USA Today Picks Up Cruise/Bus Story

April 27, 2011

[Updated] The ‘Cruise log’ section of USA Today’s website has picked up a local story about our bus situation with an article entitled “Bermuda to limit cruise ship passengers on public buses”, which says, “The island nation of Bermuda appears to have had enough with visiting cruise ship passengers clogging its public buses.”

The story has attracted close to 70 comments thus far on the USA Today website, some appear below:

Have they thought about running more buses? Duh! Seems like someone in Bermuda with an ounce of business sense would capitalize on this lack of transportation, and coordinate with the ships to run buses in and out of town for the tourists only. The cruise ships would be happy to charge the cruisers more for “special chartered” buses into town. And this is a problem for Bermuda’s officials?

The answer is for cruise lines to boycot Bermuda. It would be a lot easier to put extra buses on when cruise ships arrive. The old saying, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” applies here.

How many of you have actually been to Bermuda…..? Yes, why don’t you go cruise somewhere else and leave Bermuda alone before you all trash it. BTW, Bermuda doesn’t really need your “tank-top, flip-flop, slurpy, spandex, all-you-can-eat-at-the-buffet” hand, it’s doing quite well without it, thank you very much.

I am a representative from the Bermuda Ministry of Transport, and would like to respond to the inaccurate reporting in this article. Visitors who visit Bermuda are aware how proud we are of our efficient and affordable public transport system, consisting of buses and ferries. What the article failed to mention was that we have always limited the number of visitors boarding our REGULARLY scheduled buses going to Horseshoe Bay Beach from our major cruise port, Royal Naval Dockyard. This is to ensure that residents and visitors staying in hotels have space to board the buses at other locations along the route. The article also failed to mention that we provide SPECIAL buses that go non-stop from Dockyard to Horseshoe Bay Beach. This is exclusively for our cruise ship visitors. I would have thought that a highly regarded publication such as USA Today would have attempted to contact local officials before publishing inaccurate information to its readers.

Way to many other Islands to see anyway. Have you priced some of the hotels on the Island, lets just say WOW would be an understatement. Where do they get off anyway. Besides they say we dress funny, have they looked in a mirror “not”, the shorts they ware LOL

Don’t go to Bermuda. Are they happy, now?

Update: We have received clarification from the Ministry of Transport who said there is “no regulation on the number of cruise passengers allowed on each regularly scheduled bus.”

A spokesperson explained that, “There are also special (shuttle) buses that are used to supplement the regularly scheduled service. These go directly to Horseshoe Bay Beach and back and are for the cruise passengers only. Each of these buses leaves when completely full.”

“There is no regulation on the number of cruise passengers allowed on each regularly scheduled bus. The number of seats left vacant varies by time of day and day of the week, and is based on projected demands along the route. Please remember that this is the very first stop on the route. The main route to the Horseshoe Bay Beach is route 7.”

“During the early morning, more seats are left empty to allow for commuters and other visitors to board further along the route. Later in the day, fewer seats are left empty when leaving Dockyard. There are also taxis and minibuses that cruise visitors use to go to the beach.”

“This practice is not new, and only occurs when we have cruise ships in port. During the summer months there is less demand from commuters, so more of the seats are allowed to be occupied by cruise ship visitors. Again, we also have special buses, taxis and minibuses that go directly from Dockyard to the beach.”

“The Supervisors use experience to determine the number of seats that should remain vacant. We also have radio contact on our buses, so a bus operator can radio the Supervisor to let him/her know if there are high numbers of people waiting for buses along the route. This is simply a practical operational consideration that is in place to manage demand.”

“Demands for commuter and school bus services decrease after the school term ends in June, meaning more of the seats can be occupied by cruise ship visitors. Please keep in mind that there are still the shuttle buses. Many visitors purchase public transportation passes and use these for the ferry and bus, not just to go to Horseshoe Bay Beach, but to other parts of the Island. The goal of the Ministry of Transport is to move the people to where they wish to go in a timely fashion, whether by taxi, minibus, public bus or ferry.”

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  1. Crazy! says:

    That article is terribly written, and sets a bad name for Bermuda. The article implies that all Bermudians dislike tourist, therefore stirring up unnecessary controversy. We should all send letters/emails to the editor in charge of this story demanding that he correct his innacurate reporting and fix Bermuda’s name.

    • Summer says:

      Perseption is reality. This island is playing with fire.

      • itwasn'tme says:


        • Rolling says:

          Yup…and govt will not say what all this is. This is a work-to-rule industrial action (there are plenty of buses and drivers). But no one wants to say that cuz it will get have a terrible effect on the upcoming tourist season.

    • Scott says:

      to put it simply Crazy!, it was an official who made these comments that set the controversy.

      As an elected representative, his ministerial word implies what Bermuda as a whole feels. Thats how govt works. We elect people to represent us, so that we dont have 60,000 people trying to voice their opinions.. instead we choose a very few, given the power to speak on our behalf.

      No they obviously dont speak for every person, but he is given the privilege of speaking for the average number of voices.

      the problem arises when ministers say things that the majority doesnt truly feel. If the majority doesnt really feel how a minister or mp feels, or doesnt think or say things that the minister/mp says and thinks, then we can only choose that at the election. If he keeps crushing our reputation with these types of comments/ideas… we have a choice to get rid of him, or settle for what he says.

      • Living in Hells kitchen says:

        we want Minister Lister’s Head on a golden platter

    • Hudson says:

      No Crazy.. you are wrong. Our GOVERNMENT should send a letter to USA Today, pleading forgiveness for the mis-perception caused by statements made by the minister regarding our stained public transport system. We should all send letters/emails to our MINISTERS demanding that they correct their attitudes towards tourism and IB because perception IS reality.

    • Bermyman says:

      It is called PR. Our government is currently run by fools. You need intelligent people to run a country or it will fail and the cracks are definately showing. You get what you vote for Bermuda!

  2. Sourced says:

    Thanks Bernews. I sent you that. I think dialogue has to be focused on some of the assinine statements we or our representatives make that are picked up in the global media. Concentrate on this rather than whether two privately owned firms (over which the govt has no control) merge!!! The broader coverage and the potential visitor comments are so very damaging and very upsetting. We all must realize that in so many ways Bermuda Inc is dying. And we seem so intent on helping it along.

    What I found very telling also was one of the comments made by a would be visitor was that “they don’t consider us tourists anyway. We don’t come in on a plane. We don’t stay in hotels”

    Is that the message we want to deliver?

  3. Irritated says:

    That article pissed me off, the comments are rude and most haven’t even been here….smh

    • Sourced says:

      Our comments are rude…dont you see? Our attitude is rude. They dont want to come here. We have no one to blame but ourselves…

      Why would they want to come here when they cant rent a car, we terrify them when they are on mopeds and they are second on the buses…when they have limited time in Bermuda….who wants to come?

      • R Phillips says:

        Sourced is correct. Our attitude is extremely rude, especially the female bus drivers from hell. Is it a requirement that Bermudian bus drivers be so obnoxious? And please tell me why Bermudians need to hear a Good Morning before they’ll talk to you or answer a question.

        • Whoa Nelly says:

          because its called having manners and letting them know that you are indeed talking to them. for all we know you could be talking to the voices in your head, just because one maybe having a bad day its no need to take it out on anyone else………i was taught when you enter a room you greet everyone appropriately…..its your right not to speak to anyone you dont wish to but if you dont and they dont respond to you…. well its thier right as well……treat people the way you would like to be treated …..give off attitude be prepared to get attitude back …….

          • Scott says:

            errr… not quite nelly… i’ve given some a “hello”, or “hi”.. and gotten “Good mornin”… so i said hello back.. and got.. GOOD morning… so i said hello back.. and got GOOD MORNING….

            i have acknowledged the person, i ahve been polite… they literally dont start until they hear good morning… that is just asinine and rude.

            In a position of public services, to exercise a right to not talk to someone is extremely rude, and exatly the image that you dont want working there. You seem to be supporting this idea… hence we are in this bind wiht tourists not wanting to come.

            • Concerned says:

              Scott i absolutely agree!!! I too have started with “hi” or “hello” and received the same response! I now say “hi, good morning” just to save time and argument!

            • Whoa Nelly says:

              no scott i am not or do not support rudeness of any kind and i deal with people all over the world with many different cultures and backrounds all i am saying is that manners are due to a dog…….regardless ……the problem is we as bermudians take things way to personally when we shouldnt and dont take personally what we should………i have had the priveledge to live outside of Bermuda for quite some time so i have been exposed to other cultures unfortunately most of bermuda only goes for a visit……i suggest open your heart and your mind will follow………and Scott when you encounter ppl like that you have the right to move on to the next…….i would be happy to serve you!! with a smile and a grand hello back at you….not all are bought up that way and it shows in our customer service…….but because you have had a few bad experiences in that department it doesnt go across the board….remember its a preference…….you prefer to say hello they prefer a good morning……as far as tourist not wanting to come……well thats thier preference as well …not saying i agree but am saying that for all the blogging ppl do about such matters and others how many of us are actually doin our part to stop/fix the problem…….um doin mines……

              • Think about it says:

                Are you people crazy? Do you not know how polite Bermudians actually are? If you were anywhere else in the world and were a tourists and stopped someone on the street to ask a question, you know what would happen?

                You would either:
                a.) Be ignored
                b.) Be rudely dismissed
                c.) Be tazed.

                Bermuda is the only place where you will have someone walk down the street and say hello to you or have them try their best to help someone, especially tourists, if they needed it. It also goes both ways. I couldn’t tell you how many times a tourist has stopped me, no good morning, asked me for directions, and then leave without saying thank you.

                So all of you take that into consideration before you start going on about how rude Bermudians are.

          • It's gonna be a long hot summer says:

            It is not considered having manners when it is said with sarcasm and a scowl and followed up with the sucking of the teeth.

            • Whoa Nelly says:

              this is true hot summer…..did you greet them when you entered the building/room if so how was your demenor when you did, was it like oh no another bermudian i know my service is gonna be crap or was it good day how are you today nice to see someone doing something constructive with thier time or was it that you are better that the one serving you so they are beneath you? just curious because i have encountered them all from the racist to the um better than you to the um happy to have you serve me kind…….but like i said earlier not everyone was raised like i was so i dont take it personal i figure they didnt get any last night and thier attitude has nothing to do with me and serve with a smile…….too many of us let others dictate our emotions and how we feel… motto is every one of my clients bring me joy…..some in when they come and others when they go…therefore i am always smiling…….lets face it not everybody is polite but that doesnt mean that you should follow suit

        • onion says:

          No you are right there is no need for bus drivers to be so obnoxious. However, I disagree with the no need to hear a “Good Morning”. When I was a child growing up here NO ONE served or spoke to you unless you greeted them first. You walked into a store and you greeted the owner or person working there, and the same on the bus if you got on you said “Good afternoon” or whatever was appropriate. This may seem asinine to you but it was a lesson that carried into my adulthood and i teach my daughter. You should always be polite to everyone Bermuda has lost this sadly. Now, that being said there is no need to be rude about someone not speaking, just pause for a second and give them a “Good Morning” and how can i help you. It will usually remind the other person to be polite.

        • It's gonna be a long hot summer says:

          You know this, I had seen one female driver on route #3 last spring who pulled the bus out before a very much pregnant lady sat down and then had the gall to laugh and make a comment to her buddy sitting at the front when she almost fell down in the aisle. What is wrong with this lot? They are the nastiness bunch I have ever come across in all my life.

          • Tired of nonsense says:

            Whitey and foreigners deserve it…point blank

            • Kim Smith says:

              Unfortunately whether Tired of Nonsense is being serious or sarcastic, this is exactly what some people think (but don’t say it out loud lest they be identified as ‘racist’)

            • Whoa Nelly says:

              WTF?? nobody deserves to be treated badly and if you really believe that than you deserve every bit of disrespect you encounter SMDH!!

              • Think about it says:

                SHE DID NOT DESERVE THAT! SHE WAS PREGNANT! Now if she would have fallen and injured the baby, that bus driver would have been in deep sh*t!

                Yet I’m wrong when I comment on that bus drivers aren’t the brightest or nicest people in the world?

                • It's gonna be a long hot summer says:

                  You are not wrong, not being nice is putting it lightly. I often see this bus driver (still has the bad attitude) and want to ask her what is going so wrong in her life but i’m scared of her, she looks crazy and I don’t want to end up on the bus floor. At the time, I attributed it to jealousy due to the fact that the woman was beautiful in appearance with long flowing hair while the bus driver resembled a troll and had really short hair that looked like plastic doll hair was glued to her scalp. It’s sad to think but if she was willing to put her job in jeopardy and harm an innocent woman/unborn baby, she can’t be too sharp. But I also think she is in the minority, I’d say 9 out of every 10 drivers is not like this.

            • Lissa says:

              @Tired of nonsense – i have been ‘told off’ by a few white people and I am black. At work my job is made increasingly difficult by a certain white person. At school, things were made difficult for me my white/portuguese, I was the butt of jokes, kicked slapped and called all sorts of racist names. i have also had my share of trouble with blacks also. People are just people, some are rude some are nice regardless of the color.

          • Alicia B says:

            She was one of how many drivers? As unfortunate as that scene was it is not a reflection of all drivers and/or all passenger experiences.

            My question is as a witness to this blatant disrespectful act did you report it to the management of PTB?

            For some reason unbeknown to me, some people do not realise their abruptness or behaviour that may be seen/received as offensive to the next person unless they are told/made aware of it.

      • Think about it says:

        The only thing I have a problem with is the fact that you think tourists should be able to rent cars. I think that is an absolute horrible idea, as I’m sure the government does as well. Could you imagine a tourist in a 4 wheel vehicle, used to driving 60mph and on the right side of the road, with almost all straight ways, driving on Bermudas roads? There would be a dozen accidents a day

      • Let's Think About This... says:

        Let’s remember that tourists/visitors to the island don’t know our culture. It’s a well-proven theory that if you say “good morning”, people will most likely say it back. Websites about Bermuda don’t say “we expect you to say ‘good morning’” and thank God they don’t, or people really wouldn’t want to come here. This isn’t a religious country where you’re being blatantly disrespectful and breaking the law. No need to catch an attitude because they didn’t say it. Be nice to the visitors/tourists because we need them!

        I was raised to use my manners and address people, and I completely agree with its importance for building respect. But some people really tear the *** out of it. It’s a common courtesy, not a law.

  4. facethefacts says:

    Remember it only takes a few bad apples to ruin it for everyone. Face the facts that Bermuda seems to be headed down a road of no return. I can personally testify that some of the larger insurance companies are having trouble recruiting top talent now because of the ongoing violance, work permits issues, customs, etc….
    The bubble that Bermuda sat in was a thick walled bubble, but that wall is as thin as it gets and is on verge of busting for good.

    • Think about it says:

      What does customs have to do with anything. If anything tourists get better treatment than locals from customs. So don’t blame them.

  5. crazytalk says:

    I have an idea. Let’s make the tourists sit at the back of the bus. We can also get them to give up seats when locals get on, as we are better people than they are.

    • PEPPER says:

      I hope the Bermuda dept of tourism is paying attention to the comments in the USA today news paper !!!!!
      some one from that dept needs to go to dockyard when these two mega ships are in…to see what the poor tourist have to endure.

  6. Nicole says:

    Dumb Americans what do you expect.

    • Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber says:

      No Dumb Bermudian you are. That dumb American controls the not so dumb US dollar. Read. Just read. Please.

    • jumpup says:

      @Nicole, I hope the USA today doesn’t pick up on your comment. It is quite possibly the most ignorant and dogmatic comment I have read on this subject. You should educate yourself more and realize how the world economy works and how much the USA has contributed to our nations history and prosperity.

    • IslandLife says:

      WOW! i agreewith @jumpup! this comment is IGNORANT!!! and you wonder why Bermuda is turning the way it is.. cause of close minded people like you! you must have never been off this island!! sad… very sad!

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Bet you don’t feel that way or express that bigoted/ignorant feelings when you go on your shopping trips to the US and what not…

      You are the type of dumb/arrogant/xenophobic/self-entitled person that brings this island’s reputation into disrepute.

      Ignorance knows no bounds in this 21 square mile island…

    • Hudson says:

      You must have meant to say “Dumb Bermudians” and you mistyped…?

  7. Terry says:

    Crazy Talk…your talking crap. Are you jus doing it to “Stir It”..?

    In one breath you say it is terribly written and in the next you say ” lets make the tourist sit in the back of the bus”.

    Rosa Parks…..

    Now get lost, seriously. Your spreading hatred via your ability to talk crap. Rosa Parks did not have that avenue. She took a seat. You, have a keyboard.

    Crazy Talk….how ironic………

    • Think about it says:

      I know it may be hard to detect from just reading, but when he said “lets make the tourist sit in the back of the bus,” I think it was sarcasm.

  8. Preto Plato says:

    This is an example of the negative effects of a certain media out to sastisfy its agenda, and the wreckless opposition (Shawn Crockwell) trying to capitalise on an old practice in a bid to embarass the government. In this case they managed to embarass bermuda.

    Granted Terry Lister should have not said anything, but this is poor from the Opposition, for a longstanding practice. So much about working together. Shawn could have called up Minster Lister and questoined the practice or sent and email as a responsible leader, but politics trumps all i guess.

    When will Bermuda realise that we all have to work together, this dissapoints me to no end!

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      When will you realize that working together is not calling everyone stupid and/or a racist when they don’t agree with your POV? I have read your posts and you my friend have no desire to “work together” unless the person agrees and plays on your “team.” Don’t cry about “working together” now when the proverbial sh*t is hitting the fan. Cause all those nasty people that have been predicting these things happening have been labelled by you and others as white lynch mobs, racists, Uncle Toms, haters etc. But now you want to preach unity in order to pull us out of this slump?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      “This is an example of the negative effects of a certain media out to sastisfy its agenda”

      I didn’t realize that reporting what a Govt Minister actually stated was serving an agenda. Oh, you are one of those that believe that media should only report on positive stories or negative stories that have been spun. Keep that boogie man alive mate!

      • Preto Plato says:

        Issue is not what he said (please note i said he should have kept his mouth shut), Issue is headline and reaction in story specifically designed to satisfy a point. Followed next day by reflexive opposition response.

        When truth comes out, its nothing new, nothing different, and as usual blown out of proportion for paper selling value.

        Please search bernews and find where i’ve called someone stupid or a racist, I’m just stating my opinion. We live in a democracy, feel free to disagree.

        Fact is, it was a poorly reported article that had unintended consequences and wasn’t even factual. “Cruise ship passengers are to be refused entry onto buses when they arrive at Dockyard so that seats are left available for locals. This is one of several new initiatives to try to help improve bus travel for residents who complain they are left waiting at bus stops.” The initiative is not new, the minster said in the article a has always been there.

        Crockwell should know better than taking the bait to make himself look silly. Didn’t BDA call for less civil servants, so who would be driving the buses then?

        • 32n64w says:

          The ONLY person looking silly is Minister Lister and those people who choose to attack the media for accurately reporting his remarks.

    • crazytalk says:

      Preto, what ‘long standing practice’ exactly?

      Do you mean the practice of taking issue with absurd and ridiculous statements made by government ministers? Or is it the practice of making people aware of negative reports about Bermuda emerging in the world’s media? If it’s either of these practices, can you enlighten us as to what, exactly, is wrong with either one?

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        That would be pointing out the errors of whomever the Governing party is at the time…

        Preto must think that when PLP were in opposition they just sat in the House and praised all teh UBP policies/decisions just to make sure that Bermuda’s reputation wasn’t damaged.

        Its politics. And sometimes in politics the truth is brutally honest. If you can’t handle the truth then maybe you should just stay out of the political arena.

        But as we all know the situation we find ourselves in at the moment is purely side-effects of the global recession. Because everyone knows that a Party who has manifest from above regarding a destiny to rule (I though divine right was a white privilege concept, oh well) can never do any harm via its snapshot decisions and/or policies.

        Never. They are way too perfect. Only the supposed “white party” would enact policies that would damage Bermuda. Just ask any PLPer.

    • Hudson says:

      GIVE ME A BREAK! Sir, with all due respect, i think you are nuts. You are such a blind supporter that you fail to see facts from fiction. There is no conspiricy here – it is ignorance at the highest level.

  9. Concerned says:

    It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?!?! Although the article is completely inaccurate – “appears to have had enough with visiting cruise ship passengers clogging its public buses” – people will take it as truth and we will be the ones to suffer. Regardless of the innacuracy, however, we do have a problem with our public transportation as has been reported in our own media. Noone – tourists or locals – should have to wait over an hour for a bus. We, Bermudians, need to pull up our socks and pick up the slack and get this place back to what it used to be. Work for free if that’s what it takes – I do it all the time!!

    • Scott says:

      no inaccuracy there.

      it states “appears”.. that’s not an absolute comment.. to many, it definitely does appear that way.. appearances are everything.

      • Concerned says:

        I stand corrected – when I wrote this I didn’t realize Terry Lister had made his comments and I agree, appearance IS everything.

  10. Devin says:

    I trust there will be an official press release refuting both the USA Today and RG articles? Sending word out to Bernews is great for us to be in the know but that USA article has huge potential to do some real damage.

    • Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber says:

      Go read the damage it has already done. It reaches 3.3M readers per day. And over 100 have already said “Thanks Bermuda, I’ll take my money somewhere else.”

      We can’t afford this.

      • Preto Plato says:

        Its the website, not the newspaper, and toursim as you can see has already commented on the article. I’m sure the blogger has been contacted…

        Thats what you get from lifting news, this time it just managed to do bermuda a disservice.

        • Devin says:

          Yeah but if you read the comments from “a representative from tourism” it does not sound very official. I guess we’ll see in the next few days here but hopefully there is an update to that article. but I stopped holding my breath a long time ago.

          • PEPPER says:

            Where is Billy boy on all of this bad publicity regarding Bermuda ? last I heard he was the tourism guru…..(appointed by doc Brown )

      • UncleSam says:

        @Dumb, You are correct as can be! The damage is done. Even if the USA today had to print a retraction it would be on page 10 of the travel section in fine print and no one would read it.

    • Au Contraire says:

      What’s inaccurate about the article?
      The Government Transport minister said there are too many tourists on the bus so the locals can’t get a seat. There will be a dispatcher in Dockyard who will regulate how many seats tourists can take and in some cases tourists will NOT be allowed on the bus even if there are still empty seats when it leaves.

      Oh, I know, it’s all a plot by the combined opposition to make the government look bad. The combined opposition has to stop asking the government to explain their policies as it only makes them look stupid.

    • Rockfish #2 says:

      Ministers Lister and Minors should hold a JOINT press conference and set the record straight both here and overseas.

  11. liars says:

    good job plp

  12. Terry says:

    Devin, the damage is done…..Circa-1609…….and they are still paying for it but most have moved on.

    In 2045 maybe some will get it. OOOOPS!!!! Children……………………………………………………………………….

    • Devin says:

      I suppose we could just add more buses, oh wait our bus drivers don’t show up for work.

    • Middle_of_de_road says:

      A good portion of Bermudians have a negative opinion of tourists and treat them as a nuisance. What did we expect to happen, for the tourist to apologize for clogging our roads and buses? We docked the ships at the far corner of the island, is this really a surprise?

  13. Terry says:

    Preto Plato….”a disservice”…..Get real dood. How much they paying you to make comments like that.

    Did it Happen? Come Rolf you can do better than that…….bnwahaaaaa

    Tell that to the workers……..yeah I can calll………..

    • Terry says:

      Reminds me of BIAW where they think that “Noel” knows everything… anyone can google………And here’s a guy from Ord Road who got a degree……………….whooopy. Now resides elsewhere……..

      Gullable? Yah bet yah……………………MIT….. Missed It ..’”T”…..

  14. US Observer says:

    If you would like to express your opinions with USA Today, here is your oppotunity.

  15. US Observer says:

    Also – To report corrections and clarifications, contact Standards Editor Brent Jones at 1-800-872-7073 or e-mail Please indicate whether you’re responding to content online or in the newspaper.

  16. Pat says:

    Bermuda has come to be in a sad state right now. We have so many problems that we don’t know which one to tackle first. The government spent all that money to build a hugh addition to the Dockyard Wharf only to realize that we as a country are unable to accommodate the additional traffic. We didn’t prepare in anyway for the mega cruise ships and the large number of tourists that they would bring to this little island. We think that we are capable of playing in the big league with the other global destinatons but that is so far from the truth. Shipping all the tourists to Horseshoe Bay, big deal, what do they offer there as entertainment or anything other than sun and sand? You can get sun and sand in many places. We continue to sell ourselves as some exciting tourist destination and even want to offer us locals money to bring out friends to this place. That lets me know that we are really desperate. I don’t know if the slogan “Feel the Love” is going to go over to well after this debacle today. We in Bermuda have become fat off of the complacency that we are “Bermuda” and everyone loves this place so much that we can get any “Dumb American” to come here and pay through their eyes for basic stuff like food and souveniers. Wake up “Dumb Bermudians” we have blown a large hole in one of our so called Pillars – Tourism. The days of tourists from anywhere coming here and paying high prices for substandard hotel rooms is OVER!!! Have you taken an look at some of the hotels rooms lately? They need some serious updating. We as Bermudians travel a great deal and would never stay in rooms that look like some of the hotel rooms that I have seen around this island. As for the cruise ship passanger in Dockyard, they have voiced their own displeasure with the state of affairs regarding the transportation here in Bermuda so how can we get mad at the article. We have been lying for too long. Bermuda is not equipped to handle the influx of mega ships here on the island.

    • United Bermuda Democratic Alliance Party says:

      Bermuda would be equipped to take several mega ships if they weren’t all stuck at one end of the island with only one narrow road out. Talk about a traffic jam!!!!! The person who had this stupid idea was a total idiot. DUH!!!!!

    • 32n64w says:

      Pat – The Planning Department were well aware this was an unsustainable project with inadequate infrastructure in place to handle the increased traffic, however, the PLP Government pushed an SDO through anyway to circumvent the process (they’re now typical modus operandi).

      Clearly this has cost the taxpayer not only an over-priced/over-billed pier (by the way where is the Auditor General on that investigation of the contractor for this and the TCD build out?) but also run the risk of long term harm to our reputation, not just from the bad press on USA Today’s website but also the excessive saturation of tourists in such a small place at the expense of Hamilton & St. George’s.

  17. Joe says:

    Is Patrice back? She’s hot!

  18. Americans are SAD says:

    Americans feel as though they do the world a favour by their mere existence. I’ve read a comment that US Today is read by 3.3 million people and had over 100 comments so the damage is done. What kind of percentage is that? Most of those who commented probably can’t afford to visit here anyway.
    Truth is we get hot dog American tourists coming here- ones that spend all there money on a cruise here and can’t afford the Island’s prices, high or not. They race back to the ship to eat the meals they paid for because they have zero $$ to even patronise our restaurants, I’ve seen it first hand. And when they visit the stores, they demand a discount because they’re on the ships- even if the item is on sale or only $20, seen that first hand too.
    I am so sure they are advised prior to booking their tickets that Bermuda isn’t inexpensive. So we’re focusing on the comments of a few whom could never afford to come here anyway.
    Americans, get over yourself, the world is not meant to bow at your nasty feet.

    • Terry says:

      Well detz yah prublem chiel……..Dee boat people vill cum…….What the F^%$# you on…………………….

    • Watching! says:

      I bet you jump on the first plane smoking at Christmas to go shopping at one of the great American Malls!

    • Denise says:

      Your attitude is why we wont want to come to Bermuda, its YOU that needs to get over yourselves with your mediocre hotels, sky high prices and crappy attitude towards tourits. Enjoy more unemployment, crime and declining standard of living :)

      • Watching! says:

        I agree but not all Bermudians think the same! My parents are US Citizens and we have a Marine in the family fighting for freedom for the likes of that sorry ass! I am 5 generations BDA and love the USA. His/her comments only prove how ignorant some of our people are.

      • 16v says:

        -Denese your comments speak for you not “us” as Americans. Smarten up before you stir the pot

      • Kim Smith says:

        As a Bermudian I am actually grateful to Denise because I do believe we have A LOT of work to do if we want to call ourselves a viable tourism destination. Another trait of us Bermudians is that we can’t see the side of ourselves that needs improving… so busy are we puffing ourselves up and patting ourselves on the back for how great we think we are… might be the effect of all that alcohol!

    • Doug says:

      As an American I’ve been following Bernews for a while now, and held my tongue on numerous topics as they were things that need to be figured out in BDA, not for an “outsider” to pass judgement or debate.

      However, comments like those from “Americans are SAD” are not applicable to all US tourists who arrive in Bermuda. Nor are the attitudes you speak of.

      Think before you make blanket statements. Many of us come in year after year and inject money into the local economy.

      Keep in mind that there may be instances that you describe, but to indict all US tourists is unjust and ridiculous.

      • Al says:

        Number one flaw in local Bermudian traits – NEVER think before they talk. As a young Bermudian, some of the comments I hear and read locals say are just SO STUPID and IMMATURE. Little do they know how much we NEED tourist in Bermuda. Our economy is going to hit rock bottom and people don’t see it yet. I am not sure how Bermuda Government is running this country but it’s SAD.

        • Let's Think About This... says:

          @Al, I agree. Please, please, please think about your comments before you submit them. Once it’s said, it can’t be taken back. This goes for everyone no matter your take on issues. Like my mother once told me: “If you have nothing nice (constructive) to say, don’t say anything.”

          Bermuda NEEDS tourism. We do not have enough money moving within the country so we need outside revenue. Be nice to the visitors. You expect the people at Universal Studios and McDonald’s to be nice, you do the same here.

    • jumpup says:

      More ignorance… I didn’t thing anyone could top @nicole but you certainly have. you must be on the stop list……

    • Scott says:

      That’s the problem though… why are they running back to their ships and not spending a lot on island?

      its because of incidents like these… crap where stores are over priced, locals are rude, can’t get transport, etc etc etc..

      this isnt some new thing where we suddenly say we dont want these “hot dog tourists” anyway…. its thoughts like that that have killed our tourism industry.

      We keep compounding the problem.. make it worse and worse.. but then instead of fixing the issues, we simply just change the demographic we are searching for.

      First our tourism was booming. Then there was political issues.. and we said fine, we dont care about tourists that dont come because of that..

      then it got expensive, and we said thats ok, we only want the wealthy tourists here anyway…

      then bermudians because rude and spiteful, and we said thats fine, the tourists who we are being rude too deserved it…

      now we have transport issues, and we say thats ok.. the ones that are patient can get on, the rest can just run back to the ship, they dont spend money anyway..

      eventually we’ll have no tourists to complain about.. will we then be happy?

  19. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Come on Bermuda…what happened to “Feel the Love” or “Bermuda is another world” ? This country is going down the drain and as a Bermudian, I am frustrated and concerned! We have always done a great job ticking off the ex-pats…now we’re doing an even better job at ticking off the tourists…which are two important factors that build up our infrastructure! I won’t be surprised when all of the insurance companies, ex-pats, and tourists leave Bermuda…Eventually we’ll just end up being reduced to a 3rd world country, the way things are looking now! Stop with the violence, stop with the selfishness, stop putting the blame elsewhere, stop with the ignorance, and stop putting yourselves on a pedastol. Shape up Bermuda.

    • Concerned says:

      So sad… So true!!

    • PEPPER says:

      We do not “feel the love anymore” what is going down is feel the hate toward our tourist…..and they have better and cheaper places to go to…..I just have to say this… I listened to Terry Lister on a talk show today ,thank God he is not our Premier …..

    • jumpup says:

      Well said!!! I hope we can avoid the bottom. Peace and love for all, one blood!!

  20. Its Me says:

    What really amazes me is that whenever the UBP/BDA media prints a story, it is taken as the GOSPEL.
    Just like in the past, before ANY story is verified with a Government official, they runs the story no matter how inacurate the facts are and the fact that the person commenting is not even a part of the Governing party.
    Bermuda politics is so much like the US its not even funny.
    The UBP/BDA are the Republicans ( Tea Party & Fox News )
    The PLP are the Democrats
    What’s the latest scoop, a certain Rupublican demanding to see the birth certificate of the President.
    This story has nothing to do with the Birth Certificate, but the real facts, that a BLACK man is leader of the free world and the USA
    So no matter what right things he does for the majority of the US, he will always be wrong in certain eyes.
    Sounds like BDA to me.
    When will those in the media get it
    “The pen is mightier than the sword” is so true

    • Concerned says:

      PLP are democrats???? HA don’t make me laugh!!

      Democracy: 1. government in which the PEOPLE hold supreme power, usu. through their elected representatives 2. social EQUALITY

      Open your eyes!!
      No matter what wrong they do, they will always be right in certain people’s eyes…

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Can you give evidence of how the Opposition is akin to the Tea Party?

      What makes them so much alike in your eyes?

    • Scott says:

      lol pretty rubbish post frankly.

      to be honest.. when the ubp/bda post things, its definitely NOT taken as gospel.

      it is only listened to and taken in because the questions/assertions they raised are put down as inappropriate questions, not commented on, or given some long speech that has nothign to do with the topic at hand.

      Trust me when some opposition article/statement comes out, i definitely read it and take it in, but when it takes 3 days for a govt response, or some other kind of non-transparent reply, what are people to believe.

      now they have this article, and it was even written by opposition.. they were words/ideas form the govt itself…

    • LOL (original) says:

      I disagree the PLP are the Republicans (Tea Part & Fox news types did not Glenn Jones work for them?). Want proof look at the comments from their supporters on this site. From them it’s clear that they do not like white people and would rather not to listen to a word said by white people even if the white person is trying to get them to stop jumping over a cliff to a rock edged death. They have played on the fact that white people would not be too vocal about the hate speeches they give as discussions on the past just end up the same way every time with white people who do speak up being labled as a hater, racist, troll ect. I also argue that it is some blacks that halt the discussion due to a feeling of moral superiority and argue from that stand point which leaves white people looking like a hater when in fact this is just misdirection as I have seen some manage to disgust themselves and are unable to continue the topic IMO of course


    • Tired of nonsense says:

      The PLP like the Tea Party utilize false incinuations and fear-mongering tactics against their opponents such as:

      “If you elect them (UBP) they will put shackles on our feet and take us back to the plantatiom”

      “They (UBP) are all neo-fascists that want to lock us all up”

      “They (UBP) are right wingers who want to destroy the working man”

      Those quotes (and many others) were issued by the PLP and their supporters, candidates, MPs and Senators.

      So despite your claim the PLP is far more Tea Partyesque than any other group in Bermuda.

      And don’t bring up how the UBP warned Bermudian voters of how a PLP Govt would wreck our economy as your example to rebut my point. Because as all the evidence today shows that they were not fear mongering…they were right.

  21. Crazy! says:

    Send an message to USA Today reporting the inaccuracy of the article, and how it implies that Bermuda dislikes tourists!

  22. PEPPER says:

    Bermuda has more bad publicity !!!!The Kuwait Times has mentioned how one of our Uyghurs made a mockery of the two planes crashing into the twin towers… I am not to sure if was Khalil Mamut or abd -al Nasir…. where are these jokers working ? and is anyone paying attention to these terrorist ? Doctor Brown should be held accountable for this mess……..Why has England been so quiet about this situation ?

    • Stayin Down 'n' Dirty says:

      I can gaurantee you that the hypocritical humanitarian hasn’t yet invited them to dinner at Gombey House much less pay attention to them .

    • Scott says:

      …i have yet to hear about this comment.. where was it posted?

  23. The Truth says:

    If those individuals who are responsible for public transport got their acts together we wouldn’t have negative articles in the first place. If this present government is re elected it will be a crime of epic proportions. They do not have a clue of how to run this country there has been problems ever since 1998..Enough said..

  24. Watching! says:

    Well at least we are getting free advertising! Well done.

  25. Bystander says:

    Now might be the time for a business entrepeneur to find out what needs to be done to create a new private transport business or the government itself should consider privatizing public transportation. Barriers naturally might be lifted by governmente, but it’s an idea pursuing.

    Even though cruise ships don’t remain docked for more than 2 days, islanders should welcome all tourists alike.

    I know for a fact that in the Azores and Madeira and in Spain the cruise liners negotiate with travel agencies to charter buses to transport all the passengers to sight see throughout the island, making crucial stops that show the beauty of the islands and eat at certain restaraunts, etc. And they do all this in 1 day. And i might as well add, that the buses (20 or more) are parked on the dock waiting for the cruise ship to arrive, the passengers basically leave the boat and board the bus.

    Even with Bermuda being a small island, there are plenty of places to visit and things to see (not including nightlife), besides Horseshoe Bay Beach. Bermuda needs to use it’s resources to its advantage.

    I’ve read comments degrading US tourists, but these people forget that Bermuda is geogrphacilly close to the US, therefore naturally US citizens are more likely to travel to Bermuda than people from other parts of the world (being that being farther away makes travel to Bermuda insanely expensive)

  26. Bus Driver (not the original) says:

    Don’t know why you are all so concerned. The world is coming to an end on May 21st. and I still have four weeks sick time left – so I’m takin it now!!!

  27. LaVerne Furbert says:

    Itt wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of posters on USA Today are Bermudians, the same who post here and elsewhere. I know that there is a certain segment in the community who would do anything to destroy Bermuda’s reputation at this point in time. I found it most interesting that USA Today ran a story about striking taxi drivers in Victoria, British Columbia and there were only two posters. As I see it, Bermuda must be a real popular destination if there are so many people who have read the article.

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Senator Furbert, keep that boogie man alive…

      That’s right only white Bermudians complain about the PLP and their wonderful policies which have resulted in the Govt in being unable to run the most basic of services in our country and massice cut backs in the most basic of social services due to wastefule spending by the previous administration.

      I am sure all black people are thrilled with our “state of the union” at the moment.

      And if they aren’t then they are just “confused negroes” that just want to be white…right?

    • sandgrownan says:

      They’re just following the precedent set by the PLP.

    • Hudson says:

      You are kidding right? Is it a crime to pretend to be somebody else? I’m pretty sure a member of our government would never insinuate that members of the community would actively try and damage the delicate economy of their own Island nation? A person in such a powerful position would never stoop to such juvenille levels, while blowing smoke to cloud such an important topic that has such massive consequences surely?

      • LaVerne says:

        I see it every day on this web site and others – members of the community actively trying to damagae the delicate economy on their own island. No nation here. What do you think you’re doing when you constantly criticse the government, the premier, ministers and senators?

        • sandgrownan says:

          Trying to get them to listen? Or perhaps act in a responsible manner? Trying to stop the rot?

          Laverne, I know it’s hard for you to accept the PLP’s failure, I understand. I really do. It must be crushing to realize just how inept you all are. But the damage to our “delicate” economy, as you put it, has already been done. And it’s been done by the PLP.

          You’re in denial sweetie.

        • Tired of nonsense says:

          I wonder if you thought this way when the PLP was in opposition?

          So you believe that everyone should just shut up and take things for what an dhow they are, instead of practicing our democratic right to voice concerns to the people who were ELECTED by the people?

          You really just don’t get deomcracy do you…

          And as “sand” said, the truth hurts sometimes. That is, of course, if yuo can handle the truth…

        • PEPPER says:

          Lavern , take a break…we have all had enough of your retoric.

        • 32n64w says:

          Mrs. Furbert – are you, as an unelected Government official, telling the taxpayer and electorate they don’t have a voice in the affairs of our own country?

          No one forced the PLP to make unrealistic or unsustainable election promises in 2007 which have now put the country over $1B in debt.

          No one forced the PLP to engage in no-bid contracts which have ended costing tens of millions of dollars more than they were supposed to.

          However your remarks would indicate you honestly feel that the Government should be permitted to simply do what they like without fear of criticism or accountability?

        • Hudson says:

          WOW! You are admit to this level of juvenille behaviour, and make yourself look even more foolish by suggesting that any critism of “this government, the premier, ministers and senators” equates to trying to damage the Island? So what, you think that the electorate will sit back and allow this once prosperous Island to go to hell and a hand basket without saying or doing anything? You are living in a dream world, and you seem to miss the point that ALL of this discussion has come about because of asinine comments made by a Minister within our government that has immense negative consequences to tourism. If he hadn’t said what he said, none of us would be discussing this on this forum would we? I know it would be nice to just be able to do what you want when you want as the government in power, but sadly Ms Furbert, you live in a democratic Island where people have the right to free speech, the right to vote, and the right to challenge stupidity. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the fire.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Yes as the whole world is part of the combined opposition. Thanks for making me …………………..

      LOL this morning

    • Bermyman says:

      All one big conspiracy!! The article was written in USA Today by the UBP. Wow, talking about picking at straws, failing to recognize one’s failures. The PLP need to wake up and realize that the entire country is affected by their inability to perform in a time of need. Step down or find someone with half a brain to run things. Your lies, deception, arrogance, smoke and mirrors topped off by racial polarization to radical proportions have done a great job of ensuring your votes are safe. At the same time how about a little responsibility from an actual management and leadership perspective. Rather than squandering the public purse into massive debt, which was spent mainly on very bad tourism policies, bad public transport policies and of course leaking at the seams with corruption. Look at the present situation combined: Tourism problem and transportation problem which could be solved by good PR and logistics management. Unfortunately if you can’t blame it on race, then there is no solution from the PLP. Hence the current silence from the Ministry. I bet all of the comments were made by white tourists Laverne! It’s just not fair I tell you, their in on it to!

    • sandgrownan says:’s just a lack of raspact…I tell you, a lack of raspact

  28. d Jones says:

    Let’s hope it doesn’t take the BDOT 2 years to respond to this…….

  29. Not the original says:

    I tend to agree with Laverne. Besides, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Let’s just smile and be welcoming to our remaining tourists.

  30. Arthur - Atlanta says:

    That is true but in the real world especially the business world, Bermuda’s “say good morning first or I am not going to serve you’ manners do NOT play a part. If I come to you to do a million dollar deposit and because I do not say good morning are you going to refuse to do business with me? No problem, I will take my business elsewhere. I am tired of my Bermuda people who say ‘good morning’ back to you but have an attitude and a non smiling face like the world owes them something. They are just going through the motions. Truth be told having good manners is very desireable to us, but we are to ‘hung up’ on pushing it on the world and in reality we are a speck in the ocean that can easily be ‘squashed’ by that same world we are trying to change to our way of thinking.

  31. Honestly says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure Laverne… We look so DUMB to the outside world right now. Our government have lead us into this deep abyss even further and just when you think it can’t get any worse we go and do something like this. We keep shooting ourselves in the foot.

    To all Bermudians – if you want a job and want your families to all have jobs – be nice to tourists and expats! We don’t have any natural resources so if Intl Business goes – we are F*CKED. Seriously open your eyes and see that we aren’t untouchable and stop being so cocky about this little island in the middle of nowhere that no one really cares if we tank into a 3rd world country.

    A MESSAGE TO ALL BERMUDA TOURISTS AND EXPATS: Not all Bermudians are as arrogant and entitled as you’ve seen on all the different blogs/message boards. I’m Bermudian and there are lots of normal Bermudians who welcome your business/tourism to Bermuda and there is a new generation coming up through the ranks to help make the island a better place. We thank you for all your support and business over the years.

    • Bermyman says:

      We need this new Generation involved in politics and tourism. The current administration are leading us to rocky shores and the current opposition have nothing new to offer in terms of real ideas and progress! We need the smart young people who believe in their country to start getting involved before it is too late!

      • LOL (original) says:

        Don’t you remember the story the other day none of them want to come back wonder why.


  32. Winnie says:

    The Transport Ministry offical said we are proud of our “efficient” transport service, “efficient”????? hmmmm “efficient”???? shaking head. How about used to be an efficient serVICE, used to be.

  33. Let's Think About This... says:

    I love Bermuda. No where in the world is like home. But this needs to stop. We enjoy a privileged life here, but we have no idea of how little we are compared to the rest of the world. Everyone needs everyone to survive, a social dynamic called interdependence. Some Bermudians have been fighting for independence, but we can’t even pull together as a dependent country to solve issues. If there is a lack in available transportation, hire more mechanics to fix the broken ones and more drivers to drive them. Cut the amount of sick time allotted because quite frankly we are in a recession. This means sacrifices have to be made. If you are legitimately sick to the point you can’t perform adequately, then that’s what sick days are for. If not, get into work and do your job. I work in the private sector, and my work day has been cut. However, I’m in every day, and work the entire day even though I’m not being paid for it. There’s a job to be done so I’m doing it. I want money, but I need a job to get what I want. Bermuda, pull up your boot straps and get to work. We will continue to suffer from this recession and watch it get worse unless we get down and do the dirty work for less than we are used to. Sacrifices have to be made in order to get better. So Bermuda, no matter what sector of the work force you are in, make the sacrifice. Give up one of 4 trips a year, hold off getting that $65,000 you want and keep driving the 3 yr old one you have, work your scheduled hours, don’t call in sick if your stomach feels weird but you aren’t throwing up. And please don’t call in sick and let your co-worker go in for time and a half. If you want a higher salary, work for it. Stop abusing the system.

    To past, present, and future visitors: thank you for coming to my country. I really hope you go back home with some good memories, and that you enjoyed some part of the trip if not all of it. I know our country is small, but thank you for understanding that its size is part of what makes it so different. I apologize for any of the negative things you may have heard from some of my fellow Bermudians. We do value and appreciate you. Have a good day wherever you are!

    • Alicia B says:

      I concur!!!!

      The very sad part about it is our Gov’t will not lead the people by example by simply taking a much needed pay cut. Many of us working in the private sector have either been made redundant, been laid off (hours reduced), and/or have been made to continue on with a salary freeze, but our insurance premiums continue to go up year after year. We are all making scarficies. How about the the Gov’t share in this struggle. For the most part it is a cut to their second paycheck when many are trying to survive on one or a half of one!

      This gov’t is truely showing they are not the “People’s party” they portrayed themselves to be when canvassing for the election back in 1998. Shameful to say the least…SMDH Most upsetting to me is that was the first year I exercised my right to vote and boy did I make a mistake:-(

    • CanadianLuv says:




  35. White Jesus says:

    Look Bermudians! All the negative publicity about Jamaica crime and such does not deter all the cougars bent on seeing their chocolate reggae mon in de sun serving coconut playing steel pan mon whippin wet dreads pon beach ok! So just be Ba-me-you-jian and be cool bie! Any publicity is good publicity. The article mentions (inadvertently) that Bermuda is a cruise ship destination. Thanks USA today.

  36. Mary Pereira says:

    Do you really think Bermudians want to do this much damage by going to USA Today to post comments like this. You need to go up to Dockyard and hear the tourist with their frustrated comments. Only in Bermuda do we treat our tourist with disrespect. Make them wait hours for transportation to their only one activity SIT ON THE BEACH!!!!!You need to go to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and see how the tourist is treated there. Instead of our Government going to weddings, take a trip to Pigeon Forge Tennessee, and ride the Tourist Trolley and see how it is done. Hey that’s a thought a Tourist Trolley!!!!! We have money for everything else!!!!! Maybe for one year the Ministers do not get a pay raise and we can buy some “Tourist Trolley’s”
    Check out Pigeon Forge Trolley’s

  37. KMHBermuda says:

    The lack of government bus service could prove to be a real opportunity for a couple of hard-working (I know, novel concept) entrepeneurs…open a private bus service, offering tours all over the island for our cruise visitors, instead of just taking them to Horseshoe Bay…and run (dare I say it)…into the LATE EVENING!!!

    • Big Ears says:

      And yet I overheard a conversation the other day where a minibus driver could not get his driver to show up @ the airport to do a couple of runs due to a delayed/cancelled flight. It wasn’t for lack of trying or that the driver was already “flat out”. There are plenty of entrepreneurs out there who just need to find people who are “hungry” for the work.

  38. liars says:

    Has anyone stopped to think of the people that are on these bus’s with these tourist? Some will be from Westgate, others don’t have transportation because they are degenerates. Othertimes, if your lucky, you will be stared at and talked at. I have been told, by a few ladies, that they avoid the bus because they are harassed and have even been touched inapropriatly.

    They need to seperate Church and State, Seperate so many other ties Bermuda has…..its a tangled mess and only Regimented(NOT BURCH) business proffessionals can get us out of this!

    ….Lawyers are not the answer either guys.

  39. Just an idea says:

    Its totally frightening and scary to see the demise and state of Bermuda once a leader in the tourist industry
    what way is the country being run its a total mess

  40. Funny Huh? says:

    Its quite funny the comment from the representative…. It is quite rude. Although i agree with what they are saying but the customer is always right in this case the customer being USA TODAY. Yes they were wrong (not really – the shortage of buses and complaints from Bermuda residence) but we need to respect their views on the island and persuade them it is incorrect. Not being upfront and using capslock to out emphasis on certain words.
    And WHOEVER THAT FOOL WAS that said we don’t need their patronage anyway so go elsewhere… is just as stupid as our government. YES we do need their help. They boost our economy.

    In my eyes as a Bermudian, studying tourism in university we need to wake up. change our attitude, and change the way people view Bermuda.

  41. What is going on? says:

    OMG….. I am off island and have just read what is going on…..Way to go PLP, just destroy our island…….very soon we will have nothing, absolutely nothing. How on earth could anyone come up with these decisions and expect it to benefit anyone…… it benefits NO-ONE. I am so afraid of what is happening to our wonderful island…. can people not wake up and stop this before it is too late.