Jury’s Instructions: Charing Cross Shooting Trial

March 9, 2011

marico-bassettIn Supreme Court this morning [Mar.9], in the case involving the alleged shooting of Randy Lightbourne by Marico Bassett, both the Prosecution with Mr Carrington Mahoney presenting for the Crown, and Mr Marc Daniels arguing for Mr Bassett, finished their presentations to the twelve person jury today.

Randy Lightbourne, 45, previously told the jury that he had recognised Mr. Bassett when the alleged gunman rode a motorcyle into the parking lot of Somerset’s Charing Cross Tavern at approximately 5pm on July 23, 2010 and began shooting at him.

Mr. Lightbourne, who was shot 7 times, spent months recovering from wounds to his arm, abdomen and buttocks. Mr. Bassett, 20, was taken into custody soon after the shooting and charged with attempting to murder Mr. Lightbourne in July 2010, only days after the shooting. During the trial, the jury heard that the gun used was linked to multiple West End shootings — including last month’s murder of Colford Ferguson,

In the summary today, Crown counsel Carrington Mahoney said the defendant allegedly shot Mr Lightbourne to gain favour with a west end gang he was said to be a member of. Mr Bassett’s defense lawyer Marc Daniels claimed that that his client was not affiliated with the gang.

Justice Greaves then cautioned the Jurors, reminding them that they must not be influenced by anyone else, must not discuss the case with anyone else, and that they must remember that they are in the real world where “things can happen.”

Justice Greaves said that his summation was likely to last two hours and that Jurors should ensure that they made personal “adjustments” so that they could sit through his entire summation without having a need to interrupt the flow of his summarizing of the evidence that had been presented.

Justice Greaves also reminded Jurors that they must make arrangements for things like childcare and transporting of others so that once they began deliberating, they would be able to continue their deliberations without a need to stop; and also without there being any time pressure for deliberations to be concluded within a certain time frame.

With that, Justice Greaves let the Jury go after ordering them to return in time for the start of his summation at 9:30am tomorrow morning.

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Comments (13)

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  1. SOMERSET OG says:


  2. Itcouldhappen says:

    Will these jurors be under any protective care until they return tomorrow?

  3. GPS says:

    What did Momma and Granny used to say…

    Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.

    A good cricketer (pace bowler in the making) gone to waist because of peer pressure.

    A future productive citizen, gone to waist because of peer pressure.

    It’s sad that these same Peers that have him in this predicament couldn’t offer him Good/Wise advice.

    To all the so called Gang Bangers in Bermuda, Free Up Your Minds From Mental Slavery.

    Ain’t Nuttin Better Than Peace, Love & Harmony!!!!….And That’s FREE!!

    • speechless says:

      This is what gets me angry the most about the Bermuda gang problem. The youth of Bermuda have 100 times the opportunities of most other places- regardless of the economic depression. If what you say is true about this young man it is truly sad depressing that he has found/ put himself in this situation.

      • GPS says:

        All these young guys in this mess are really good personally, all it is is peer pressure, trying to impress the “ACE BOYZ”, show them that they’re hard, show off to the young girls that like a thug-ish rap star type of guy….

        But in actual fact all these M.O.B., Parkside, 42, Ord Road, etc are very soft at heart guys….all this gang banging is just them trying to express themselves….sad they have chosen this route to do so.

        I just wish WESTGATE was more effective in Rehabilitation.

  4. NUNYA says:

    Where are his his BOYZ now?

  5. k says:

    They’d be bigging him up when he passes by in the adult nursery van wearing them pretty chrome bracelets !!!!

  6. Island Girl says:

    everytime someone goes to court for violence all you Bermudians do is judge!! look at the other side of the story “its always two sides”. i have lived from east to west and i can honestly say the MOB & 42nd arent as “BAD” as people make them seem. think about it!!! if your family was constantly being attacked wouldnt you start to retaliate!!!!!!! They are a group of friends that love eachother as family. 42nd and MOB did not like eachother before but now they have grown up and squashed all their differences and that shows they do have good in them. How many of them have been killed off and not one “GANGSTA” has been found guilty for not one of the murders!!!?? Its more to this story than we know “obviously” so lets sit back read about the case and let jury decide. yes,i do wish the shootings will STOP!!! but if us “Bermudians” would stop talking negative about every situation or looking down on people and start motivating our young men & women to do positive things tho me make mistakes we can come together and work on being a safe island again. “Positive thoughts brings positive results” ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US, SO WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE THE NEXT PERSON?? IMJUSTSAYIN

    • Away says:

      Hmmm, they are not bad people but they are murdering each other…yeah that makes total sense…

    • SOMERSET OG says:

      I hear you Island Girl but a man walking to bar who isn’t beating, stabbing or shooting at you isn’t attacking you. If you do get attacked you should defend yourself not retaliate. If I punch you today and you run away, you shouldn’t wait in the bushes for me and shoot me dead because you are embarrassed about being a sissy! Regular working law abiding citizens aren’t being attacked by gangs and retaliating. Workers at Captain’s Lounge aren’t starting trouble with the KFC staff because they wear red. Does the PLP shoot at the UBP when they see them walking around town? Didn’t MOB declare open season on Parkside and Ord Road? So they’re not as bad if they make friends with one out of three gangs? It seems they spread love with bullets not hugs! Do any of these gangs give back to the community? Free turkeys on Thanksgiving? Organize and sponsor events for the orphans of murder victims? Nah! Didn’t think so.
      I agree with some of what you said though.

  7. Just Yell says:

    No one is saying these boys/girls don’t have any good in them… They just need to stop defending badness… Know that when their friend has bad intentions of doing something wrong, don’t be afraid to speak up and say what it is that’s wrong… Obviously there is two sides to every coin but, whichever side one decides to fall on there is consequences. Remember the grass may look greener on the other side but, it might be that much harder to cut…

  8. k says:

    well if my FRIEND had a GUN then guess what? friend NO more !!!!! choices choices choices . Its negative to be surrounded in this element! followers are always the 1st to fall !