Videos & Photos: 21-Foot Kite In St David’s

April 22, 2011

[Updated] The east end ruled the island-wide unofficial ‘biggest kite’ contest, with a homemade Bermuda-style kite over 20 feet tall attracting plenty of attention at the annual Gilbert Lamb Family Fun Day at St. David’s County Cricket Club today [Apr.22].

St. David’s County Cricket Club Gilbert Lamb Day Good Friday  Bermuda April 22 2011-1

The kite maker, Ernest McCallan, said it was a 21-foot kite which was made with 16-foot lengths of 2×4, a 5-foot extended piece for the header and covered with plastic.

St. David’s County Cricket Club Gilbert Lamb Day Good Friday  Bermuda April 22 2011-1-2

The kite was tied with a 500 foot length of rope which was affixed to a truck as the kite flew overhead. A video of it buzzing around overhead is below.

Update: The kite flew overhead for a few hours, and was then brought down through a joint effort of a number of individuals after the field was cleared to make space. Watch a brief clip of the kite being brought down below:

The video below shows the kite being carried away after coming down:

Additional coverage of the Gilbert Lamb Fun Day to come,and for all our coverage of Good Friday so far click here.

Update: 12 videos from St David’s yesterday posted here. Go-karts, hot dog & beer drinking contests and more.

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  1. LA says:

    beautiful sight…this is what being Bermudian is all about.

  2. Somerset says:

    Lords was definitely the go-to place for Bermudian culture today! Congrats to the organizers!!

  3. whateva says:

    Talk about a timely event coupled with a timely song all at the same time. ONLY IN GOD’s Country St. David’s!!! Jugglin’ Jason ya still got the Touch mate! =)

  4. Classy Lady says:

    proud to be a mohawk!!!

  5. True dat says:

    Totally Awesome!!! What an amazing Kite!!!
    Yes Bernews for catching all this on camera!!!
    I wish i was There!!! =)

  6. United says:

    I used to love that and the hot cross buns. Damn, I miss Bermuda!

  7. markbe says:

    love the videos! these are the events that tourism and our country need to promote and fund more, its events that are put on by our own people that will help empower our people, this will help bring the pride back and help all of us respect what we have…. tourism hmmmmmm you say FEEL THE LOVE well we as locals have to feel the love from you (government) first….. thanks bernews for the footage…. and the event organizers at Lords

  8. KMHBermuda says:

    Holy hummers, Batman!!! That’s one hell of a kite!

  9. King Somner says:

    thats beautiful.
    St. Davids is one of my favorite communities on the island…..
    and thats one heaven of a kite!!!