Plane Diverts To Bermuda, Passenger Arrested

November 5, 2010

This evening [Nov 5] a flight traveling from the UK to the Dominican Republic was diverted to Bermuda at approximately 6:30pm, making an unscheduled stop following a report of an unruly passenger onboard. Various local law enforcement officers attended the scene.

Unofficial reports allege the passenger exhibited extreme behaviour towards airline staff, with varying unofficial reports suggesting there was some form of an altercation. There has been no official notification of exactly what transpired onboard the flight.


The passenger, a 45-year-old English woman, was visibly upset and crying after being taken off the plane and arrested by Bermuda Police.


At approximately 8:20pm she was taken from the Airport police station and driven away:


The rest of the passengers remained onboard the plane, which has since departed Bermuda. The plane originated from Manchester, England and subsequently continued on its journey to the Dominican Republic.

Police state that inquiries into the matter are ongoing. Below, Chief Inspector Tracy Adams makes a statement:

The suspect being driven away:

Update 10:15pm: Official Police statement:

Around 6:30pm on Friday, Police responded to a report of an unruly passenger onboard a diverted commercial aircraft at the L. F. Wade International Airport. The alleged unruly passenger, a 45 year old U. K. woman, was arrested as a result. The plane which originated from Manchester U. K. subsequently continued on its journey to the Dominican Republic. Inquiries into this matter are ongoing by Police, airport officials and Bermuda Immigration.

Update Nov 6: The airplane, a Thomson Boeing 767-300, which was around 300nm southeast of Bermuda when the crew decided to divert, safely reached reached Punta Cana with a delay of 4 hours.

[Photos and footage by Only the Best]

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  1. Call as it is says:

    Next time

    Sit your ass down,fasten de seat belt and watch de movie!

  2. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Hope she has a wonderful vacation….saw that plane go out tonight and said to myself that carrier does not serve Bermy!^^

  3. Gian Outerbridge says:

    Hmmmm . . . it simply amazes me! You can take our Bermudian black boys and men to court across a public street in full view of everyone, but u take the time to hide the face of this woman acting the obvious complete ass on a flight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help me understand.

    • bernews says:

      Actually, locals get hidden alot too, jackets and all sorts. We have quite a few dubious pictures of – well – a jacket which a suspect is under. Here’s a recent one:

      From a reporting perspective, it was fine, as she hasn’t been charged with anything, so we generally cannot show faces for those arrested, but not charged, anyway. The other pics we have of her – her face is clear so we didn’t upload them…

      • Veebyes says:

        Just wondering why those arrested are not shown. In the US &, I believe Canada too, the police release the mug shots of those arrested imediately. The nature of the crime does not seem to matter. Anything from DUI to murder. Your face is in the paper or on screen the next day.

        What gives here in Bermuda. Why are the criminals & accused protected? Is there legislation preventing the media from showing images available, especially if those images have been obtained in a public place?

    • Call as it is says:

      Gian Outerbridge
      Where do you get off with the Black boys and men remark.
      I see White boys and men too.
      Quit with the colour remarks!

      • mark says:

        ITS true we have been exposed to this sort of treatment . its sends a negative message to all.

    • True Bermudian says:

      Hmmmm . . . it simply amazes me! Glan was able to turn the most mundane thing into something about race. Get over yourself Glan.
      It’s a new Bermuda and whitey hasn’t been in power for 12 years now so you can’t blame your problems on them any more…
      There… I’ve helped you understand. If you don’t understand you’re either to stupid to understand or a product of the failing Bermuda education system that says a D is passing…

  4. Call it like it is! says:

    Good to see Bernews on the case again.

    And as for Glan Outerbridge’s comment; Hmmmmm it simply amazes me how he can make a racial incident out of your coverage. I take it that “U” i.e. Bernews was not in any way responsible for the police covering up the face of the suspect. It’s also noticeable that the two police officers are black so maybe Mr. Outerbridge should be criticizing them – not Bernews!

    But Bernews is perfectly correct. Whoever the woman is, she has not yet been charged with any offence so it would be wrong to publish her name or photo until such time as she is charged. I wonder if this will help G.O. to understand!

  5. VERN says:

    @ Gian what does this have to do about race it always astonishes me that some people can bring up race under any circumstances,give it a rest.
    The story could have been about a cristmas parade and some people will bring up race.

    • mark says:

      WHO FEELS IT KNOWS IT RACism EXISTS all who disagree are either HOUSE N—— or simply are just the MASTERS best man. YES MASTER YES MASTER YES MASTER

  6. Uncle Ruckus says:

    But she was on a plane. Either she did something or not, she obviously caused a big enough ruckus(no relation) to have the plane diverted. Wasting all that time and energy because she can’t control herself. A damn 45 year old woman? Smh. I was there watching at the airport. Acting up on a plane is probably ones of the stupidest things you can do but I’m sure there’s is some slap on the wrist loophole law were she will only pay a fine or some crap.

  7. Uncle Ben says:

    I went to buy some rice the other day and to my horror – I discovered it was white. I can’t believe how racist the rice growers are for growing white rice – and they have the nerve to put a black man’s picture on the box! Who are they trying to fool? I’ve never been out of Bermuda but I also hear that snow is white too. Its racism everywhere I tell you.

    • Uncle Ruckus says:

      The hell? And white rice doesn’t grow “white”.

      • Uncle Ben says:

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to cause a ruckus (no relation). Its called COMEDY!

        The same as saying that “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” is the most racist song ever.

  8. blackwhitestupid says:

    I’m asian

    I think some black ppl make stupid comments

    I think some white ppl are stupid to reply to stupid black ppl

    I think the police that covered that woman’s face are stupid

    That stupid woman cause at least 200K in expenses. Flight diversions are not cheap. English ppl are cheap and don’t like to be inconvenienced. So I bet everybody on that plane was angry.

  9. Uncle Ruckus says:

    And here come the tough talking white people who think racism doesn’t exist because blacks are “in power”. The same white people who wouldn’t say this to any black Bermudian face to face.

    • Uncle Ben says:

      Some people can make race out of anything. It seems some Bermudians are experts at it. (Thats sure to cause a Ruckus).

  10. Hate flying ... says:

    Now here’s someone else who deserves a whoopin’ like Scaley just got.
    If I was on that flight she wouldn’t have had much of a face left to take pics of.
    The airline should make her pay for the complete costs of the diversion.
    Stupid b***h .

  11. terry says:

    Jingus… gunna paint my roof pink……Where the hell is Rodney King when we need him.

    This is getting soooooooooooooooooooooooooo old……………………

  12. VERN says:

    @ Mark my statment is not about if racism exists or not.Some people just dont want to use that as an excuse anymore, if you want to embrace something that gives people the reason they cant accomplish something in their lives then fine.Others who are smarter then that think about it and do not want to buy into such nonesense because your mind can easily become subject to it.And you will never know what you full potential in life is.

    Imagine if michael jordan or Obama and other people of color that did great things in the world thought like that so negative about themselves and what they could accomplish.

    And @ Uncle Ben i know you are just joking around but there are people really like that in real life everything that goes wrong they blame it on race,I cant get a job RACISM, I dont make enough money RACISM , I dont want to go to travel to this place RACISM, I dont want to watch this movie I believe the director is RACIST ,I dont watch that TV show cause no blacks are in it RACISM ,why go to college not going to get the job i want anyway RACISM, why is that blk guy going out with that white girl he must be a … and so on and so on .

    @ MARK believe it or not some people do believe that everyone is equal and dont put people in negative boxes as you do .People are just people and hopefully one day you find that.
    If not then you will just become subject to that philosophy,

  13. Uncle Ben says:

    @ Vern. That was my whole point! It is pathetic how people manage to inject race into absolutely everything. Our government has done it very successfully for the last twelve years. Is it any wonder that twits like Glan do it? They learn from the guys in charge!

  14. Sigh says:

    all of the race comments that are constantly on every single article that is posted, is sucking the life out of Bernews, coming from a BLACK person. (if that matters any)

  15. terry says:

    Irony…..I just sent Pat an email stating similar.Some abuse, I just use but these are hard times and people will do depserate things.

    A great day too all.

  16. Uncle Ben says:

    Some people will make race out of anything because that’s all they have to argue with. Our very government is finally realising this. If the new Auditor General had been white they’d have branded her a racist over the TCD report – just like Dennis before her remember? In fact if she had been a black man they’d have branded him as an Uncle Tom (or a black man with a white heart). Now I don’t think there’s a term for a female Uncle Tom – so the PLP is clearly in a bind. Do they risk alienating the entire female voting public by trying to discredit her in such a disgusting manner? Or do they man-up and come up with an honest explanantion? Well we don’t have that explanation yet – but Government is clearly stumped since they can’t simply call the race card. OMG what to do? Be honest for once perhaps? NAH!!!

  17. terry says:

    Uncle Ben……It’s the lady that took care of your house and food when you were young. You forgot already?

    Aunt Jermima……damn how easily you — forget……..

  18. terry says:

    You know …I was cleaning house and am now geting ready to put fish and chips on the table.

    That picture of the Police Officer ( femALE) shoving that crime folder in that womans face is reality. Police abuse……

  19. terry says:

    Spelling… so what…..

  20. Call as it is says:

    you are SICK in your head and really need to seek some help.

  21. Uncle Ben says:

    terry: I understand your struggle but GET OVER IT! You can’t moan & groan about race forever – you have to have a focus in your life. Get help.

  22. You what? says:

    Why is this about race, its about a unruly passenger on an airplane who probably had far too much alcohol behaving inappropriately for her age (shame on her) inconveniencing everybody else on that flight and costing BDA money and wasting police time and she should be dealt with appropriately. After all the police should be concentrating their efforts on dealing with the horrendous increase in violent crimes in BDA.

  23. Uncle Ben says:

    It is about race because certain people in Bermuda see absolutely everything in black and white.

  24. You what? says:

    I understand that, I used to live in Bermuda but I still don’t understand why people have to go there. The expression that springs to mind however is “Never argue with a fool, they will lower you to their level and then beat you with experience”. Hey ho.

  25. why are all u lot arguin ova d same damn ding all ov u get over urselfs d police are doin der job and they are nt being racist.. she is nt from our coutry so does it really matter if they show a pic of her or nt dont…. d ones dat are sayin dey shuld hav shown a picture of her ask urself why does it really matter ? really.. d police hav to go by guidlines and procedures and thats exactly wat there doin and exactly wat they did.. ~!!! goSh.. d police are doin u lot a favor and dont forget it jus let D POLICE DO THERE JOB!!