Photos & Videos: Harbour View Homes Opening

March 6, 2011

Yesterday afternoon [Mar.5], Premier Paula Cox and National Security Minister David Burch officially opened the first completed units at Harbour View Village in Southside. In 2005, prospective owners had been given the chance in a Government housing lottery to purchase the units for $199,000.


The H&H Gombeys, who Minister Burch called “the finest gombeys in the land,” opened the event:

Premier Paula Cox spoke at the opening:

Minister David Burch said “…the cost of this project far exceeds the $199,000 each family is paying, but is subject to significant subsidizing by Government through the Bermuda Housing Corporation. So much of the criticism you hear about Government debt – is for projects such as this – and for this we are justifiably proud.” He also said 15 of the original 99 owners opted out of the project:

The building which was officially opened yesterday has been named Richardson’s Manor, after St David’s Islander Hilton C “Hilly” C Richardson, and contains 14 four-bedroom units. The housing development contains three additional buildings; one with three-bedroom units, and two with two-bedroom units.

Minister Burch’s full remarks follow below, click ‘Full Screen’ for greater clarity:


Photos by Only the Best, click to enlarge:

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Comments (21)

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  1. Reality says:

    Look at what the PLP has done for us again!!!!
    How nice…we incur debt so that 99 families can live almost free. You may think I’m being sour but when a member of my family applies for one of these units and gets denied because she now makes too much money yet someone else I know who’s family owns a house with apartments that is paid for (where she was living almost rent free), got a unit then I should be sour. I just hope they all deserve to live there.
    I’ve always supported myself but I will be looking for a handout from govt. just like everyone else does.

    • Lisa says:

      Let me make sure I have this right…You’re mad because the government provided an opportunity for first time home owners, however, you’re mad because your family member did not get one! LOLOLOL!!!! Yes!! You definately sound like sour grapes!! You jokers need to make up your mind whether this is a bad government because they provide opportunities or because they don’t. Also, I am interested to know how your family member could apply for a unit that was allocated to lottery winners over five years ago! And $199,000 is NOT a handout, it is an opportunity! Had your family member gotten a harbor view unit would you still consider it a handout?? Doubt it!! CONGRATULATIONS LOTTERY WINNERS!!!!

      • Reality says:

        Hello Lisa… point is, there are many people taking advantage of the system to get a piece of the rock. The system should be set up in a way that these units can be used as transition units…for example, have a 5 year plan to get yourself on better footing then move on so that someone else can live there at a cheaper rate and do the same. My family struggled through life but in that 5 years it took for those units to be built, 2 of us went off to college at our own expense and NOT at the expense of the people. We are better off now but still unable to afford a piece of the rock. I believe that if the Govt is willing to give handouts, then make them across the board. I get tired of paying for things for other people because they want the easy road out.

        • Logic76 says:

          The Government isn’t giving handouts. The units are being SOLD for $199,000 each. Not rented, SOLD. There is not rate, the lottery deal was set 5 years ago and can’t be changed now.

        • Appaled says:

          Reality you seem to be very bitter about this subject, and furthermore you need to do some investigating before you make accusations. Bermuda Housing Corporation, the same department that helped in bringing the Harbourview village online, do in fact have a system in place that helps people to become better prepared to own a piece of the rock. The new apartments on Perimeter Lane were built just for this purpose. The tenants there are required to save a portion of their income every month, which will help prepare them to purchase their own home in the future. They have a maximum amount of time that they can live there, and every year their eligibility is reviewed.

          So, like I said earlier, before you start spewing out rants about affordable housing programs, let me remind you again, please perform due diligence in investigating what is presently available to ALL Bermudians. You included….

    • Can you handle this says:

      You said it right there..”yet someone else I know who’s family owns a house with apartments that is paid for (where she was living almost rent free), got a unit then I should be sour” The person’s FAMILY owns the house with apartments, NOT the person who won the lottery …get over it!!!! and yes they deserve to live there…..Sour Grapes for resl……..

  2. bermyshotta says:

    Places look niiice inside!

  3. Prospective buyer says:

    Maybe this gov’t does have a hidden agenda after all … If they keep building these ‘affordable housing units’ that now seem to all come with great ocean views on property that was previously unavailable to develop ,then everyone else with their lesser properties buried in quarries and valleys that are hugely overpriced thanks to the greedy banks , then prices for housing will collapse and we’ll go back to what we used to pay in the bad old days.
    $300 for a studio , $ 700 for a one bedroom , $1000 for a two bedroom etc …

    Can anyone else see it coming ? ?

    • Rascal says:

      First, government could not build enough units to change the housing market as you suggest. Eighty-six units are insignificant in terms of numbers, further this is nothing more that a high rise ghetto, subsidized by taxpayers. It will be just like Fenton’s Drive with a view.

      I agree with you on your description of greedy banks but they don’t make a whole lot on the Bermuda market compared with their other income streams. If the “bad old days” were to return with the low rents you desire, this place won’t be fit to live in as thousands of mortgages will be called with no buyers.

  4. Happy says:

    I’m just happy that people are getting homes… full stop. Let’s understand what the blessing of a home really means.. A place to call your own! So, instead of complaning that they got it and I still haven’t, know that what is for you, is for you. This is for them. Congratulations new home owners! May God bless you.

  5. W.T.F.??? says:

    Did anyone see any white people there…was this an all Black affair..

    • Hmmmmm says:

      Not that it matters, there are white people who will be getting houses there. There were white people there, Michael Dunkley and Suzanne Roberts-Holshouser among them. Let’s try and remember that it was a lottery, as in random selection, as in those who needed housing most applied……the rest I’ll leave to your demographic brain; the same brain that doesn’t ask “do white people commit crime in this country? They never seem to be walking across from Hamilton Police Station in handcuffs for the camera.” Sick.

    • seriously??? says:

      Could it be because they already got theirs and MORE??? like WTF W.T.F.??? Did you really ask that question??? I’m more than sure the lottery winners would give up there harbour view to trade places with the occupants of tuckers town!!!

  6. rent free? says:

    um….. how would that be the “bad old days”? most apartments are way over priced for the average person. houses here are also over valued.

  7. Bermuda Jim says:

    The government lease away hundreds of acres for 250 years, then give away a few houses well below cost…..go figure!!!!

  8. Patricia says:

    Congratulations lottery winners! Its about time.

    My only question is why is it that when Government build these affordable houses they install airconditioners throughout. Less money would be used if they left this luxury out. I say leave it to householders to install their own. And if it would be difficult to install because of the way the units are constructed, a window unit also does the trick. Just curious.

    Enjoy your new home.

  9. Foreal says:

    Are people here really writing negative comments on affordable housing for people who might never be able to buy the own home if this wasn’t available. They have something to call their own. People need to wake up!!!

  10. PAS says:

    I wish I was poor enough to afford a centrally airconditioned house with water views :(

  11. Namaste says:

    Here’s to W.T.F… sound very ignorant to what you wrote earlier. It’s quite apparent that you are very miserable in your life and your taking out your issues on people who don’t deserve it. Why not channel your issues on yourself and become a better person. I am thrilled that the government is putting up houses that are actually affordable. We, Bermuda, as whole, should work together not against one another. You might be surprised at the outcome.


  12. Dazzle says:

    OMFG… To ALL the haters – I am compelled to enlighten YOU… In 2004 it was announced that 198 various sized affordable homes were being built @ South Side and 99 families could win the “OPPORTUNITY” to purchase one of those homes for a price of $199,000… Qualified applicants would be subject to a lottery process to determine the 99 families that would get this opportunity… The lottery was open to EVERYONE and once you met the requirements you could only qualify for the draw … YAY for me – I am a LOTTERY WINNER!!! I am a single mother of one child and ever since I became an adult/mother I have ALWAYS worked hard, taken care of myself and my child without the help of anyone…. I have educated myself at my own expense, I consistently SAVE as much $$$ as I can by purchasing only the necessities, I have NOT taken a vacation off of this island for 5 years and I sure as hell am not lazy NOR have I ever begged for handouts or manipulated the “system” so I can get ahead without having earned it… My family does own their own property with an apartment which is mortgage free BUT it is THEIR property NOT mines… I am ONE of multiple siblings and ALL of us have our own families, therefore, the property that my family does own CANNOT accommodate ALL of us – So I applied for the lottery… In my case – As a single parent my annual income could not exceed $70,000 (at the time I was employed by an exempt company earning close to the annual income cap – which by the way is hardly the income of someone who is POOR!!!)… Over 1,100 people applied and we had to jump though a lot of hoops providing all types of references, credit checks, financial info, proof of employment, proof that you had the $10,000 deposit, proof that YOUR NAME was NOT already on a property deed, proof of your salary including bonuses, child support etc… An after ALL that they put your name in the Royal Gazette giving other people the right to object to you applying for the lottery, and then finally you had to HOPE and PRAY that YOUR NAME was pulled out of the raffle basket (just like when you buy a raffle ticket at a fair and you hope and pray that YOU win the CAR!!!)… It was a matter of CHANCE and boils down to being in the right place, at the right time, with the right circumstances… At the end of the day I am not bothered by ALL your jealous and negative comments because the fact remains that the lottery was open to everyone… DON’T HATE because YOU had the same chances that I did… I just happened to be successful in qualifying and was LUCKY enough to have had my name chosen!!!