“Bermudians Remain Reluctant to Apply”

December 22, 2010

Speaking in the Senate this morning [Dec 22], Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kim Wilson addressed employment saying “Some of these job categories were hard to fill even before we faced recessionary conditions, however despite the downturn in the employment markets, Bermudians remain reluctant to apply.”

“It is regrettable to have to even consider, let alone grant work permits in instances where there are unemployed Bermudians that are capable of performing the functions but for whatever reason choose not to apply for jobs,” she continued.

The Minister said that at March 31, 2010, there were 84 work permits for kitchen porter and 128 work permits for housekeepers.

She went on to say that a recruiter recently advised the Ministry that there was a requirement to recruit 13 kitchen porters however only 3 Bermudian applications were submitted. Minister Wilson said “This is a disturbing result given the growing number of persons registering with Labour and Training and making application for Financial Assistance.”

Minister Wilson’s full statement follows below:

Madam President, I am compelled today to address the issue of employment opportunities wherein Bermudians are failing to avail themselves.

Even as layoffs persist, some jobs Madam President remain hard to fill. Some of these job categories were hard to fill even before we faced recessionary conditions, however despite the downturn in the employment markets, Bermudians remain reluctant to apply.

Madam President, you have heard me repeatedly state that I am not prepared to issue work permits in circumstances where qualified, able-bodied Bermudian applicants are capable of performing the functions required for the position. Likewise, I am not prepared to allow local businesses to suffer due to the lack of qualified Bermudian applicants.

That said, if a business has satisfied me that they have taken all reasonable and necessary steps to hire Bermudians but to no avail, I will issue the requisite work permits so as not to cripple the business due to a lack of human resources. It is regrettable to have to even consider, let alone grant work permits in instances where there are unemployed Bermudians that are capable of performing the functions but for whatever reason choose not to apply for jobs.

Madam President, as at March 31, 2010, there were 84 work permits for kitchen porter and 128 work permits for housekeepers. These numbers do not include housekeepers who are also child caregivers or senior caregivers.

Madam President, a recruiter recently advised the Ministry that there was a requirement to recruit 13 kitchen porters however only 3 Bermudian applications were submitted. This is a disturbing result given the growing number of persons registering with Labour and Training and making application for Financial Assistance.

Madam President, upon researching the requirements of a kitchen porter I can advise Honourable Members that a kitchen porter carries out a range of basic activities in a working kitchen. His primary responsibility is performing washing and maintenance duties. Kitchen porters are typically employed in hotels, bars, and restaurants.

Madam President, kitchen porters are responsible for collecting and cleaning pots, pans, plates, crockery and cutlery items. Health and safety laws usually dictate that cooking staff are responsible for ensuring all equipment used in preparing food is fully sanitized.

Madam President, I’ve learned that commercial kitchens typically operate with limited resources and space. A kitchen porter must ensure key items are always washed and available when required and that they are not left in a disorganized fashion that uses up space.

A kitchen porter is expected to mop the floor, take out the garbage and fully disinfect food preparation surfaces at the end of his shift. In some cases, a kitchen porter may also need to manage the delivery of stock orders and ensure food items are properly stored.

Madam President, I can only imagine that to some this may not appear to be the most attractive job however in these tough economic times I would encourage Bermudians to take advantage of all employment opportunities.

During a recent stakeholder meeting an industry partner opined that kitchen porters, often referred to as pot washers could earn as much as $35K a year in some instances.

Madam President, I trust that those who are seeking employment will reconsider this category as one that is respectable and wherein they can earn a reasonable income.

Thank you Madam President.

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  1. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    If a decent wage was payed maybe a Bermudian could afford to apply. Wages in this area have been driven down by the supply of cheap third world Labour. If there was a minimum wage of $20 then maybe the games would stop. The Minister’s statement is a smoke screen for the status quo^^

    • CB says:

      I support a minimum wage yes but with all due respect Graeme, $20 is outrageous and would never happen. If a minimum wage was introduced here in today’s economy it would have to be somewhere around $10 – $12. Lower than you thought – but that’s why it is called MINIMUM! $20 might be more average – but certainly not minimum.

      As for the story, obviously Bermudians haven’t had a rough enough time yet – or more would have applied.

      • Bottom Line says:

        Two things. Kim Wilson should be our Premier. Second, Kim Wilson should be our Premier.

    • reason says:

      No kidding, also what would be nice to publish the actual job requirements. Many ask for porters with 5 years experience or other odd things as if it takes 5 years to learn to wash a dish, for ~$15 an hour, and many ask for housekeepers who basically work 16 hours a day paid for 10, and on call for the rest of the day/night, with days off subject to approval again for $15 an hour and you don’t get paid when you’re on call or called in. Many also don’t get health insurance or pension, or pay payroll tax. Seriously these are jobs for the exploited and Bermudians had enough of that about 100 years ago. We get the Royal Gazette too MPs.

      • SMDH says:

        Thank You…How are you going to get a job washing dishes where you need 5 yrs experience……I mean really who can’t wash a dish…I personally have been there have asked managers why I didn’t get the job and there words where because I wasn’t qualified to be a porter ARE YOU KIDDING ME……I can’t speak for all but i agree that most of these restaurants know they can pay a Asian/Chinese/Philippine and other foreigner way less and they will work more hours… You can’t pull the wool over a Bermudians eyes and have then work from 7 am to 12 midnight for 10$ an hour ridiculous…

  2. Tired of nonsense says:

    From her actions thus far in her new role, as well as the ones undertaken in her previous role, I believe that Minister Wilson should be considered a strong contender for either the role of deputy and/or premier in the future.

    Her presentations are by far the most articulate and balanced. Minister Wilson provides an impartial analysis of the issues in which she currently is required to address that is needed to make informed decisions. I really appreciate an appreciative and humble politician. Minister Wilson portrays both characteristics each and every time she interacts with the public.

    Good work Minister Wilson and here’s to hoping that there are many more in waiting to take up a role in Bermuda’s political scene. You are an example to emulate for sure.

  3. itwasn't me says:

    I worked housekeeping and room service in the 1980s while in university. Every summer, 2 jobs, 7am – 11pm seven days a week for 3 months. Every september, I went back to school with no less than $15,000 which took care of tuition and living expenses. The money is there, we (bermudians) have become lazy and just do want to work for it anymore.

    • BE REAL says:

      In the 1980′S TRUST AND BELIEVE ME the money is not like that anymore…I work in a housekeeping and make 13$ an hour and work from 8am -3. You do the math and make sure you add no I’m sorry minus all the damn deductions….Bermudians are tired not lazy TIRED

  4. Itcouldhappen says:

    $35,000 a year in Bermuda’s economy is still considered ‘the working poor’ if you are supporting a family of more than you. And after taxes the take home pay would be about $29,700. The expats who work in these jobs usually do not own homes (in Bermuda) to have to pay a mortgage, they share accomodations which cuts down on rent. On the flip side, half a loaf is better than none, and being a porter is an honorable job. Bermudian Pride is what makes people think that this type of job is ‘beneath’ them. This is a strong element of our culture which will not be easily shaken.

    • itwasn't me says:

      But remember, these are entry level jobs, not for homeowners and feeding a family of five. These jobs are for 18 – 25 yr old young adults that may not have done well in school, saving money for school, or just wants pocket change to get over.

      • Ignorance is Bliss says:

        Are you insane?????? Who says these jobs are limited to that age bracket? There are so many elder men/women who constantly look for work and get rejected for these kinds of jobs…Do you live in a bubble or do you think because you went university in the 1980 everybody did? I’m so not understanding your logic

  5. Tigga says:

    If wages were increased then the product will become more expensive and less people would be inclined to visit here. Figures are bad enough now without pricing ourselves even further out of reach. Dont lay the blame on the labour from developing countries – they are doing what they need to do to put food on the table. It is apparent that we are in a state where locals cannot afford to apply while our visiting labour are in a position where they cannot afford NOT to apply.

  6. Darkniss says:

    Hmmm…make a little money?…or no money….hmmmm…decisions, decisions….

    • S. Brown says:

      lololol I know right?

      Minister Wilson said “This is a disturbing result given the growing number of persons registering with Labour and Training and making application for Financial Assistance.”

      So some would prefer to go on Financial Assistance instead of having a job… False Pride is a beautiful thing (sarcasm).

      411 regarding your comment that “Minister should not be surprised that unemployed persons do not avail themselves of these “opportunities” I think she should be surprised especially in this TOUGH economic climate.

      From my experience, when I first graduated from University I could not find a job and I ended up working in a hot warehouse stacking shelves until a better opportunity came way. I needed money to pay off loans and took any job that came my way. I would prefer to work a menial job and have a little something than complain, do nothing and be broke. But I guess thats just me.

      Funny though, some of the unemployed who refuse these kind of jobs are the same ones complaining that ‘foreigners’ are taking up all the jobs.

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        “So some would prefer to go on Financial Assistance instead of having a job… False Pride is a beautiful thing (sarcasm)”

        Agreed. All one has to do is look at how the UK’s beenfit system has been absolutely raped by scroungers whose main argument that it was more profitable to remain on hand outs then actually take up meaningful work. Providing handouts with little to no restrictions just encourage people to rely on others in order to get by in life. Freebies just creates complacency and laziness. Just ask the UK…

    • Ignorance is Bliss says:

      It kind of is a toss up because at the end of the week your taking home $110 (refer to yesterdays RG story about the mother) or none well it might as well be none….Would you be encouraged to get up early and wash or clean up after people to see that at the end of it all….

  7. The 411 says:

    The Minister must consider that what she earns in a quarter, these potwashers are earning for the year! With a salary of $35,000 per year for the job categories to which refers, this means a take home pay of about $450 per week after insurances and taxes. This is less than half the national poverty line which was established at $70,000 per year. To live on $450 per week or $100 per day (or $11 per hour) is simply not possible. And this is backbreaking work. Most would rather collect unemployment, pack groceries, pump gas or nothing rather than earn $12 per hour. I am not sugggesting that wages be raised, as clearly they should not – that is what the job pays. But the Minister should not be surprised that unemployed persons do not avail themselves of these “opportunities”.

    With respect to housekeepers: Bermudian housekeepers do not want to “live in”, care for 4 children, walk and feed 2 dogs, do not speak 2 languages, want to work 6 days per week plus “occassional babysitting” (ie 3-4 nights) per week, do the kids homework and projects, cart the kids around to events, “play dates” that we as children caught the bus to, clean windows, wash/ iron clothes, clean a massive 4,000 square foot house 5 miles from the closest bus stop, serve as “jill of all trades” and be on constant call via a employer supplied blackberry. Most Bermudians do not want to travel with the boss and the brats to Disney or Europe or wherever. And most Bermudians cannot afford to do this at $1300 per month! And yes, that is what a live in Filipino nanny cost. This is the equivalent of what it cost to send to a nursery or pre-school locally! Which is why having a housekeeper / nanny has become so popular. Once upon a time, they were available to only the wealthy. But everyday Bermudians are now having this type of live in full time help. Ive given you a host of reasons why Bermudians do not apply to be potwashers or housekeepers. I am not condoning or ridiculing the system or the Bermudians who do not apply. I am just answering the question of Why? The Ministers must have a handle these things, no? Where are they living?

    • itwasn't me says:

      you’re missing the point. these are jobs for young adults, not for someone that is repaying a huge loan, raising a family, or some other big financial commitments. The wage level goes with the job, mindless labor can’t compare to a civil service or minister salary.

      • Ignorance is Bliss says:

        You are missing the point “it wasn’t me” who says these jobs have an age bracket I ask the question yet again…And if that’s what you believe take a drive around and check for yourself I’m sure you will find the unemployed are of all ages….

    • Scott says:

      what exactly is the definition with this poverty level? how large a family? 70k is more than enough for one or even 2 people to live off of.

  8. Truth is killin' me says:

    You know why this is happening Bermuda…because a Bermudian is going to say “I ain’t cleaning pots for $10 an hour”…that’s why. There is too much pride and there should be a minimum wage Mr. Speaker…sort it out Government!!!

    • Ignorance is Bliss says:

      They dont have 5yrs experience washign pots so they wouldnt get it anyway…

  9. The 411 says:

    I concur with the comments made by “Tired of Nonsense”. By far, Minister Wilson has exhibited that she contains significant intellectual ability. She is clearly a very intelligent woman, who measures carefully her thoughts and words before she speaks. Premier Cox did well by appointing her to make use of her talents as Wilson could not get adopted by a constituency for impending by-elections.

    I hope she has the stamina for this political game.

  10. Terry says:

    Oh my Lord…..I know I can be a nutter at times and try to have a laugh but this just confirms that this has become another PLP propaganda outlet.

    Certain people masquerading…..bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Man the life boats.

  11. The 411 says:

    Jeez crumbs…thats the problem…if a person is doing a good job…does it matter whether that person is PLP or UBP, (or BDA, sorry)? Talent is talent is talent. And we should not bicker about where it comes from now, because Lord knows we need it! Just because she is not the party of your support does not make her unintelligent? How ignorant is that?

  12. The 411 says:

    For the record, I have made the same such comments about Sylvan Richards, Shawn Crockwell and John Barritt – each of these persons are in my view, extremely intelligent, articulate and passionate Bermudians who offer much to Bermuda. These persons, you would know, are not members of the PLP!

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Exactly 411…

      It is a shame that we were and continue to be pitted against one another like pawns in a political chess game. It is even more of a shame that we cannot see the forest though the trees (i.e. we and out emotions are being used to consolidate powers through divisiveness). The sad fact of it all is that we are ALL looking to better Bermuda, but the powers that be always had and still have a vested interest in ensuring the people remain divided.

      In essence they want us to support political parties as football teams. That is to be a die hard “fan” and support them through the good and the bad with undying loyalty while simultaneously raging against “rivals” whether the rage is justifiable or not. This system of ours rewards loyalty over rational thinking and divisiveness over unity. A system which operates in such a manner is doomed to fail both “teams.”

      Like Mr. Larry Burchall wrote, awhile back, that Bermuda, like in the yesteryear, is effectively operating on only 4 cylinders as the other 4 cylinders have been deemed to be the enemy and thus shut out from meaningful participation. With only half the engine working, or allowed to participate, we can only go so fast and so far before we eventually seize up and come to a grinding halt.

      • Tired of nonsense says:


        Is there any chance of having Mr. Burchall reprint the column, to which I referred above, to onto your website? I believe it was first published in the BDA Sun in 2009.

        • bernews says:

          That’s up to the Sun as they hold the copyright, however we can ask them if we can ‘borrow’ it. The people at the Sun are very cool, so it probably won’t be an issue…

      • navin r johnson says:

        Said it before and will say it again that Bermuda is too small for the Westminster form of Government and the divisive nature that it engenders. The opposition must find fault with everything or they are not considered to be doing their jobs. Sadly the position of Politician in Bermuda is now a well paying part time job with a lucrative pension,paid expense account,nice car and all of the perks that they can dream up. The best people for certain jobs are not being utilized due to the system and even the most ardent of PLP supporters would have difficulty not agreeing that Bob Richards or Grant Gibbons would not be better suited for Finance roles but they are opposition therefore their opinions matter not.

  13. CB says:

    411. I understand the $70k was set as a desirable household income level – not an individual poverty level. You are comparing apples to oranges. Besides, our average wage is considerably lower than this at $56,429 (Bda Sun Oct 2010).

    • The 411 says:

      The 70K threshold is that which is used to approve childcare allowance awards ie. applies to single parent with child. The argument remains though…. That any contributing member of a household, particularly where there are school age children, would need to earn more than $35K per year (and the story says “as much as” which suggest you have to bust your a$^^ to get that..

      The poverty line for a couple with children is higher than $70K

      • CB says:

        I guess it depends on your definition of ‘poverty’. I’m sorry but $70k would seem to be quite a reasonable amount for a single parent and child to live on -even in Bermuda.

        Bermudians clearly don’t know what real poverty is. If they did, they’d be applying for these jobs.

        • The 411 says:

          You obviously do not have any children. Unfortunately, the majority of single mothers are earning far less than 70K – that is why it is the poverty line and benefits paid to those that fall beneath that threshold. If you think about it, 65K is really $50K take home per year, or $4000 per month. With rent for 2bed at $3K, and childcare an easy $1K; what is left for Belco, Food, Transportation, Communications etc? Answer: Impoverishment.

          • CB says:

            411: I’m guessing that your definition of poverty is only being able to buy a second hand BMW? A used Mercedes perhaps?

            Bermudians who who have incomes at this imaginary level of poverty ($70k) need to to go on a financial diet. That is – deciding wants verses needs.

            I want a big assed flat screen. But my old TV works fine. Get it? If you’d done this all along you’d be OK now.

            And yes 411: I am a parent.

            • smh.... says:

              I’m sorry but $70k after deductions is NOT ENOUGH. I’m a single, 29 yr old, that lives alone. I have a car that i need to get to my second job. After paying my rent which is $2000, there’s still car payment, belco, cell, groceries, gas and any medical bills that need to be paid. I don’t splurge b/c there’s not much after i’ve paid out so much money. i’ve had a cleaning job that paid $12 and hour which was ridiculous bc you are doing actual work. I’m sorry but it’s not my pride that would stop me from taking a pot washer job, it’s the pay. I’ve had to live on my own since 21. $35k would have never cut it. I want to have a child someday and it’s no way i could afford a child off of $70k. Please….tell me how you’re able to.

  14. Terry says:

    Welcome aboard Casual.

  15. Terry says:

    411, if your refering to my comments, think again.

    I have been a PLP supporter over the years, and yes a UBP supporter.

    As of this date this reminds me of the individual with a credit card and all they pay is the minimum. There still in debt up too their eyeballs.

    As for Graemes “$20 minimum wage”….please……sounds great. So we all make $20 an hour ( others more) wheres the influx of monies. No tourists, Hotels are empty, room availability is down due to the afore.

    Open that great Steak and Ale, Conch Stew & Rum, Lobster Weed (pot) resturant. Pay your employees $20 an hour……

    Walk down Front Street, check out those cruise ships, check out those conventions at Afairmont, Grovling for Money Bay, …….

    Then go check out a local bar in Hamilton and see the last of the Expats eating and drinking and wispering.

    Hell, garbage collectors make more more than most. Guess what……..even that is becomming less. Go figure.

  16. Call as it is says:

    Bermudians are NOT going to go after Kitchen Porters jobs for a number of reasons.
    The Money per hour is far too low.
    The Attitudes of everyone else in these Kitchens towards the Kitchen Porters is usually one of utter contempt and usually starts at the very top of the chain,the Head Chef(usually an Ex Pat) and down.
    Everyone is telling the Kitchen Porter do this that or the other,everyone is their boss and lets the porter know it.
    Until pay,conditions and attitudes change NO Bermudian is going after these positions.

    I have assisted a number of Bermudians into getting these jobs as Porters and each and everyone has told me the same tale of woe.

  17. the root of it all says:

    @ call it as it is: you know what, i did various jobs in a hotel when i was a university student and i overcame some of those people. why? because i was taught by my parents that in life you start on the bottom rung of the ladder, you bust your tail and work hard with a positive, cheerful attitude no matter what. you do that and eventually you will earn you co-workers and boss’ respect and climb your way up. but NO! too many bermudians have self-esteem issues and can’t handle such ‘degrading jobs’ LOL- give me a break!

    tough you-know-what. life is hard, deal with it. i worked my way into a a position where i hired and employed bermudians. i can’t tell you how many came to work with the attitude that they were doing me a favor and if i asked them to do something well within their job description, they took an attitude like i asked them to donate a kidney.

    don’t get me wrong- i’m well aware of serious issues within the workforce, and some of the injustices that exist, many of which i can’t even begin to disclose here. but these complaints being mentioned with regards to the kitchen porter positions are simply ridiculous to me. work your tail off and you can be the maitre’d one day if you have the right attitude and you’re smart.

    so many young bermudians have NO clue about work ethic and how the real world works. they act as if their job is forced labor. they also think they should be paid twice as much as they’re paid, to do half as much work. i could go on for days about this, you wouldn’t believe how bad some young people are in particular.

    while we’re on the topic of poverty though, i’m not saying people should be punished or abandoned by society…..but how about we start teaching people the consequences of their actions? in other words, let’s remind people that having numerous children out of wedlock is something THEY did and they should stop carrying around this attitude as if the world owes them something….as if they woke up one day and someone had dropped 3 kids on their doorstep! accidents happen and we’re all human. but if you’re dumb enough to keep popping out kids you can’t afford to raise, you need to understand that you are condemning yourself and them to a lifetime of poverty. OBVIOUSLY it is critical that we have systems in place to assist people particularly these poor children. but i’m just saying that we need to stop accepting that having lots of kids outside of a committed relationship is OK.

    shoot, even for 2 married people who never split up having kids is damn expensive. so let’s start making better decisions and don’t have more kids than you can provide for. sure, things happen in life- your child’s mother/father could be sick, disabled, killed, walk out on them, etc. but i’m willing to bet the majority of people who find themselves in these situations could have done a lot more to prevent it getting to that point. i remember a case a few years ago where a girl in her early 20′s had 5 children and was complaining about how nobody was helping her. for goodness sake, a person with a good paying job can’t afford kids like that. so why the hell would you keep having kids like that?

    life is about choices and i’m sorry to say that a lot of the problem results from people making poor choices. no doubt, there are still other people who legitimately need help and who are struggling. i’m not talking about them. but let’s not pretend a lot of what i just said isn’t a big part of the problem.

    one last thing- i had a young guy complain to me one time about “how hard it is for a ghetto yute like me.” he said this to me with his chain, watch, and rings blinging in my face….tens of thousands of dollars worth. yes, there are people who legitimately have it rough and i don’t want to dismiss that. however there’s also a lot who are in that position who conveniently have a blackberry, nice clothes, jewelry, go on a nice shopping trip every year etc etc. these things are not necessities but we treat them like they are! PRIORITIES PEOPLE! bermudians are too proud and are trying to keep up with their neighbor. if they can’t, a lot of them cry poverty and how corrupt the system supposedly is because they can’t have what they want or what their neighbor has.

    a huge part of the problem is the spoiled bermudian attitude that i seem to come across FAR too often.

    • Tracey Gibbons says:

      Well said! it’s all about choices!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Well said The Root. Watch out for all the incoming critics. I wonder how the migrant workers make it here & still can save to send money home. Do they get special rents? Do they shop in special markets? Do they not pay taxes? I don’t think so. They pay the same prices as the rest of us. The difference is that they know the difference between what is wanted & what is needed. People with the bling, a new car every 5 years with big wheels & low profile tires & a sound system that blows the paint off, multi trips per year, restaurant eating, new phones every 6 months etc.etc. all the while crying poverty that they cannot pay rent are people with their sense of values & priorities seriously screwed up.

      The work is out there. People are just too lazy to work but are the first to complain about the migrant worker who shows up every day ready to work without a bunch of personal issues. Some are beginning to hear the wakeup call. For those who think that society owes them a living perhaps Social Assistance should be limited to a few months for those able to work but obviously don’t want to.

      During the boom years people earned good money (read overpaid) doing unskilled jobs. Those years are gone. Bermuda is competing with the rest of the world. Just wait for Cuba to reopen to US visitors. The final nail in our tourism coffin.

      Not long ago I had a potential tennant show up in the big car, child in tow etc. to look at the residence. When asked about employment the answer was “Oh I don’t have a job right now.” I mean…are you serious??? This person could not understand why there was no hope of me renting that apt to them. Unbelievable.

      • The truth shall set you free says:

        quote from Triangle drifter:”I wonder how the migrant workers make it here & still can save to send money home. Do they get special rents? Do they shop in special markets? Do they not pay taxes? I don’t think so. They pay the same prices as the rest of us. The difference is that they know the difference between what is wanted & what is needed.”

        They make it here by sharing apartments, sometimes up to 4-5 in a 2 bedroom. Obviously a Bermudian with a family can’t do that. Where do they shop? Try the Barn and Salvation Army, or emoo. How do I know this? Because I visit both places often looking for books or making donations and I see them there in droves. I’m also a big emoo seller, have sold ipods, tvs, video game systems, you name it. Guess who most of my sales have gone to? You guessed it…. migrants from the Philippines and India etc. Case in point, I sold an ipod touch a month ago to a Southampton Priness migrant worker which I had advertised on emoo.

        Let’s not act like many of these people don’t like the same things we do. The only difference is, we go downtown and buy it, or import in and pay customs duties. THEY buy it off emoo and try to talk you down in price, therefore they don’t spend much money in the local economy besides necessities like food and that’s because food isn’t something you can buy off emoo and you’re sure as hell not going to import milk, eggs and bread. THEN, they can send their money overseas to take care of their entire family. Healthy long-term situation? Not at all.

        • Scott says:

          firstly, if the need calls for it, i dont see why a bermudian family can’t live in a 2 bedroom. what? does every child deserve their own room? Until i moved out of my parents house we always had to share rooms with teh siblings.. just the way it was.

          as for ipods, tv’s video games, the original point made was that you shouldn’t be buying these things and then saying you are impoverished. so wherever they are buying from doesn’t even matter…

          • Scott says:

            ah nvm.. you mean 4-5 seperate income earners.

          • LOL says:

            You missed my point…..completely. Many Bermudian families do live in 2 bedroom houses. My point is that many foreigners are splitting a one-bedroom apartment 3-4 ways. Hell, there was a story some months back about a 3 bedroom house on Parson’s road housing 18 Indians. That’s acceptable to you? Let’s get real.

            The point I made about the tvs, ipods, etc was that I have sold these items on emoo cheaply to MIGRANT WORKERS.People are talking as if these migrant workers don’t have many of the same tastes we do. They merely bargain shop for it on emoo. I’m not talking about Bermudians buying these things and then claiming impoverishment…. so you missed the entire point again of what I said.

            • LOL says:

              The above response was supposed to be from ‘The truth shall set you free’. LOL is my alter ego on a different computer lol

        • ????? says:

          Because foreigners are in a studio or 1bedrm with like 5 of them and they sleep in shifts and split rent

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        Personal responsibility has become an oxymoron in this island…

        It’s always someone else’s fault…

        • The truth shall set you free says:

          Not sure if this is addressed to me as it’s right under my post, but my post has nothing to do with personal responsibility.

          • Tired of nonsense says:

            No not directed at you…

            Just a general observation of the mindset of some in this island…

            Something doesn’t go your way they seek to place blame on others for their misfortunes…

            • The truth shall set you free says:

              I would agree that there is a certain sense of entitlement for some. However I should emphasis SOME because there are good and bad in every community.

              My point essentially is that the conditions that make it possible for migrant workers to ‘survive’ in Bermuda do not apply to many Bermudians, especially those with families. What conditions are those? Mainly that a Bermudian supporting a family certainly cannot share an apartment with 5 other people in order to split the rent. I think we all know this is very prevalent, and as a homeowner with an apartment I can tell you I’ve been propositioned quite a few times by foreign workers who wish to rent my studio by splitting it between 3 people. It’s quite easy for 3-4 ‘porters’ making 30,000 each to split rent 4 ways, do most of their ‘shopping’ at thrift stores and on emoo, and send money overseas. The effect on our economy is that we’re hiring a lot of foreign labor for menial jobs who aren’t investing lots of money into the local economy, but instead sending it overseas.

              Now, I would say that if you are presently not working, making 35K certainly beats making $0 so I certainly am not in favor of people not applying because the job isn’t ‘good enough’ for them. Just making the point that 35K isn’t a sustainable income for a Bermudian, whether single or especially married with children. The cost of rents eats up most of one’s salary, before taking into account utilities.

              • Tired of nonsense says:

                I agree with you mate and not arguing your point…

                My problem is that there are some people who can get a job but decide not to because:

                a) That job doesn’t pay enough (according to their expectations)
                b) Don’t want to work and/or for foreigners

                Not all joblessness in Bermuda can be blamed on the poor work ethic of the unemployed. That it is a given. But there are individuals ot there that expect a job to be given to them for the simple fact that they have a Bermudian passport. I have, as have many I imagine, encountered this attitude on more than one occassion. They apply for a porter position but expect to be paid an executive chef’s wage just because they are Bermudian. Nowhere in the world does it work like that and just because some say Bermuda is Another World, doesn’t make it so.

                For me there is a big difference between people who were unemployed before the economic crisis/downturn/collapse and individuals whose jobs became victims of the economy. I feel for the latter but don’t want to hear the former complain about all of a sudden they can’t get a job either.

                • The truth shall set you free says:

                  Certainly, and I have little sympathy for those individuals who ‘choose’ not apply because it’s beneath them. In this economy one should be grateful merely being employed. If we’ve learned anything the last 3 years in this recession, it’s that employees, no matter your pedigree, are expendable. Right now I have a job that I ‘know’ is paying me less than I should be getting, but is that preferable to not working at all? Damn right!

  18. robinson says:

    Bermudians beware. Minimum wage works both ways. As an employer if i am forced to pay a minimum wage that i cannot afford. I will decrease my employees to compensate. this means that collectively I will pay for three people to do the work that i hired four to do previously to ensure that i am operating at the same level especially if i was just breaking even.

    i think the government already knows that and will not push for it.

  19. lastchancenobreaks95 says:

    i applied at pink beach,baraccuda grill,grotto bay…none of them have called me back to set up an appointment. this is ALL BULLSH*T!!!! they say nobody signed up for the jobs….even at northrock but nothing no call back..nothing.they wanna give the jobs away so they tell employers to turn us down and say nobody applied for the positions so they can bring in ppl. sad but TRUE!!!

  20. Sharon says:

    This topic is so serious and people are making jokes! Our beautiful country is going down the tubes! No body wants to get their hands dirty and that is what the country was made of strong people who got their hands dirty! Not afraid to try new things take risk for a better future! OMGosh prople we are in trouble and what are we teaching our young people! My parents always worked two jobs and the back breaking one was the worst but we all knew that we had a part to play and they set the example! These jobs are not for everyone beacause of some commitments but it must be somebody that can go and wash pots a couple of hours a day sometimes split shifts to ease the pain in thier household. ya some bosses are nasty even when you have a good paying job! That life make the money and have a good attitude about it and your concience is clean!

  21. AreUSerious says:

    I would like to know where theses so called jobs are available and are the figures actually accurate because somewhere along the line at the end of the day they are not adding up and I think thats its because the employer wants to save money and they can do that by bringing someone in to do the job..I have two sons who are currently unemployed they have been to every job fair, have applied at all the hotels, Fedex, DHL, Goslings, BGA and the list can go on. They both have no criminal convictions, are drug free, high school graduates and would like to go to college but are unable to do so at this time because they are not working and therefore unable to save money to do so. Not everyone is lazy as some of our commenters above have stated, nor are they living “high on the Hog” and as far as having cars and “bling bling” maybe those people had all of that BEFORE they lost their jobs and are now in search of a new one..It breaks my heart when I go to restaurants and see a foreigner working the cash register or heaven forbid taking food orders over the phone..are you telling me that there are no qualified Bermudians able to operate a till? I have worked at places where the company for the sake of the law will place an ad in the paper for a position but it is already filled by a foreigner who they will pay less. How do we know that Bermudians have not applied for these posts, does someone go and look at the applications?I myself back in the day have applied for a job because I needed it but was turned away because I was “over qualified” like WTH is that!! so to all above who have made comments referring to pride and not wanting to wash pots and the like it is not always cut and dry as Mrs. Wilson (whom I love dearly) has pointed out. It goes a lot deeper than that! We are in tough financial times and everyone is looking to cut back, so why should the employer be any different surely you know he is going to hire the one whom he could pay the less.

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Have they tried the BDA College as of yet?

      It recently received its accreditation as well as offering free tuition to high school graduates.

      • AreUSerious says:

        Yes they have thanks and should be starting in the New Year. I told them its a start and maybe later on they can go overseas.

        • Tired of nonsense says:

          They have relationships with several overseas Universities (i.e. Kent and Mount St. Vincent etc). Thus they can get credits at the BDA college towards finishing their studies at any of these institutions towards their later years of study. That’s what my sister did and she ending getting a scholarship through the efforts of some dedicated college employees as well as her own hard work of course. Without either of those she wouldn’t have been able to afford the University which she now attends.

          Also, the Government offers interest free education loans as well. Well they did a few years back last time I checked. But I believe that they are still available.

          • AreUSerious says:

            Thank you for this piece of information. I will look into it.

  22. Jeff says:

    lastchancenobreaks95, when you appply for these positions you can also forward a copy of your resume to the Department of Immigration, and the department of labour and Training, also you can make a complaint to the Compliance Section Department.

  23. Triangle Drifter says:

    It would appear that all the tools are there for Bermudians to help themselves. If you don’t have the motivation to help yourself, what use are you to any employer?

    Like it or not, every employee is part of the machinery that makes a company work. If that company cannot support istelf it will go bankrupt. There is no just adding on taxes like the Government does.

    Employers would much rather hire local. There is no hassel of dealing with Labour & immigration. There is no hassel of finding accomodation. There is no term limit of employment when the whole time consuming process has to be repeated. There is no language barrier. The list goes on. However, there is a point where all of this is the easier way to go if a reliable, willing to work, local cannot be found. Businesses need people to be on the job when they are needed otherwise the company machine stops working.

    There needs to be a groundswell shift in the attitude towards working. Employers are not charities.

    • CB says:

      Like it or not, Bermudians have gained the reputation of being lazy and of having a sense of entitlement.

      As I said at the start of this thread, obviously things haven’t got bad enough for Bermudians yet or they’d be applying for these jobs.