Filmmaker Donates Copies to Schools

December 11, 2010

Minister of Education Dame Jennifer Smith received what she termed a “magnanimous gift” from local film maker and nature conservationist, Andrew Stevenson. On Thursday [Dec 9] Mr. Stevenson visited the Ministry of Education and donated more than 40 DVD copies of his award winning documentary “Where the Whales Sing” to Minister Smith.

Minister Dame Jennifer and Andrew Stevenson

The three-year project chronicles the migration of the North Atlantic humpback whales. Their seasonal journeys have them passing through Bermuda’s waters during the early months of the year. Copies of the film will be shared with the Island’s public schools and be used as an educational tool for students.

Dame Jennifer said “This is a very kind and magnanimous gift from Mr. Stevenson and on behalf of the Ministry I want to thank him for sharing this with our school children. The story of the humpback whale is something that our children need to be aware of, because these magnificent creatures are part of our environment. I do hope this film will inspire some of our students to become adventurous, maybe even inspire some to become marine biologists.”

Mr. Stevenson explained to Minister Smith that the documentary came to fruition after his 6-year-old daughter Elsa expressed an interest in the creatures after seeing one of them spouting water just off a south shore beach.

According to Mr. Stevenson, Elsa expressed such curiosity at the sight that he decided to dedicate the next three years of his life to chronicling the humpback whales’ migration story as well as the dangers that threaten this unique marine species. Mr. Stevenson said Elsa was so much of an inspiration for the project that she narrated the film.

“Where the Whales Sing” has been warmly received locally, as well as internationally. In fact Mr. Stevenson was recently voted Best Emerging Underwater Filmmaker at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival in California.

“Where the Whales Sing” is airing on CITV (CableVision Ch. 2 and WOW Ch. 102) on December 11th and December 12th at 12.30 p.m., 8.30 p.m. and 4.30 a.m. For more information about Mr. Stevenson’s work with the North American humpback whale, visit

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  1. Jon Soeder says:

    It is really wonderful that Mr Stevenson has taken so much time and effort into helping young people understand more about the marine environment through education. These creatures are threatened as a species and the ONLY way we can begin to save them is by educating and enlightening people of all ages about the treasure we are about to lose.

  2. Weldon says:

    Amazing work! If you haven’t seen the film be sure to view it on TV or better yet pick up a copy of the DVD.