Music Video: Stop the Black on Black Killing

February 9, 2011

Stop the killing — that’s the message of a new video from local gospel reggae singer Troy Anthony as he continues to pursue his musical mission to try and heal a Bermuda community wounded by a dramatic upsurge in violent crime in recent times.

Set to a montage of news clips from the island and overseas, the video for his song “Black On Black” calls upon the community to embrace peace, and to address the factor of black on black crime.

The video features photos of some of the murder victims from the past few years — all black males — including Perry Puckerin, Kumi Harford, Troy Yankee Rawlins, Gary Fingas Cann, Kimwandae Walker, Freddy Maybury, Ricky Tucker, Marcus Gibbings, Kellon Hill, Matthew Clarke, Aquil Richardson and more.

The video also includes footage from the Wellington Oval incident; lawyer Charles Richardson, who while in prison famously rehabilated himself and went onto become one of the island`s top defence lawyers; a splice of legendary civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr; Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on a visit to Bermuda and more.

Troy Anthony,36, an artist well known for his conscious style, sings: “They wanna kill each other/Black on black there is too much of that/We need more love, we need to bring it back./ Good over evil, we pray for the people/Stop the killing, let’s stop the sequel/Life is precious not worthless/Clean up your act and stop the lip service.”

The video starts off with our footage of Police Spokesman Dwayne Caines speaking at the scene of last week’s very unfortunate murder, and upon asking the Police what they thought of this video they categorically stated they are support any and all efforts to help stem our gang violence, and fully endorse anti gang efforts such as this.

Troy Anthony’s  love for reggae music began to develop at the age of ten. When asked why reggae stood out to him, he has said: “Reggae is the only music that I could relate to that reflects my island roots, and in my opinion, the only music that has such powerful heartfelt messages to complement the rough but sweet sound.”

At the age of 21, Troy Anthony survived a near-fatal traffic accident — an event which would change his life forever. On the night of his twenty-first birthday, he and some friends were in a terrible car crash that would claim the life of a close friend who was also celebrating his birthday that night.

This tragic event pushed the ambitious singer to start writing songs expressing his inner thoughts with conscious lyrics. He went a step further and began recording and getting air play on the local stations and was approached by the island’s top promoters who asked him to open a few shows featuring artist like Luciano, Morgan Heritage, Sizzla, Anthony B., and Mikey General to name a few.

But still trying to cope with the death of his friend the singer began seeking answers to questions that only God could provide. In January, 1999, his questions were answered in a little church on the same street that claimed his friend’s life.

Now a Christian husband and father of two, he is today more determined than ever to bring to the people good music with a strong message of encouragement, truth, love, and enlightenment.

“My goal as a gospel reggae artist is to be passionate about reaching the lost for Jesus Christ,” he has said. “I take pleasure in fueling the radical people of God to be free to express what God has invested in them. I am a firm believer in the Holy Spirit and humbly depend on the Word and anointing of God to accomplish my mission.”

The lyrics to “Black On Black” appear below:

I can’t believe it
Why they want to kill another one dead
Too much gunshots abuse
And too much badness spread

I can’t believe it
Take a look inna dem life
It’s like dem lose dem head
They’re living but they’re living like the living dead

Black on black
There is too much of that
I remember when we used to live with ease on the block
But now we kill each other because we’re G’s on the block
More love, we have to bring it back
Nuff o’ dem don’t know the truth of life
It’s time now to listen to your conscious and be wise
Great people have already died
For you and I to live this life

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  1. Boss Lady says:

    I have to give Troy props for *consistently* trying to put a positive word out there for the youth. I feel like he doesn’t get enough play or press for all his efforts and not to mention talent. Bermy peeps need to recognized Troy Anthony much more than they do.

  2. Sheriff says:

    I totally agree Boss Lady! Troy Anthony has madd talent ! Press on Troy Anthony !

    I know I am just 1 of many of your supporters in Bermy..

  3. DARRIN DIZZLE says:

    Troy is a good man and personal friend for over 20 years. Hopefully one person will listen and take heed. All of these lives are being lost over nothing. None of them own 42nd or Parkside or Warwick or Somerset but they fight and die because they’re from a certain street or area. They can’t enjoy the full beauty of the island because country boys are hated by the city boys just because. Hate passed down from their fathers and it causes them to lose out on a lot of experiences. Sad. The turf you die for is not your own but the governments. Stop the madness.
    Men fight with their fists. Sissy boys need guns. It takes a real man to walk away. Think about all the children who now have to grow up without their fathers because of something trivial. Drugs? Women? A dirty look? Losing a fight? A chain?
    A life is worth a chain? A chain that does nothing for you but feed your vanity and you can’t be man enough to go and earn it like the man you killed for it.

    You need to wake up people! You are living foul!

    • WOW says:

      Very well put. Troy Anthony is a good friend of mine as well. Keep it up let the kids know Positive things.

    • OMG says:

      like WOW said…..WOW! so true, killing for something that they don’t and will never own. We need to see that we are losing our young black males,,,,, What about the children?

  4. Sarah says:

    It’s always refreshing to see someone taking advantage of the talents they have and cultivating them to spread a positive message. Well done to Mr. Anthony and thanks to Bernews for sharing something that should be shared that a lot of us might not have seen otherwise.

  5. BermyLove says:

    I’m so proud of you cousin! Keep doing what you do xoxo *Big Hugs*

  6. WOW says:

    WOW – Troy Anthony I love it. WOW is all I can say. Positive it is.

  7. MsD says:

    Well done Troy Anthony.. I applaude you for continuing to spread a positive message to the youth of Bermuda. It is “MEN” like you that we need more in the society, “A POSITIVE ROLE MODEL”. Keep up the great work.

    Thanks Bernews!!!

  8. DJ Donnie says:

    Gwaaaan Troy!!!…My Brudda Dat!…Bermuda Go Get his new Album!!…It’s in Stores NOW!!!!…”NEXT GENERATION”

  9. bermyshotta says:

    Bless up Troy…keep doin ya thing bredren. One of d most underated artist in Bermy. Kno dat!

  10. Time for Change..... says:

    Bermuda people….it is TIME FOR CHANGE! We need to raise these youths right! We need to love them, show them the positive life and give them MORALS! I see it EVERY DAY at the middle school level where some parents neglect their children, make excuses for their negative behavior and spoonfeed them instead of guiding them down the right path and instilling in them life lessons! It starts from home and this island is only going to get worse unless WE as adults do something about it NOW! Everyone sits back and does nothing, but the minute it hits home, thats when it truly opens up your eyes and we become proactive! It hurts to see this island heading downhill! It hurts to see people killed over turf wars and innocent children having to grow up without a father! Good parenting plays a VITAL role in the 3way your child matures into adulthood, the path they take, the standards they set and the morals they possess! Parents I urge you to PLEASE be the best you can be with your child. This island faces so many social and family issues leaving children to suffer. You can’t blame it on the government, you can’t point a finger at no one but yourself. There have been many before you who have suffered financially, but have still found a way to be an excellent parent! Children need QUALITY TIME, LOVE & GUIDANCE and if we can’t simply give this, we are creating a future of turmoil1! Please Bermuda WISE UP!

    Troy Anthony you have created a remarkable video! Keep pursuing your dream and producing beautiful REAL conscious/gospel reggae music!

  11. Terry says:

    Great work Troy. Lets see how many jump on your bandwagon.

  12. DARRIN DIZZLE says:

    Another way for you to support his message is to purchase Troy’s music on itunes,
    watch his videos on youtube so the world can see people are checking for him and to post his videos on your facebook pages.
    Support the artist, the man and the message with actions!
    The rap and dancehall music is messing up the youth!
    Show the bigger heads that people want positive music too.

  13. Peace and Love says:

    Well done Troy!! amazing! let’s hope that “the right” people look at this..when they are out plotting their next move..let this be a glimpse of how easy it could have been them!!

  14. RealisticApproach says:

    Absolutely love his work.

  15. Nikki S says:

    Going to buy his album! Big Up Mr. Troy Anthony…positive black man in our community trying to spread love thru his conscious lyrics…

  16. Terry says:

    Bermuda has been supporting arts and entertainment for years. Where has it got us.

    The irony is everyone is in support of this young man for making vidoes/ et al. Thats great. Make money is what I hear here.

    It’s all great to make music, bring it too the forefront in troubling times. I can’t afford the purchase. Where are people going to get the money for the purchase. Jobs are being lost, the ecconomy is going down hill. IB is leaving. Tourism is over (ships don’t mean diddley)

    Is this gentlemans CD’s et all gonna save us? Will the Gang Bangers all go out and buy it? Will they continue with their stronghold on normal life in Bermuda?

    So much for Frank Sinatra and “I did it My Way”.

    Don’t need the guy in the suit comming to Bermuda telling us where certain demographic areas are. And surely don’t need him telling us what to do with a problem they created in the US and that has been sold to millions as a lifestyle.

    To bad knowone really interprets Bobs words of “Get up, stand up for your rights”.

    The ones that should be “getting up” are the ones that hide these fools and killers along with the ones that don’t want to get involved but just bitch and moan.

    The handbasket is already starting to ignite on it’s way too hell.

    • DARRIN DIZZLE says:

      You have it all wrong! Not supporting positive music is why it’s not on your radio. They make more money selling sex and violence.
      Making a CD costs money, studio time costs money, getting a positive message out costs money. This is what he chose to do to make a living instead of killing or robbing so yes we should support him. Somebody has to. You don’t have to. His Cd won’t save the world and Neither will you or Bob Marley.
      If you can’t buy one song for a dollar or the album for $9.99 then you shouldn’t be wasting your money on internet bills.
      We have to start somewhere. I’d rather listen to Troy’s CD than you.
      Everything was positive on here until you come on bashing a POSITIVE thing.
      Terry why don’t you be the first to start a movement, rally or sit in at the next murder location instead of bitching and moaning and not getting involved.
      Maybe I’ll be there. Didn’t TROY ANTHONY do a free show in town last year because of the very issue we’re on here talking about? I didn’t see you up there singing and reaching out to the gang bangers!
      HYPOCRITE! Troy is involved. What are you involved in other than running your yapper?

    • Terry Swatter says:

      Terry,,why did you have to come on here and pollute this positive thread. We all are here to support our brother, our friend and you always have to come along with your bad playground behavior. PLAY NICE… I know its hard, but I know its possible, because you started out on a positive note for your 1st post.

    • DJ Dash says:

      I respect Troy Anthony as a person and as an artist because he is living proof that a Black Bermudian male can do something positive with his life, no matter where they came from. If you’ve ever seen Troy on the streets you’d realize, he knows EVERYONE, from plumbers to politicians including the so called “Gang bangers” sitting on the walls.
      I remember seeing him live at a show on court street and after his set the whole neighborhood was buzzing with positivity. His music just radiates positive vibes and i thank bernews for sharing it with everyone.

      @terry No, one CD is Not going to save us. Of Course he cant “fix” the problem our island is having with his songs alone, but I see his music as a candle light in a dark room. if people with comments like you keep tryin to blow the light out then it’l never spread. If your’e not part of the solution then ur part of the problem, and Troy Anthony is definitely a part of the solution.

      And since you cant afford the cd, here’s a link to his myspace page with some of his songs

      • DARRIN DIZZLE says:

        Agreed DJ DASH. Terry should change his name to TerryBull! He’s full of it sometimes!

  17. mixitup says:

    Powerful Message, well done Mr. Anthony! We need to get it together people your children are not your friends! You have an obligation to set them up for success even before their born, give them the tools that will make their lives that much better than yours and quit with these crazy names! Shanquisha, Bonquisha, Alezanishia, they have to live with these names not you!

  18. Winnie says:

    Another powerful lyrical piece form Troy Anthony,if one person listens and take heed you have done your job my brother. Continue to bless us with concious uplifting music ONE LOVE.

  19. Terry says:

    Very true Mixitup. Good thing I changed my name by dee poll to Terry.

    My parents named me terry but the Government messed it up in their records and birth department. I was a ‘Terryist’ and a ‘Terryitory’ for years. Been on the stop list for years. In fact, when I was in MAWI all those years they even had my name on the inside of cell 313….detz rite…….

    “Terrytoons”…………….and you wonder why I am the way I am. Must leave now. Have to give a lecture to hanibal………….

  20. Terry says:

    Ah hell of a lot more than you Dizzle.

    Even if I did, who would come to the “murder location”.

    Listen, if you think I am bitching and moaning, get off your ass and hold a Town Hall meeting with the families that have lost loved ones in these recent spate of black on black killings.

    Comments like that are part of the problem. Reflect before you reject.

  21. JM says:

    Big Up Troy Anthony, another positive powerful message – hope your music gets endless airplay. Blessed Love

  22. Strong says:


  23. sick of racism says:

    I normally like Troy Anthony…. but now I have lost all respect for him.

    Black on black is all that matters?
    If it was blacks killing whites it would be acceptable? would you guys make songs about it then? what about whites killing whites?

    Do you have any clue how conceited and racist you people are? It is sickening.

    If a white boy or some expat made a song about whites killing whites, I bet you that in seconds, there would be racial protests coming from all corners of this ignorant island.

    Wake up and smell your coffee, it stinks.