22-Yr-Old Man Dies Following Road Traffic Accident

October 3, 2010

Bermuda experienced our ninth road traffic fatality of the year this morning [Oct 3], following a road traffic accident a few minutes after 4am this morning.  The accident occurred by St Mark’s Church on South Road. The victim, a male in his early 20s, has not been officially named yet, and no further information will be given until the next of kin has been notified. We will provide additional information as able.

Update 4:23pm: Police officially named the deceased as 22-year-old Adam Goodwin, and provide further details on the accident. Please see here for details.

There were at least three accidents overnight, including a motorbike accident in Paget [pictured below], which saw traffic blocked as Police investigated the scene.


This death marked the ninth road traffic fatality of 2010:

  1. 20 yr old Geoffrey Burns died on Sept 1 after a bike accident in Paget
  2. 28 yr old Katrina Flood died on June 12 after a bike accident
  3. 27 yr old Omar Sutton died on May 29 after a collision with a truck
  4. 69 yr old Derek Smith died on April 24, weeks after being struck by a motorcycle
  5. 41 yr old Andre Hendrickson died on April 17 after being struck by a car while walking
  6. 26 yr old Carlton Darrell died on April 2nd after a single vehicle accident in Devonshire
  7. 23 yr old Dareiko Simons died on Jan 9 after his bike collided with a car in Sandys
  8. 21 yr old Earl Ingemann died after a Jan 1st car crash, man arrested & charged in connection

Bernews extends our condolences to the family and friends of the victim.

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  1. Fergie says:

    Heard VSB news giving you( BerNews) Credit for some of its stories. Great Job continung to be a leader among the Bermuda Media. This Road fatality item has not yet been picked up by the Gazette or the Sun. Sad so many people are losing their lives due to road accidents.

  2. Charlie says:

    Can someone confirm a race of origin?

    • Shawn says:

      How is this important? Someone lost their life, regardless of race or creed it is tragic!

      Some people are so hung up on race it is disgusting!

    • Luis says:

      yeah the person was purple with green stripes…cheesums someone is dead and your worried about skin color…smh

    • Beverly says:

      The human race….

  3. KFR says:

    Why do ppl have to be so negative….Charlie could be asking what race for a specific reason???? STOP making assumptions.

    • Peace and Love says:

      @ KFR I totally agree with you…anytime one uses the word white or black in their paragraph or in this case the word race..they automatically get accused of racism or being racist..take it easy. it was only a simple question..he may be working on statistics…

  4. Molly says:

    How did a story pertaining to a HUMAN BEING losing his life get a majority of comments based on RACE?? Typical Bermudians…if you dont like the comment, must you respond to it??? Use that energy focusing on the darn post instead of disrespect!! Deepest sympathy to the family that lost a loved one. As we dont know the circumstances behind this accident, and please keep your assumptions to yourself, Bermudians please please be cautious using the roads. These fatalities may sting a family, but they are surely hurting the entire community also…Blessings to his family.

  5. aaah ..... says:

    Without knowing the victims name ,having a few basic details helps narrow down whether there’s a chance the victim might be known or possibly related to one.
    THAT’S ALL !

    I see nothing offensive or nefarious in Charlie’s question .

  6. Lauren says:

    I’m pretty sure this picture is near St Michael’s church in Paget, not St Mark’s which is in Smith’s.

    • bernews says:

      You are 100% correct, the picture is in Paget, which the article says: “There were at least three accidents overnight, including a motorbike accident in Paget [pictured below], which saw traffic blocked as Police investigated the scene”

      Unfortunately, we had a higher than normal amount of reported traffic accidents overnight…

  7. Sarah says:

    Back to the issue at hand… when are our young people going to believe that alcohol and riding or driving DO NOT MIX and they are not invincible. This is my second graduated student lost in just over a month and they knew very well the possible consequences. My heart goes out to his family and friends as you come to terms with this tragic loss!

    • bdashotta says:

      @Sarah…well until there’s alternative transportation/options for us guys late at night, then this will continue. PLAIN and SIMPLE. Once you find a taxi that will come get u late night/early morning in bermy, anywhere, then um still waitin on the solution.

  8. bdashotta says:

    R.I.P. Adam

  9. St. Davids says:

    I’ll miss you so much… you were my brother… R.I.P Blessings go out to your family…

  10. G G says:


    I dont know where you have been but bermuda has offered a bus service on fri and sat nites for people that want to drink. Also dont try and make excuses because they know right from wrong but SOME Bermudians have the thought “It never going to happen to me”.

    • bdashotta says:

      @GG…um been here my whole life lol. And you think that bus can accommodate everyone that goes out Friday/Saturday nights? Work on the taxi’s first, they supposed to support/provide for us, and where are they? No excuses bein used…just the truth. Everyone’s thought that, and part of that mentality comes from nothing to support our needs/options. Sorry…real talk does hurt.

  11. Equality NOT Sameness says:

    My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. Equality is not sameness! Pretending that we are all the ‘same’ is evidence that we are still intolerant of our differences. When we are able to accept that we are equal in our diversity we will stop feeling ashamed of references to race, nationality, gender, or religion. I doubt that Charlie’s question would be so disparaged if he were asking about the gender of the deceased. We are not the same, we are equal, we are black, white, brown, pink , whatever and when someone dies you bet i’d like to know as much as possible to find out if it is a loved one. Get over it!

  12. Merianna says:


    My sympathies to the family and friends of the deceased young man … tragic.

    We must all learn to take responsibility for ourselves … when going out drinking then organise in advance a dedicated (non drinking) driver to be part of the group OR a family member/friend who we can call to collect us at the end of the evening.
    Mothers, Aunties, Grannies may not enjoy being woken at 4 a.m. to collect us BUT they would prefer that call to one from the Police / Hospital telling us of a fatality.