Entries Open For 2013 Miss Bermuda Contest

January 9, 2013

The Miss Bermuda Pageant organisers are now accepting contestants for the 2013 Miss Bermuda Pageant, which will be held in June 2013. Requirements are the same as in previous years: contestants must be ages 17-24, must not have children, must not be married/divorced and must be able to travel.

Young ladies can sign up directly on the Miss Bermuda Pageant Facebook page by pressing the ‘Apply Today’ tab or they can download an application from the pageant website.

Under the direction of Milika Trott-Seymour, the pageant was brought back from a long hiatus in 2011, when Jana Lynn Outerbridge won the title and represented the island at the Miss World Pageant in London. Last year Rochelle Minors won the title, and traveled to China to compete in the 2012 Miss World Pageant.

The pageant’s website said: “All Miss Bermuda contestants participate in an educational development program leading up to the finals which is geared toward self improvement, and community service. Although only one can win the crown, all the young ladies grow in their experience as a contestant and come away with a first class, once in a lifetime experience.”

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  1. Irritated Youth says:

    This is not fair, we are living in a world where there are young mothers and to discriminate agaisnt them saying young mother may not enter because they have children is ridiculous.

  2. Married w/ Chilren says:

    I guess if your married or a young mother you cant represent this country in a good light.

  3. LestWeForget says:

    This isn’t up for debate. LOL! It’s a Miss World and Miss Universe rule too. Hence “Miss”. No kids, no husband. Those are the rules. I kinda wish they’d have a no gigantic, offensive tattoos rule too but, alas, no such luck.

  4. NoBabyMamaHusbandDrama says:

    @LestWeForget…LOL LOL took the words right out of my mouth..kids, husbands and tatoos are a no no..
    Guess that excludes most black Bermudian females under the age of 30…LOL
    One would be hard pressed to find someone without kids or tatoos these days..LOL

    Perhaps there should be a “MRS” contest and that would include the
    30-50 category!! LMAO!!

  5. Really?! says:


    So most white females under 30 are childless, single and have no tattoos? What a racist statement you made.

    One would be hard pressed to find any female (white or black) without kids or tattoos.

    Oh, and just because a person has kids or tattoos does not mean they’re not productive citizens!

  6. ECS says:


    yea that was a very racist comment, I find it very offensive beings im under 30 with no kids or tattoos!

    • NoBabyMamaHusbandDrama says:

      Read my post and read it correctly.

      You seem to take offence to the black/white comparison.

      But it is a fact..so move on!

      • tricks are for kids says:

        That is NOT a fact!!!

        • NoBabyMamaHusbandDrama says:

          @Tricks are for kids..it is a fact..just look at the stats…the amount of Black single parent females is 1,629 compared to the white single female parents at 289.
          Just proves my point!! LOL

          Anyway, we are digressing on this post, it is about the Miss Bermuda Pageant and their criteria for contestants.

  7. NoBabyMamaHusbandDrama says:

    @Really..yes that is coRRECT

    A very small number of black females do not have children. However maybe a larger portion do not have visible tatoos.

    I happen to be black by the way,so it was not meant to be a racist statement.
    Apologies if you thought it was! But tough, it is what it is!!

    And yes,it is a fact that a large proportion of white females do not have children compared to the black female population in Bermuda.

    I did not say they were not productive citizens..let’s stick with the subject.



  8. NoBabyMamaHusbandDrama says:

    Also, you seem to forget that the chosen Miss Bermuda is representing her country on an international level.
    And of course one has to comply with the international standards of the organization to which she is a participant.

    I guess some of you will never get it..Bermuda is indeed another world.

    It’s the old cliche, while some things change, some things stay the same!

    Get with the program! If you want to compete on an international level, then you have to comply by the rules!

  9. Bernews says:

    As an FYI – the reason the entries are open to single women of a certain age only is as the winner goes onto represent the island in the Miss World contest and the Miss World rules require this. If anyone recalls, years back we had someone win who didn’t fit the rules [age] and the international pageant organisers did not allow them to compete…Bermuda had to send the first runner up.

  10. More Confused says:

    Anyone entering will find out after the winner has been announced that there are additional rules that are only revealed to one person.

  11. Wonder says:

    If you are a single parent, there is now MRS International beauty pageant. Unfortunately, bermuda never send any representative to that contest.

  12. m says:

    I so wish I can do this but i have a child so I can’t
    Wish I could do this for the experience

  13. not needed says:

    Do they also discriminate against tattoos and piercings? I’d like to test this out but I’m covered :(

  14. Unjrust Realities says:

    One of the criteria that should be included is that all contestants must be born bermudians . . .if we are to rule out single mothers, then fairly so, if you are from or have ethnicity rooted in another country, you should not be allowed to represent a country you were not born in.