Food Poisoning: Eight Staff Taken To Hospital

June 17, 2011

[Updated] Eight Mount Saint Agnes staff members were taken to hospital via ambulance today [June 17] after getting food poisoning at a faculty breakfast. The breakfast was catered, and at this time the name of the caterer has not been officially released.

A spokesperson for the school said, “We have just had an outbreak of food poisoning with the faculty, staff and Administration.”

“They had a breakfast catered at the school this morning, and so far nine individuals are being treated. Eight were transferred to the hospital by ambulances.”

“All other staff have been interviewed by the health department to try and determine what has caused this to occur.”

MSA students finished school at noon today to begin their summer break. The spokesperson confirmed that all the children are fine, and the breakfast was for Faculty, Staff and Administration only. They declined to name the catering company.

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  1. I'm just sayin...... says:

    It would be nice to know the name of the caterer…..

  2. cocoa says:

    I agree, it would be nice to know who the cateres were. Hopefully everyone will be ok.

  3. Gracious says:

    Health Department really needs to step up there game with health inspections. This is the second incident this week only one publicized…. 0_0

  4. ?? says:

    Senior prank gone wrong??

    • Shell says:

      LOL! i thought the same thing. hope all the staff that got sick are ok.

  5. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Why in the world would they not release the name of the catering company? If they caused 9 people to have food poisoning why would you want to protect their reputation? Oh well, nobody get any catered food until we find out who it was. Cooking my own food from now on.

  6. just me says:

    You need to name the catering company, i mean you don’t want anyone else getting sick….

  7. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    Probably feral chicken eggs … Blame the recession .

  8. it was terrible sight!! we didnt know what was going on! i just hope everyone ok!

  9. Pat says:

    We the Bermudian public need to know who these caterers are. During the summer months it is easy to get food poisoning. Food is prepared ahead of time and delivered all over the island and during that delivery process the heat can cause food to go off.

    • The Truth says:

      Not only that its prepared ahead of time. But you have certain individuals who have some nasty personal hygiene. From certain countries that we want name.

  10. Welcome to Reality says:

    One of the teachers said two caterers were used (one very well known and widely used) and it seemed that only the teachers who had the eggs got sick

  11. Au Contraire says:

    God works in mysterious ways doesn’t he?

    • Uncle Nick says:

      Speaking of GOD. I thought MSA is a sort of christian school.

      I wonder if you prayed to God/Jesus or said your grace and ate the food will you still have gotten poisoned?

      Or if you said your grace and your one of the 9 who still got poisoned, did Jesus turn his back on you or does he just not care?

      • Ignorant people NEED prayers! says:

        To Au Contraire…….what type of stupid comment is that?? He sure does work in mysterious ways! Grow up and watch your back, his mysterious ways could come knocking on your door soon. Uncle Nick…wow you really do need God in your life….just because MSA is a Christian school does not mean that they will not get food poisoning. If only closed minded people could have closed mouth syndrome. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place. It is obvious that you both need prayers!
        GOD BLESS!!

      • Mary P says:

        How pathetic…..That is all I can say to the comment from Uncle Nick.
        And besides……..why would the caterer (s) names be made public when
        there is a need to properly investigate the cause.

  12. The Truth says:

    In order to protect the interest and health of the public the caterer should be names. To much of this BS we cant name the offending persons or company. If you are not liable to prosecution than name the dam caterer!! Unless it hasn’t been proven yet.

    • The Way says:

      The reason that the caterer(s) have likely not been NAMED is to protect their reputation UNTIL a definite cause of the poisoning has been determined by the department of health.

      It’s all well to point fingers and name names, but this is also the kind of incident which can put companies out of business. Yes, food poisoning occurs, it’s lucky that noone got seriously ill. If we name the caterer, should we name the food distributor who supplied the caterer? Should we name the shipping company that brought the food into the island? The food could have been tainted long before it made it into the hands of the caterer.

      I think that this island has bigger “fish to fry” at the moment.

  13. Jus' Askin' says:

    I’ve always had a problem with restaurants whose staff travel to work in their uniforms. They never know what they are picking up in their travels.

    • Your humble servant says:

      You said it best… you’ve always had a problem and probably still do. When I travel to work in my uniform (on my bike) I am going to work. I dont stop and feed the birds, dig in the garden, wrestle alligators, go fishing etc… Most places of employement do not have showers, ironing boards, changing rooms, blow dryers and I cant carry these things easily in my car or bike. Id also prefer to get changed at home thank you…then at work. I spend enough time there serving people like you as it is. Perhaps you have your own penthouse office with shower and bath facilities and closests full of clothes. Most of us don’t.

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        My concern is with restauants that do not provide these facilities for their staff. You obiviously have not been Food Poisioned, cause you would not have the attitude you do. To see staff, especially chefs, travelling in their work clothes speaks volumes to me about the standard of that restaurant. If the health and safety of your customers are not your concern, by all means let me know where you work, Please!

        • PEPPER says:

          just askin you are spot on, I have been food poisoned so many times !!!I am afraid to eat out anymore in bda..

          • Gal wine says:

            So many times???? Where the heck are you eating? I eat out about three nights a week and lunch (usually take out) every day during the work week from all sorts of places. I’ve never been food poisoned nor has anyone in my office! Im thinking you might be a Hypochondriac or dumpster diver! Stop exaggerating!

        • Your humble servant says:

          Why would you assume they are going TO work? They work many different shifts and many hours! What does my getting dressed at home have anything to do with food preparation, hygene or food poisoning ?! Even if they are going to work why would you ASSume that they can not possibly be clean? What is it you think they do while in transit? If I get a shower, dress in my work clothes…get on my bike or car and drive to work…what is wrong with that? Lets assume that I stop and get gas with a uniform on…how is that putting you in jeopardy of getting food poisoning. Foor you to ASSume that because I am a food server that I must be less clean than you is just plain and simply a flaw on your part. If you have ever worked in a kitchen or restaurant you would know that Chefs wash their hands more times in a shift than you probably do in a week…even though many wear gloves, hair nets and hats.

        • Your humble servant says:

          Oh…and by the way I have been food poisoned…many years ago while in France and once as a child in New York. I don’t know exactly what the cause was but Im pretty sure the cause wasn’t because the chef chose to drive to work in his uniform.

          Im pretty sure that after the Health Dept investigates the MSA food poisoning incident the cause WONT BE BECAUSE THE CATERERS WENT TO WORK IN THEIR UNIFORMS. By the way Mr or Mrs Jus’ Asskin…do you ALWAYS go home get changed out of your WORK clothes that you have worn for 8-10 hours and get showered before you make dinner??? Hmmm….I hope you don’t because according to you you’ve always had a problem with that!? Wouldn’t want you get food poisoned because of your own dirty habits!

          • Ganja mon says:

            owned !!!

          • Jus' Askin' says:

            Yet to get your place of employment. It may already be on my list of places to avoid. In your travels you would be amazed at what you come inTO contact with. No one, almost no one, contaminates food intentionally, but prevention is better than the cure. I AM SORRY FOR HAVING STANDARDS.

            • Your humble servant says:

              Where I work has nothing to do with this article but I will confirm that I am in no way associated with the company that did the catering or a friend or family member of anyone associated with the company. But with any luck,,, I too hope that the restaurant I work at is on your list of places to avaoid. We have many great happy customers! But we still on occassion get some people that from the moment they open your mouths you know its going to be a long night filled with negative comments and complaints. I think you fit the profile.

    • Onion says:

      I agree with you 100%.

  14. msa girl says:

    I saw a few people sick. I saw the principal Mrs. Moneck in a wheel chairgoing into a ambulance and the kindergarden teacher on a strecher being wheeled into a ambulance and also the office secretaries were lying on the flood of the office and a ton of emt were in the principals office. I just hope they are ok. And during this we could not go to the bathroom because we were on lock down. I just hope everyone is ok.

  15. second says:

    The community has a right to know who the cater was

    • Your humble servant says:

      I agree 100% but we have to give them some time to investigate. We are guessing that it was food poisoining and, like most believe I the same to be true. However for all we know it could have been a virus in contaminated vegetables like recently seen in Germany. Unlikely yes…but possible. Assuming it was food poisoning there could have been 2 caterers or staff may have contributed to the deserts. It could have been deliberte poisoning…a school prank…a disgruntled worker …we just dont know at this point and it would be unfair to put someones company at risk based or rumour. As be all know once a rumour is started becomes etched in history as fact. However, I would have liked to hear a statement from the Health Departmnnt to say that they were investigating that caterers premises and releasing the name if they are found to have been negligent.