDEA!!! Finally somewhere for the children to go.

  20. 6 Flags says:

    Something that seems to have been overlooked thus far … When we finally got to see the proposed plans for Morgan’s Point a few weeks back there was an oddly placed lot that Gov’t claimed was to be retained for ‘the people’ or some similar nonsense terminology that was to remain undeveloped …
    Well they sure seem to have very suddenly found a use for this lot …

  21. KMHBermuda says:

    a. Tacky tacky tacky
    b. This will NOT boost tourism. Tourists will not return to our shores until air fares become more reasonable and hotels start giving value for money..would YOU spend upwards of $200 a night for a so-so room in a hotel with, at best, surly service?
    c. Water park? I thought we had a built-in one with the Atlantic Ocean surrounding us.
    d. I wonder how long it would be before there was a shooting at this place? Seems like the gang members don’t give a crap about tourism…this would just be one more place where they could target someone…

  22. Aruna says:

    Ok, so I have so many issues with this.
    -HOW much will this cost? Didn’t they just announce that we’re at least $900 mil in debt?
    -HOW sustainable is this? Not to mention, it’s a water park on an ISLAND.
    -So they call it a water park….no, this is going to be a mini-community. A glorified resort. Bermuda is not a resort island nor should it ever be.
    -There’s so much going on here, it’s way too over arching and a bold move. They are obviously not thinking this one through (not that they do much of that anyways).
    -How much of the public will be able to use it? Is it tourist targeted or public targeted? Because, you know they will not have it both ways.
    -There are so many other ways to develop Bermuda’s space, I don’t see this as a positive/practical one. Bermuda does not work like this. People enjoy our “quaintness” and quiet and laid back lifestyles. This is not all Bermuda.
    -I hope and pray that Dr. Brown decides to move to wherever his wife just bought that house (ahem….) and just quits while he’s “ahead”.
    -I also hope that he reads every single one of these comments we made.

  23. Baffled says:

    I can’t even begin to fathom what brilliant “entrepreneur” came up with this idea. Since when was our island even remotely connected to priates or “pirate themed” theatrics? And for all those that truly believe that this would be great for “kids” and “families” you might want to consider the bills you already have and now you can add a 300 dollar a day bill to your monthly expenses. Are we having fun yet? Please. Don’t bore me with such nonsense. We have so many other issues that need resolving domestically, before we go all gung-ho on our toursits.

  24. In favor says:

    This is GREAT!!! Can’t wait to see this happen.

  25. Arthur Raynor - Atlanta says:

    Before I would get excited about a Bermuda theme park, I want to know the approx admission price. Here in Atlanta, a visit to Six Flags Water theme park cost approx $35 per person. That is $140 for a family of 4 not including food purchase which is extra. Remember that we Bermudians generally say that Bermuda prices are double the USA prices for similar items. Keep it real!
    Water themes parks are popular here in Atlanta because there are no oceans nearby, but because of the major admission costs, they are generally visited on special occasions (like holidays) and rarely in the winter months. I really don’t think that a paid Bermuda water theme park is something most people are going to visit every weekend once the novelty wears off . Remember back in the 80′s the popular roller skate locations (that was highly called for) and now have gone the way of the dinosaur. Yes we have to try to increase tourist visitor numbers, but let’s keep it ‘real’

  26. sue says:

    All the schemes in the world will not attract more people to Bermuda, we are just to expensive for most travelers these days. Given our current economy, how many of our own people could afford to go to this waterpark, and how many tourists would bother since they could go so much cheaper at home. Focus on what makes us special and different, don’t try to make us into a copycat of everywhere else.

  27. Veebyes says:

    Another poorly thought through PLP waste of public money. I spent 18 years self employed operating a water tour service catering to the cream of Bermudas tourisim crop. That was back when Bermuda actually WAS regarded as a premium destination.

    My clientele stayed at places like Coral Beach, Horizons, The Reefs & the most expensive suites at the hotels. They were doctors, lawyers, CEOs & people whose names cross your TV screen every night.

    Without exception, they ALL came to Bermuda because it WAS different. They came for what Bermuda did NOT have, the fast food, the hawkers on the beaches, casinos, or things like waterparks. I never gave a ‘canned’ commentary. My trips were by private charter so I actually got to know my customers, what they liked & what they disliked about Bermuda.

    Tourism started its spiral downhill with David Allen in 1998. The incompetance of Brown has put the final nail in the coffin. Nothing short of a huge change of Bermudians attitude towards service & a Tourism Authority consisting of people in the trade will lay a fresh foundation for tourism to rise again.

    Any rebirth will be far more difficult. Our competitors have beaten us & CUBA is about to reopen to the US.

  28. mo says:

    This isn’t going to be a very successful water park…..salt water!!!